Friday, September 10, 2010


Donald Trump needs to go sit his ass down somewhere! Really? You think it's ok to come in and offer 25mil for the building plus 25%? It's NOT about the money son! These people want to put their mosque there and now you're disrespecting them by coming in offering them money. Just like their lawyer said you just want to be in the limelight! Sit your toupee wearing self down some where!

I see Matt Barnes beats chicks now! Although I heard he said he was the victim of domestic violence! According to the police reports they both had bruises! A mess. A hot damn mess.

Poor Barack. His approval rating is at an all time low and these damn republicans and tea party lovers are making it hard for his numbers to climb up. He inherited a big damn mess no thanks to Bush! But of course he's getting the blame for it. Like he started the recession. Unfortunately like I've been saying all alone. Barack is probably one term and done. These people DO NOT want to see a black man succeed. I still think he's doing a good job although I think he should have had a quicker response to the BP oil spill.

I'm on a mission to drop 15 pounds. I got a little chunky and I'm not liking it! It's not obvious to people and when I say I want to lose weight people are like why? In all my years I never gained weight in my stomach and I have now gained weight in my stomach. NO, I don't have a BIF(butt in the front) but I just feel chunky. I can't see my abs and it's driving me crazy! I could always see my abs! This shit is serious! I have been exercising my ass off and even went on the wagon. I will drink tomorrow night but not like I've been.

Let me let you in on a little secret! I watch Jersey Shore. The shyt is too funny. The funny thing is when I was in college I went to school with mofo's like this! I guess it just takes me down memory!

I read that the father of Jennifer Hudson's nephew is accusing her of being a Free Mason and sacrificing his son for her career! WOW! In the same breath he was promoting his rap album! Ummmm last I knew Free Mason's had to be MEN! That shyt right there is just too stupid for words. If I was JHud I would sacrifice HIS ass.

Did y'all hear about that doctor in California who snuck in her on again off again boyfriend's fireplace. Well she is no more. Her ass got stuck in the chimney and now she's dead! Apparently the dude saw her and he snuck out of the front door. Three days later the housekeeper and her son find her body stuck in the damn fireplace. This was all over Dyck! For real? You're dead because of some dyck! That dude MUST have the don da da dyck! I ain't going out for no one over some D!

Oh yeah still kickin it with the African. He does some things that get on my nerves. I just need to find out if I can tolerate them. I know i'm not perfect and do some quirky weird shit and he puts up with me! Hmm we shall see....

Have a good weekend everyone!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Labor Day!!!!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I'm sad that the summer went by so fast but that's life and I had a great summer! I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! I'm going to partake in some West Indian festivities this weekend. If it's anything like last year it will be one for the books!

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!