Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas

It's been three weeks! Damn, where does the time go. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did. I went home to Buffalo and had a chance to spend some time with my parents, brother, sister and nephews. My youngest nephew D wanted to see snow so bad but he was SOL. Funny thing it snowed in Dallas(where he lives) on Christmas Eve.
It was so nice to see the looks on my nephews face when they opened up their gifts. Even though they are 15 and 20 they still get so excited. I got the 15 year old the new IPod Nano in burnt orange and he was in LOVE. The 20 year old I gave $200 and he was super excited! He's a college sophomore so any money is great for him.
All in all it was great to see my family for a few days! I'm back home in Brooklyn and chilling. There are only 2 more days in 2009 so I will be posting my goal failures of the year and my new goals.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Staying for paper

I said I wouldn't write about this whole Tiger shyt but I have to. A few of my girlfriends and one of their mothers had a discussion about this last night. I said maybe I could stay if he had an affair with one woman. While I would be hurt and upset I would MAYBE try and work on my marriage. I can't answer yes or no one way or the other because I'm not married and I think you have much more to lose in a marriage then when it's just a boyfriend/girlfriend.

But damn 10 women have now come out saying they had escapades with him. One of them saying she was the side chick when he was just dating Elin. She says Tiger told her that the marriage was just for his "image." I'm sure some of that is true. His image is or shall I say was scripted so well. I think white America embraced him so much because he didn't come out and say he was black. Instead he said some stupid azz shyt about being "Caublasian." Newsflash Tiger, mainstream America sees black!! Let's get that straight. You're not the lightest dude. Do you really think these wealthy white people wanted you at THEIR country club. Nah son, it just so happens that you're a hell of a golfer.

According to the reports I read that Tiger and Elin had a prenup for a 10yr period and she would get 20-25mil. Now since this happened Tiger's lawyers have sweetened the deal saying if Elin stays for two more years(which will total to 7 years of marriage) she'll get 55mil but if she walks now she'll only get 25mil.Hell that's a come up for her she was a damn nanny! So, the discussion me and my friends had was would you stay for the additional 30mil. MY answer would be NO! Like I stated above if it was one woman...maybe. Everyone is human and people make mistakes but I'm still not sure if I would forgive. BUT 10 have come forward....hell naw! That shyt is just disrespectful! One of these chicks being a porn star! NOPE! Another of them is a waitress at Perkins(for those you who don't know that restaurant it's like a hillbilly IHOP with better food. There's one in the city I grew up in). I would take the 25mil and be gone. That money is HERS! He will provide for his kids, they'll go to the best schools, have a nice azz house(s) with all the amenities. I'm taking it and running. TO ME the extra 30mil doesn't matter! My self respect does.
What say you. Would you take the 25mil now or wait for 2 more years and get the 55mil?

Extra:Did y'all read the text message that said" I'm gonna tear you up!" Maaan that shyt cracks me up. Not saying it's impossible but all I imagine is Tiger's funny sounding voice saying that...lmao!! Oh and another chick said he's very well endowed and she would give the azz a 12 out of 1-10 scale! Well, I guess he tore her up! Bwaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahhahahah!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Ish

I gotta do better with this blog. I get on a roll then fall the eff off. I'm going to attempt to blog for at least 25 days this month!

Damn Sheila Dixon! What's really going on? But congratulations to Kasim Reed. Lose one gain one!

I'm sick of the Tiger shyt. We all know that his wife pulled a Jasmine Sullivan on his back window! She was trying to beat that ass more than she already did! I ain't mad at her! LMAO!! One for the pink toes!! Bwaaahh!

I haven't had a relaxer in 18mos! My Dominicans are starting to charge me more for my blow outs! Umm come spring me and the lye may be friends again!

So, dude who decides to kill four Seattle police officers is black. WHY?? We used to save this behavior for the Others! We have to do better!

I can't believe that Jamar Pinkney shot and killed his 15 year old son because he was told his son MAY have fondled a child. You make your child strip and beg for his life then shoot him in the back of the head. That makes me sick! WTF!!

I just paid $389.20 to fly to my parent's house in Buffalo! It's a damn 1 hour flight! NO ONE is getting presents this year.....lol!

My nephews are coming home this year. I'm taking them skiing or snowboarding. This will be their first time! It shall be an adventure!!

