Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ninety days of me!!

I guess I run in three month increments. LOL! Last time I posted was in December and today I'm talking about something that is three months away. Exactly THREE months from today(June 28) I will be be 40! Yup, 40 y'all. According to most folks I don't look a day over 30! Yay me!! For some reason I'm not too freaked out by it. Yeah, I'm NOT married(and have NO prospects) I don't have ANY kids because I'm NOT married. And I have NOT finished my MBA. But with those three negatives I'm good with my life. It hasn't gone exactly the way I planned but it has gone the way it was supposed to go. These next three months are going to be completely dedicated to ME! I will be hitting the streets a little more,traveling and doing anything I want(what's new)! Oh yeah I'm also running my first half marathon on April 15(I will go more in detail about that in another post). So I'm putting everyone on notice for these next three months! It's all about ME! If y'all are in NYC on June 23 hit me up and come to my party!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Know How She Feels

Hello! Hello out there! I know it's been nine months. Hell in that amount of time I could have pushed out a kid! I DID NOT do that by the way. I don't know what happened. Summer,my birthday and one too many happy hours! I've had so much to say too!
One story in particular has brought me back to blogland. I don't know if y'all have heard about this story but when I read it it reminded me of my own childhood especially since it's about 40 miles from where I grew up.

Tyra Batts is the ONLY black girl on her basketball team at Kenmore East High School(about 10 miles outside of Buffalo, NY). This is her first year on the team. For the past few years the team would ask the coach to leave so they could have a team "prayer." This prayer consisted of a chant that said, "1,2,3 Niggas" Tyra objected to this chant, telling the other girls it's an offensive term. These girls looked at her and said it wasn't geared towards her and they're not racist. The next day one of the very same girls who said she wasn't racist and took part in the chant called Tyra a "black piece of shit." Tyra did not do anything at that point and waited till Monday and punched the girl. Tyra was automatically given a five day suspension until administrators found out what started the fight. Both girls were given a two day suspension. The remainder of the team has to serve a one game suspension. The game that was to occur today was postponed(it was against my old high school). Also they have to undergo cultural sensitivity and the superintendent gave back the leadership award the school received.

This story touched me because I KNOW what it's like to be the only black girl in the class room and on a team. I grew up about 40 miles away from where this occurred. I've been called Nigger by mostly boys but some girls did try and get brave and yell it from a car but I found out who they were and an ass beating ensued. I don't condone violence but it's how we had to handle some shit. I was the whoop ass, ask questions later type chick. I let it be known as early as 2nd grade I wasn't standing for that type of shit. It just was NOT going to go down in front of me. NO ONE on any team I played on would ever be so brazen to blatantly disrespect me with me standing there. It just wasn't going to happen.

We as black people really need to curtail the use of the N word ESPECIALLY in front of white people. Most of these young girls didn't think there was anything wrong with using it because they hear it said by so many of us as a term of endearment. I don't think the word should be used by us but I DEFINITELY don't want to hear it out of the mouths of white people! I heard it one too many times in my younger years and had one too many fights.

We have to do better y'all!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Vacation in Dubai

I'm on vacation in Dubai. It's so beautiful here. Word really can't explain. I'm heading to the beach now. I heard it snowed in NYC yesterday....yuck! I'll be back on Monday!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I've been living in NYC more specifically Brooklyn for the past 5.5 years. I moved her from Houston via DC via Richmond via Houston! I moved a lot and I grew up outside of Buffalo and went to college in NYC. I have some gripes about living here but my one MAJOR one is the cattyness I seen amongst women. It's too damn much.

When I was 18 and came here to school I noticed that a lot of the women I met from NYC were catty. I chalked it up to being young and dumb. But damn near 20 years later as a grown ass adult I've seen it a few times and I have to wash my hands of it. When I lived in Houston I had a group of girls I was friends with. Two of them are my closest friends to this day. Sure we got into disagreements but it didn't affect the friendship. We aired out our differences and kept it moving. When I lived in DC I met some great friends(men and women). If we ever had a disagreement on something we aired out our differences and again kept it moving. I remember one time me and my girl K got into an argument in the car as we were headed out to the club. We were yelling back and forth. We pulled up to the spot and both stopped and said "how's my makeup?" LMAO! It was just, that an argument. That's what FRIENDS have sometimes. She would call me on my bullshit and I would do the same to her. It didn't end our friendship or make us act catty towards each other. I knew if she needed anything I would be there for her and ivce versa. Everyone does NOT agree on everything. It's life.

I called a supposed "friend" on their bullshit a couple of weeks ago and it turned into a big ass blowout. I wasn't wrong either and I held my ground. I told the person it doesn't matter but the behavior was rude and I'm over it. I had to let her know I peeped her shit. Of course it keeps going. The next weekend she has a get together along with her roommate(who had NOTHING to do with it) and does not invite me but invites all the people I have introduced her to. That shit to me is catty and I want NO part of it. I'm done with it and have washed my hands of it. To me you are definitely NOT my friend and I'm ok with it and I will act accordingly. That doesn't mean nasty or having attitude it means keeping the person at arms length.

This shit just proves my point that I've had since 2nd grade. I like to roll with men more. The girlfriends I do have I will treasure them forever and I'm sad that they don't live in NYC(although I have met a few genuine people here).

