Friday, May 29, 2009

Do y'all know this man

Because if so you better be careful! His name is Desmond Hatchett, 29 and he's from Knoxville, Tenn. Apparently old boy has fathered at least 21 children. He has a minimum wage job and can't support them all so this is where the state has to interject! The children range in age from newborn to 11. There are at least 11 baby mamas(possibly more)! I mean dayum what the eff is really going on? I guess every chick he has sex with he goes in raw dog? What the hell is wrong with these chicks? You don't let a man run up in you raw? This fool told VolunteerTV that "he had four kids in one year, TWICE!" On Friday his name appeared on the court docket ELEVEN times, representing about 15 of the 21 children! He claims he knows all the kids names and birthdays! Damn this dude has 4 basketball teams with a sub!
The state is only allowed to take 50% of his check and apparently he only makes about $400/week! Some of these women have multiple children by him and they KNEW of his large family! At this point these broads are just stupid! If you knew he had a damn army why would you spread your legs and let him have sex with NO CONDOM! Man, that D must be THE TRUTH! The mothers are supposed to get anywhere from $25-$309 but when his paycheck is garnished among them all some women only get $1.98! WTF do you do with $2 damn dollars!
I think he's a FOOL but these women have to take some of the responsibility as well! I mean this makes NO damn sense! C'mon people we can do better than this tomfoolery! Imagine if him and Octomom got together! She would be like I love sperm in me to have babies and he would say I love to give sperm to make babies! Dayum fools!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

So the others are still doing this ish

As soon as I saw this story on the Today Show yesterday I knew it was BULLSH!T! But yet it makes national news because a white lady and her daughter were supposedly abducted from the suburbs by guess who.... TWO BLACK MEN! GTFOH!

According to police reports she called 911 and said these two men rear ended her truck and snatched her and her daughter and threw them in the trunk! Word lady? I would think that they would just throw your ass out of the truck and steal the damn thing!Why the eff would they want you and your kid and NOT take the mothereffin truck? Why did the police locate the cell signal 25 miles away from where she said the accident was. Later on they found her truck with NO DAMAGE! Upon further investigation they found this beyatch at Disneyworld!

I'm glad the prosecutor of Bucks County Pa is going to prosecute this beyatch to the fullest extent of the law! Thank goodness that the police did not pull over and question any black men driving Cadillacs because Lord knows they'd still be questioning them now! But shit irks the hell out of me to the point I can barely put it into words! This supposedly helpless white lady is abducted by the bigh black men this isn't the first time this shit has happended and unfortunately it won't be the last!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Congratulations Sonia Sotomayor

Congratulations Sonia for being nominated for the United States Supreme Court. She would be the first Latin on the bench and only the third woman. With this selection the court will start to better reflect the diversity of America. She will bring more judicial experience than any justice confirmed in the past 70 years. It also gives this administration an opportunity to appoint another(hopefully minority) to the Second Court of Appeals! So this is a win win situation for the Dems! Yaaay!

I'm a party animal but I LOVE politics! One of my degrees is in Political Science with a concentration on the Supereme Court and American Presidency! So this type of stuff pumps me up!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Blogaversary to Me!!!

I missed my own anniversary by two days! LOL! I was hoping to have at least 100 post by now but it didn't happen! Hell I don't even have 50! I started blogging when I really needed to vent some issues I was having. The issues are much better now! But I like to blog even though I don't do it that often. I have about 25 stories as! I'm really going to make a conscious effort to blog more!

I'm glad I decided to blog because by doing this I've met some great people! So happy blogaversary to me!! Yaaaay!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I love Brooklyn AND the Brooklyn men

I've always had a love affair with Brooklyn. The first time I came here I was 6 mos. old. We came to visit my dad's sisters. All five of his sisters used to reside here. Me and my two cousins were the only ones raised upstate. So, we came a lot to see the family. Our parents would let us stay here for two weeks every summer. My mom told me it was because she wanted me around more black! I learned how to fight here, play streetball,jump turnstiles(lol),doubledutch and countless other things! I've always loved it here! I liked the grittiness,the hustle and style.

I was going to come to college here but my mom axed that real quick! I wanted to go to NYU just like she did but she felt like I would wild out and waste my parents 30k/year tuition! Thinking about it she was probably right! Ha! At any rate even when I got to school. I always dated men from BK. I don't know, it was something about the style,how they walked,the sexiness and the confidence they exuded! "I'm from Bed-Stuy son!" I loved it! Now don't get me wrong. I've dated dudes from the West coast,South(hell I was going to marry a dude from the south)Mid-Atlantic states but there's something about a Brooklyn boy! I've dated dudes from Queens,Harlem and the Bronx! NOPE! They were lacking something! LOL! My favorite Brooklyn Boy is "The Teacher" I think that boy is do dayum sexy. I could eat him up! LOL!