I saw The Teacher two weeks ago at a mutual friend's birthday party. I was nervous at first. I hadn't seen him and have had limited conversation for 2 mos. We hugged an awkward hug. Then he went to the bar and bought me my favorite drink. After he asked me to dance and that's all she wrote! We were inseparable! His friend who is deeply religious came up to me and said "I need y'all to fix this." Who knows....

I had dinner with The Teacher this past Sunday. It was nice. Taking it VERY SLOW!

I went out in Harlem two weeks ago for a party and it was INTERESTING! People who are from Harlem and not transplants are characters! I met a Milk, Ice and Smooth! Milk told me he quit working at the train station so he could hustle on the street! And you're telling me this why! LOL! Another dude told me he played bball for UNC. Really? That's my favorite team. What year? After I made him feel stupid he walked away! The next dude told me that he thought I was mad pretty but really liked my "structure." Does this shyt work on chicks? Probably that's why mad chicks were coming in looking like they just came off the pole or from jail or having had sex! These chicks were coming in with pins and scarves on their heads! And no it wasn't raining outside! Black folks we have got to do better!

For the fourth time there's a mistrial in the John Gotti Jr. case! He now deserves the name "Teflon Don" Not for nothing I don't know if I would have convicted him either! I like my life...lol!

The Secret Service needs their asses beat! The next state dinner I'm going to go and hopefully I'll get in and get some pictures with Michelle and Barack.

The New York State Appellate Court voted in favor of the people that's supposed to be building the Nets stadium in Brooklyn. What they ruled was that the property around there may be taken by Eminent Domain. That makes me sad because a lot of folks are going to lose their homes and not be able to find affordable housing.

I feel for President Obama. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to send the troops over especially since one of his campaign promises was to bring the troops back.

Dayum Shaq. Is it that serious to be bangin out Gilbert Arenas's fiancee'? I read the emails and text son! WOW! Shaunie is about to get PAID!!! When will y'all learn.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Word Sammy??

It appears that Sammy Sosa has pulled a Michael Jackson on us. According to his PR people he's saying that he underwent a rejuvenating process for his skin. Oh word and you come out looking like that. Umm I'd sue my dermatologist! WTF??

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm from New York....

Just in case y'all didn't know. The NEW YORK YANKEES ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS! And I couldn't be happier!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mind Explosion

This is going to be random as hell. I got so much on my mind that I'm just going to have a "mind explosion" on y'all! LOL!

I just watched the documentary "By the People" The Election of Barack Obama. Make sure you guys check it out on HBO. I followed the entire campaign and I still teared up when I heard "Barack Hussein Obama is our 44th president" when I watched it!

I have a spacious ass NYC apt but lawd it's hot as hell in this beyatch. I like to say it's project heat. I have windows and AC on and I'm not a hot person. I tend to be more cold than hot!

I don't live in New Jersey but I'm mad as hell that Chris Christie beat John Corzine! Booo!

Halloween was a blast this year. I dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra. I'm glad I've been hittin' the gym because my stomach was out! I'll post pics later!

My sister's husband just found out he has a 26 year old daughter! *crickets* My sis and him have been married for 20 years and dated for 2 years prior. Apparently the mom lied to him and the daughter! Why do people do that? A mess!

I'm not a Beyonce fan at all but I like that song "Sweet Dreams."

I can't wait to go see "This is it." I only got 8 days left!

What's up with the dude in Ohio who was raping and murdering people? They found the 10th body in his home this evening. Dang why is he one of my people? It's rare if blacks are serial killers! Dayum, what's really good?

Roughly 10% of African American males aged 25-29 is incarcerated. In 2000 there were 791.600 black men in prison and 603,032 in college. In 1980, there were 143,000 black men in prison and 463,700 enrolled in college.
This makes me sad for our communities! We have to do better!

A seventh person has been arrested for the gang rape of the 15 year old girl at her homecoming in Richmond, CA. They think there were 10 participants and 10 who just stood and watched. This girl was raped in every hole and beaten. WTF is wrong with these kids? If I was her parent I do believe I would be in jail! This shyt is so disturbing!

Can I get a date sometime? Geesh.

My ex boo came up to visit two weeks ago and again this weekend. My homeboys tell me that he likes me again because no one drives 3 hours to just chill! LOL! I don't have the same feelings for him! He's nice to look at though! LOL! If I don't get a date soon maybe I'll get him to drive here again and take me out! Hahahah!

