Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Back.....

Ok , so I've been back since last Monday but in typical me fashion I'm just getting around to posting plus I've been spending beaucoup time with the Prince of Zumunda...lmao! Hmm what can I say. Costa Rica was beautiful. My only regret is that I didn't go to the volcano side and stay for two days then come to the ocean. Oh well I guess that means another trip! Yaaay!

The resort was nice and the people were friendly but of course it wouldn't be a trip if some added shit didn't happen. It was my idea to go to Costa and I arranged a lot of the travel with the group reservation manager. How about when I get there they didn't have a reservation for me and it was my damn birthday! I went to lunch and they "found" a room for me. They felt bad and supplied me with chocolate covered strawberries(too bad I don't like chocolate) and a bottle of champagne! The next day they called me and said they were upgrading my room to one with an enclosed patio. Great right? NOT! I spent one night there and I was it it's a little warm in here but I didn't pay any attention. My home girl came on Wednesday and we we're sharing a room. She was so excited that she didn't really notice the temperature. The next day we went zip lining(which was the shit...will post video soon) and I told the front desk to please check on the AC...again(I had already told them once). After we get back we get a call saying the AC was not fixable and we would have to move! WTF? They knew this was going to be my third room so we got the ultimate upgrade! THE ROYAL SERVICE! We had our own private butler, pillow menu,private pool etc. I really didn't utilize the services because most of my other friends were in the section of the hotel we left and they weren't allowed in this section. To me I couldn't leave them out since they came to Costa to celebrate my bday. To tell the truth the Royal Service pool area was wack! LOL!

Here are a few pics until I upload the pics and the video of me ziplining upside down thru the jungle! The last picture is me in the front. We rode ATV's before we went ziplining. I loved how we were able to get so close to the people!