Anyway this post was supposed to be about how I love Brooklyn because there are always street fairs and block parties! I don't know how it turned into! Lawd I crack myself up! This weekend I was chillin at Habana Outpost with my girl for her bday. Habana was having a little block party. Carousel, clowns etc set up for the kids. DJ spinnin' old school hip hop.Then my boy was like you staying for KRS-ONE? WHAT? Hold up? KRS-ONE is going to perform? He was like yeah in like 10 min! Maaan, say word? Next thing you know KRS-ONE jumped on stage and rocked it for about 30min! He did "My Philosophy","Mc's Act Like they Don't Know", "Black Cop" and some freestyle shyt! It was hot! That's another reason why I love livin' in BK! The culture,diversity and the flyness! Here's some pics of KRS-ONE!

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's about time

In case you guys haven't heard the announcement. President Obama and his administration have decided to open up the crown of the Statute of Liberty! Beginning on July 4 we will be able to walk up to the crown. The crown has been off limits to visitors since the 2001 terrorist attacks. The Department of Interior said it was time for the public to be able to walk up and view this magnificent city!

I'm pretty excited about this because I haven't been to the top of the crown since I was 16-17 years old. Every year me and my dad would come to NYC to visit his five sisters and he and I would take in a Yankee game, go to the top the World Trade Center and then go to the Statue of Liberty. I'm sure he got tired of doing it but never said a! But the one thing we both agreed on was the view from the Statue of Liberty is breathtaking! I think people who live in major cities forget to take in all they have to offer! When I lived in DC, I went to all the museums, monuments etc. The sad thing is I met people who were from DC who had never been to the Lincoln Memorial! That's sad to me because there's so much history that people miss out on. And I'm sure it's the same with living in NYC. The Teacher told me he took some of his students ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza and some of them had never been there or heard of it. These kids are in middle school! That is so sad to me. We live in the best city in the world and many of us who live here don't take full advantage of what it has to offer!

Wherever you live, make sure you take in the sites and culture of your city! Expose yourself and children! If you get a chance to visit the Big Apple. Please make sure you visit Lady Liberty! She is an impressive piece of work!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NYPD Got Me!

So, the wonderful people who sport blue got me yesterday! They said I was parked in a school zone. Well, I've been living here for almost 2 years and park there ALL the damn time. But don't worry blog fam...I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK! I was parked behind the sign that said NO PARKING FROM 7-4 ON SCHOOL DAYS! I took pictures...booyah! But I still had to pay the $185 to get my shyt out of the pound!

Let's talk about how the wonderful city employees work(sorry if anyone works for the city but this is what I observed). Last night at 7:30 I came to the sad realization that my baby was towed. I came in my house and hopped on the MAC and went straight to put in my license plate number and just as I had suspected...Totti was in custody. So, I called the number that was for Brooklyn tows and guess what NO ONE answers. I called Manhattan and of course they said the place should be open till 8:30. So, she tried to call and she gave me three other numbers to call and guess what...yep you guessed No ONE answered the mothereffin phone! So, Totti had to stay in an unfamiliar place last night. Something told me to get my azz up early and head to the Navy Yard(that's where they hold the cars). I took the train to the closest station. *sigh* Why was it a 18min brisk walk in the effin rain! By the time I got there my legs were wet and I was in no mood. The first thing I asked the lady was what time they close during the week she told me 9:00pm. Y'all I wanted to bust through the glass and choke the shyt out of the beyatch. I said really because I started calling at 7:30 and NO ONE answered. She said I don't know. Yeah beyatch you don't know because you lazy mothereffers didn't want to do shyt! Needless to say I didn't act an effin fool but I damn sure wanted to but figured I'd have to pay bail on top of towing fees! LOL!

As I was driving off the lot my favorite teacher called me to make sure he didn't have to come and get! After I got off the phone with him I tried to text and guess what...I couldn't! Arrrr! The damn phone has a malfunction so I can't text or call out. Thank goodness I have voice dial! My last 24 hrs have been pretty shytty! Nothing a few Margaritas can't cure! I'm on my way to meet Eb the Celeb, Jaded Nyer and F_Uitlist for a few cocktails for Cinco de Mayo!

Another shytty thing happended yesterday too. I will blog about that Thursday. This beyatch tried to come out her face at work and she quickly learned who she was dealing with! Ha!
Oh yeah.....that's not my Honda minivan being towed!