The Supreme Court has been asked to spare the DC snipers life. I'm with it! I'm not a proponent of the death penalty. I wrote my senior thesis on this and there's a disproportionate number of blacks being executed. Until they get it right I can't condone it!

Some dude took my dayum shoes off in the lounge we were at and rubbed my feet. While it felt good I was a little skeeved out! I hate feet and he just took my shyts like it was nothing! Bleck!

Shawn Stockman from Boys II Men has Swine flu? That shyt is getting everyone!

I've never had the flu shot. Do you guys get it? Are you getting the Swine Flu shot? I think I'm gonna pass on both of them this year! Maybe next year...

Keston Karter is FINE! Lawd have mercy that boy is something sexy! Look him up ladies! He's definitely on my "He could get it" list! LOL!!

I'm going to Justin Timberlake's restaurant, Southern Hospitality. I'll be watching my babies, Yankees play and eating supposed good bbq! I'll let y'all know how it was! LOL!

Some of you may not know this but I LOVE THE YANKEES!! Go Yanks! Hopefully Wednesday evening I will be celebrating my boys winning their 27th World Series!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I had an ex boyfriend who would always say "Your attitude determines your altitude." This quote makes so much sense to me. If you're going to have a stink azz attitude you're not going to get very far. Be it your job, relationships or life in general. I think all of us have needed a little bit of attitude adjustment. I know I have. My mom used to tell me as a child that "My mouth and attitude would over power my azz!" I still laugh about that to this day. Because not only did she tell me that but her hand or belt was stingin my azz!

Last week I was at the gym I was taking a strength and conditioning class. The instructor asked someone to please remove their IPod so they could hear the instruction and know the proper form to lift the weights etc. You would have thought the instructor told this chick that she was fat and ugly the way this chick carried on. She was snapping her head, rolling her eyes and sucking her teeth. Now was all that shyt necessary? He just asked you to remove your Ipod for HIS class. WTF? I speak to this lady at the gym and I've seen her have attitude with people before for no apparent reason. I also over heard her tell her girlfriend that she was no longer going to class because she missed to many and it didn't matter because her sleep did. Mind you she needs this class to keep her job. So her girl asked her what are you going to do? Attitude chick said umm I guess take it in January.
After I witnessed her attitude with the instructor and heard her say this. I thought of the quote "Your attitude determines your altitude." Because this chick can't go far in life with that attitude. I don't care if she's the smartest person on her team. Her promotions will be few and far in between.

It upsets me because she was black. I think as black people we can do better than that. The "man" isn't always trying to hold us back. With this stink azz attitude you're holding yourself back! I love my people and I want for us to do better as a whole but when you have a stink azz attitude you're not helping ANY of us! I'm far from perfect and I KNOW I can demonstrate major attitude but I also know when to check that shyt!

Do y'all know anyone who has a lot of potential but they're not going far in their job or relationships because of attitude?

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Been a long time

Since I left you! Without a dope beat to step to! LOL! Ok I'm back for real. I've been back from vacation for two weeks but I've had some issues I had to deal with plus I just was being lazy!

Anyway, my vacation was great! Barcelona was HOT! If y'all go there fly Iberia airlines. The food was good and you got free wine..lol! You just have to watch their azzes because they will change seats on you! Our hotel was great it was in the middle of Las Ramblas(which is where you want to be). The churches were beautiful the food and Sangria were EXCELLENT! I had some great tapas. I tried rabbit ribs(don't knock it to you try it...lol). They were deep fried just like chicken. Lawd they were good! The clubs/lounges don't open until 1am! We arrived around 2 and partied until 7am! The music was better than the music in the clubs here. They played everything from Rakim to Jay's Blueprint 3! After two days in Barcelona it was time to get on the cruise ship.
I'm not a fan of cruises but I agreed to go on this one!

First stop was Malta. Not a lot here but it was pretty. The next stop was Naples. We decided to hire a driver instead of doing an excursion with the ship. We went to Pompeii for two hours and boy was that amazing. I'm a history buff so I loved this. We didn't have a lot of time so I didn't get to see the tombs but I did get to see the amphitheatre and the bathrooms(Romans had plumbing in 187 AD)Amazing!! From there we went to Positano(stunning). It was so beautiful and peaceful. The Amalfi Coast is breathtaking! Then it was on to Sorentto. I had the freshest seafood there! It was like it jumped out of the ocean into my mouth! OMG!! I am definitely going back there and spending at least a week there!