Have any of you witnessed catty ass shit amongst women?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was burnt the hell up yesterday. So in the investment banking world your "big bonus" usually comes Feb.14 or 28. I had my review on Tuesday and during the review I was told that I exceeded expectations and that I did very well with the added workload blah blah blah. So Wednesday I had my "numbers" meeting. My damn raise was only $2000(when it was over 10% last year) and my bonus was 55% less than it was last year. So, I wonder what the people received who didn't get exceeded expectations. Y'all I'm so motherfuckin mad right now. When I questioned the lady on it she had the nerve and audacity to say the federal government has been getting on banks for exuberant bonuses. I stopped and her and said please don't insult my intelligence. My bonus is NOT included in that. I don't get 20 million and stock options so please stop. She looked at me like hmm this one might be pissed. I told her that 2000 increase equates to $78.36/month(BEFORE TAXES). I let her know that my work is not recognized nor appreciated. I didn't go DMX on their asses but Lord knows I wanted to. Like my momma always said "If you don't like something. Do something about it." My doing something will be to get better employment. Y'all have NO idea what I really wanted to do. Only thing that was going thru my head was "kick in the door wavin the four-four, all you heard was poppa don't hit me no mo!"

Has anyone ever had something happen to them at their job where they knew it was time for them to go?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year(I know I'm late)!

So, how was everyone's new year? Mine was decent. I had NO desire to go out but my friends had purchased me a ticket. I started it off right and attended church(my church offered a 5,7,9,11 service). After church me and my girl came back and I cooked a fabulous meal and drank lots of champagne. We barely made it to the party. We got there at 11:58. Thank goodness it was walking distance to my! The party was cool but I so could've stayed home. I met a cutie in there but he's too young. I don't think I bring myself to take a dude that's 8 years younger than me seriously. Oh well. He was fun to dance!

I have this uneasy feeling going on inside of me and I just can't shake it. I've shed A LOT of people from my life and I'm ok with it. Some people are surprised by this but if you continue to act like you do. What more can I do but to keep my distance. I'm not going to hee hee haw haw in your face and feel some kind of way about you(I save that for work). Especially if you claim to be my friend. True friends aren't secretive about some things of there life. Or only come to you when shit is bad. I have NO TIME for that. That is a halfass friend if you ask me. So, to me we're just acquaintances. Which I'm cool with because I know who my TRUE friends are but don't be running around saying Shell is my bf! Aruuuuuuu? STOP! GTFOH! This is one of the first times where I'm truly comfortable with my decisions. I would them then I would have people saying you're being too hard on so and so. I knew I was right and just kept the peace but I don't give a damn now. I'm just too old to have sometimey people around me.

This post was supposed to be about NYE but it turned into something! I will post my goals in a few days. I really need to be held accountable because I seriously failed at last years! *sigh*

How was every one's NYE?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


What up people? I've been MIA yet again. I swear I'm going to try and really blog more. I think about it and then life happens. Lord KNOWS I have a lot of shit to say!

Anyway from my previous post my cousin's party was a success even with the dumb ass shit his sister was pulling. When she got here I was calm and she decided to defer shit to me because it MADE DAMN SENSE! He was surprised and everyone had fun.

I ran into "The Teacher" there because he helped me reach out to all the other teachers. It was good seeing him and he's still a cutie but there's no feelings on my part any longer(too much bullshit over a three year period). Although my friends say there was feeling on his! He danced with me all night! Awww!

That same night my debit card was phished and someone wiped out my entire bank account! Can you say PISSED! Raggedy ass Bank of America shut my shit down the week before for spending $49 on household items in Target and $36 at the grocery store but didn't shut off my card on 3 separate transactions at Target in STAMFORD, CT? Not to mention Macy's in White Plains, NY, Boston Market, Popeye's(this from the black person who's LEAST favorite meal is chicken)purchasing a metro card and a few other places! It caused holy hell for a few days!

I'm really getting tired of some people. I'm slowly deleting people from my circle for doing DUMB SHIT! I just can't take it!!

My sister moved to Denver from Dallas on Saturday. She said she got about 7 bloody noses due to the altitude change! My nephew and BIL are still living in Dallas until June! She's happy and!

So George W. Bush thinks that what Kanye said about him not caring about black people is the lowest point of his presidency! Umm what about Katrina(the REASON why he said it). 9/11 comes to mind, the financial crisis,the war in Iraq. I just came up with FOUR low points of W's presidency and he comes up with what Kanye said about him! You W were a jackass then and your a jackass now! Fo Real!

I'm on SERIOUS workout mission. I got on the scale and I'm the HEAVIEST I've EVER BEEN! I don't look obese I'm just too heavy for my liking! I PROMISE IT WILL BE GONE BY JAN.13, 2011! I'm far too vain for this shit!

I need to make some moves SOON! Personally and professionally definitely the latter needs to be NOW!

I'm going to see HIS PURPLE MAJESTY on Dec.15! I CAN'T FRICKEN WAIT! People who know me in real life know that I LOVE him! I don't think it will be as dope as the Vegas show but it WILL BE DOPE!

I've been a reading machine lately! I've read 5 books in a month. What I need to be doing is reading all the damn magazines I subscribe to! *sigh*

Damn! Charlie Rangle was convicted on ethics charges...SHOCKER! When you walk out of your own hearing what the hell do you think is going to happen?

What's going on random with you guys?