Next stop was Rome. The shyt was so dayum dirty. It reminded me of NYC in the 80's! Graffiti and trash everywhere! I didn't get to see a ton of shyt because the lines were long and everything was spread out! I saw the outside of the Colosseum, Pantheon and St. Peters Square. I will go back here just to see the sights.

Florence was next. If you want to shop this is the place to be. There was SO much shopping to be done here. Florence is known for leather goods. So, I picked up a bag, belts and wallet. Scenery was beautiful here too! Then we headed to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There isn't ANYTHING in Pisa but the tower. It was cool but I don't need to go back!

Saturday(last day) we went to Cannes. Not much here but some shopping and the ocean. This was the day I chilled on the beach and in the ocean! I was so happy I was actually in the South of France! It was HOT! All the yachts and sexy people. It was a perfect way to end my vacation!!

All in all the vacation was cool. The ship was nice and the food was good. I definitely want to go back to Rome for a couple of days then to the Amalfi Coast to Sorentto and Capri. I can't say enough about Sorentto. I LOVED IT!! I haven't uploaded my pictures yet but when I do I'll do a picture entry!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Vacation

The time has FINALLY come for my vacation! I'm flying to Barcelona tonite and will be there for the weekend. Tuesday I will be in Malta from there Rome, Florence and Naples. I CAN'T WAIT! I NEED this vacation so bad. While I'm away it will give me time to sort my thoughts on many things going on in my life right now and to take in the landscape of these beautiful places! This will be a fun and relaxing trip but major decisions will be made. My life will probably be very different when I get back!

I hope you guys have a great 10 days without me! Be Safe!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I Know Now

So, I got the results back from my MRI. I have Meniere's Disease, also called idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops which is a disorder of the inner ear. The cause is unknown but it probably results from an abnormality in the fluids of the inner ear. The theory is that too much inner ear fluid accumulates either due to excess production or inadequate absorption. The symptoms are episodic vertigo(I never experienced that)hearing loss(have that)tinnitus(roaring or buzzing in ear...I have this)and a sensation of fullness in the ear(have that).

The doctor I went to is the best Dr. in NYC so I feel confident in his finding but I did get a second opinion and the results were the same. There's not much I can do about it. The treatment for now is a low salt diet(umm I'm black), no caffeine( I can do that)some special type of vitamins and water pills. The pamphlet says no alcohol but my doctor didn't mention that so I'm going to act like I didn't read that...bwaaaaaaaaahhahaha! I always said I'm not going to stop drinking until the doctor tells me I have to! And since he didn't tell me, I ain't stoppin'! LOL! They also found a cyst in my gland in my brain. This has nothing to do with my ear problem *sigh* they just happened to spot it. The cyst is filled with fluid that they believe is benign, so now I have to go to a Neurologist.

Anyway, I feel good. I can hear this week(hearing loss is intermittent)and I think I'll be ok. Thanks to all of you that kept me in your prayers!

Happy Labor Day everyone! I doubt I'll write another post! Y'all know how NYC is Labor Day Weekend is with the West Indian Parade and all the shenanigans that come along with it! Have a great weekend! Be Safe!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lies Lies Lies

How do you get past the fact that someone extremely close to you lied? In my opinion there's nothing worse than a liar and a thief.

My bf thinks I'm blowing this a little out of proprotion but understands where I'm coming from. I've been going through this for the past six days and I need to make a decision if I want this person in my life or to just walk away. I've been told that if I just walk away that I'm making a mistake. Hmmm would I be making a mistake? It would be a decision I have to live with. If I made it i'd be ok with it. I'm not going to waver back and forth on it. I'm just trying to figure out am I being extra. Will this happen again? I know why it happened but I don't think a lie needed to be told. Ahhh decisons decisions.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Musings

I don't want to see another margarita for at least two weeks! Between Friday and Saturday I consumed at least 20 of them!

I had French food Friday and Saturday. While it was excellent at both places I don't want anymore for awhile!

I love NYC but I really think it's time to start planning my exit.

I didn't love living in Houston but I sure loved my 2500 sq.ft house. I also miss Mica and Tam. Those two are my peoples! I liked eating or getting up with them once a week. I don't have anyone here that truly knows me. I have lots of acquaintances but no peeps.

My mom got out of the hospital 8 days early. Now we're all moving our travel plans around to accommodate her. I will be going home to help my dad on August 27.

Tomorrow is my brain MRI. Hopefully this will help with an accurate diagnosis of what is going on with my ear/hearing loss. For the last month I've been to the doctor an average of 3x/week. This is when I wish my peeps were around. Although I am thankful for the Teacher he has been superb! He more nervous then I am...lol!

Exactly 30 days from today I leave for Spain and Italy! I CAN'T WAIT! When I'm in Italy I think I'm going to buy myself some hot ass shoes! Hell I know I'm going to buy some!

I can't stand when people call/text or email you a question. You answer them back and ask something and they don't respond. I guess I'd be an ass if I just didn't respond to their initial question right?

My ex-fiance' is getting married on Saturday and I'm truly happy for him. Just in case I feel a ting of sadness on Saturday. I have an action packed day and evening planned...lol!

I'm probably one of the only people that isn't hooked on Twitter. I just don't give a damn that much about what people are doing! I took that shyt off my phone and I look at it occasionally at home! Am I missing anything? NOPE!

I'm still falling short on all my goals! *sigh* I have time for the 5k's but I think the reading the Bible before the year is up is not going to happen. Also I don't think I'm going to hit my $20k goal! I've been spending money like a crazy person.

Why did a dude expect to get my number yesterday after he just stated he just got out of jail! Then proceeded to tell a story about shooting a dude in the face(yes dude is dead) then said he tried to kill dudes family. AND you want my number! GTFOH SON! I was offended that he would even ask that ridiculous ass question. The look on my face.......PRICELESS!

The Teacher graduates in May maybe December with his Master's in Education. He wants to go to Greece next summer for 10 days. I'm so down for that! Hope he doesn't think I'm paying...lol! I got $300 on it for you! bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah!

Oh yes. The Teacher also told me that he was considering becoming a vegetarian. I looked him dead in his face and said good luck with that! Shiiiiiit I ain't giving up beef or pork for no damn body! He can come over for dinner when I make my grilled portobello burgers or lentil soup! If you think I'm taking that path with you you're sadly mistaken! Meat didn't do shit to me! LOL!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Some have it some don't. I sometimes wonder why people lack confidence. Is it because they didn't have praise in their household growing up? Is it because they just doubt themselves? Or is it just because?

I think I've always been confident. Confidence and self-esteem were taught to me at a young age. Hell it had to be since I was the only black child in my Montessori class. From K-12 their may have been another black kid in my class here and there but once I got into high school barely any. If I ever would have lacked confidence this definitely would have been the time but I never did. People who knew me in my formative years have always told me that I had so much confidence in myself that it almost seemed like arrogance. I didn't know what to tell them then and I don't know what to them now! It's just how I was raised!

At some stage in your life I think everyone lacks confidence. I remember when I was 12 and I wanted to play ball that day. My mom took me to the park and said I'll be back in three hours. I looked at my mom like she was crazy. NO girls played at that park and all the boys that hooped there were at least 6 plus years older than me. My mom looked at me and said "Girl get out of my car. If you want to get better you play with the boys and play hard!" I got out of my car with my ball and slowly moved toward the court as I did this I watched my mom pull off. I so wanted to run away. I saw my brother's best friend who was 12 years older than me and he was like "You gonna run today?" I said "I guess." I got on the court and could barely breathe I was so nervous. I just passed the ball and didn't do much. My brother's friend pulled me aside and said "what the eff are you doing? I know you can play and you have a nice shot. Get out there and show them!" After that I went out there and when I got the ball. I shot and it was all net. Then I started playing "D" hard, boxing out and trying to go up for rebounds. Once I got comfortable and KNEW I could play with the boys my game was on point! I ended up with about 8 fouls(lol) and 12 points. But mostly I ended up believing in me.......CONFIDENCE!

By the way my mom was around the corner watching me and my brother's best friend was in on it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Mom Always Told Me

My mom used to tell me the older you get you'll only have a handful of friends. When I was younger I don't know if I quite believed her since I always had a ton of friends. In elementary school I had so many friends that the principle called my mom into the office because she thought maybe I was a gang member and I was intimidating the kids to be my friends! Uhh no! In high school I had a ton of friends because I knew a lot of people and I played three sports. Even when I got to college I made a ton of friends. After graduation I kept in touch with a few people but it has dwindled. Life happens.

I still have my best friend from the first day of Montessori. Our birthdays are two days a part. She knows me in ways only a selected few do. She's never come to visit because she's terrified to leave her kids(even though she has a gem of a husband). That really doesn't matter. We speak almost every day even if it's only for 2 minutes. I've had numerous doctor's appointments for my ear in the last week and she calls to see what was said and what the next step is. She's the one who tells me I'm overreacting on something or someone. She's the calm practical side. At the end of the day she is my ace! I have a few others that are in my crew(as Kyle would say) Chad, Mica, Tam and Niles. These five are my PEOPLES! If I do something that don't like they check me, if there's something that seems off about our relationship..they ask me, if I let shit slide...they ask why? They are my checks and balances and I wouldn't have it any other way! I RIDE FOR THEM!

Since I joined Facebook I've become acquainted with many old friends and some new ones. I've been deleted as a "friend" four times. One because the dude was just an asshole, two my ex boyfriend's new gf broke into his FB and deleted almost all the women. He found out and friend requested us all again and dumped her ass! Three another ex boyfriend's fiancee' made him delete all ex girlfriends and he did...oh well! My last delete was by a woman who was my supposed friend. I haven't known this woman for a long period of time but I started to hang out and spend time with her and thought she was cool people. Apparently a situation took place and I stayed neutral so that wasn't good enough. I along with anyone she met thru me was deleted. I personally think that's some bitch ass shit.But hey if it makes her feel better then so be it! I think it's pretty sad that a grown ass woman thinks her behavior is ok. If that was someone from my crew they would have said "Shell xyz?" but to delete me and others who really had nothing to do with it. Is immature, petty and stupid. The funny thing is I was actually starting to consider this girl a friend but people ALWAYS show their ass after awhile. The funny thing is whatever was going on wasn't that serious. Let me rephrase that...it wasn't that serious to me! I personally have bigger things to worry about like how after more testing I lost some more hearing in my left ear and now some in my right. How I have to get a Cat Scan and how the doctor is talking about cutting into my damn brain. That's what the fuck I'm worried about. How my mom is having knee replacement surgery next Thursday but wants to cancel it so she can be here with me for my scan. Knowing damn well she needs the surgery because she is now walking around bone on bone! That's the shit I'm worried about! Not about why some immature person deleted me and didn't have the balls to come and say "blah blah blah." But just like my mom always told me.....you'll only have a handful of friends! Boy she ain't neva lied!

How many of us have them
The ones we can depend on
How many of us have them

Monday, July 27, 2009

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I said I would write my review of Black In America on Friday and today is now Monday and no review. I will write it on Wednesday since I'm trying to blog three days a week now. Plus I feel like I have other pressing issues to deal with.

Last week I was selected to attend a Lunch and Learn that was scheduled for today. It's thrown by the Black Women's Leadership Group at my job. When you see something from them you have to immediately jump on it or it will fill up. So, I got the email and sent it in my rsvp. All in all only 20 people were selected and I'm happy I was one of them. They had two Managing Director's speak one black and one white. They happened to both be promoted to MD the same year. The topic was on Mentorship and Sponsorship but it turned to other topics. The women at the table were incredibly candid in their questions and answers. In case some of you don't know. Having a title of Managing Director is huge in the financial circle. There are very few black MD's and even fewer black women MD's. I think there's like 20 for the company I work for and I work for a big azz company.

One of the things one of the women said is "you have to create your own destiny" and that statement really resonated with me. I've been thinking about this in both my professional and personal life. My job is stagnant and I don't think I will be able to move up with the group I'm in. I keep getting paid more money but it's really satisfying for me. I thought for a minute that I keep taking the paper and do the same stagnant job but it it's not working. I am good at my job and very knowledgeable. Hell I know more shyt then people who are above me and I know more about what the other groups are doing. I could go to any job in my department and do well but that doesn't matter. They're not trying to get rid of their talent so there's no transferring. I would so like to go to the product side. Of course not many blacks are there. I think I may have to leave this company and go somewhere else to be more full filled.

Don't get me wrong. I am so blessed to have a job in this economy and being in the field I'm in. I have plenty of friends who have lost their jobs and I see my department shrinking before my eyes. I've been thinking about this for awhile and now is the time. I came into this field in a very unconventional way and it's always a great topic in interviews. I don't know why I'm a little gun shy on this. I have no kids and no debt. I have a substantial savings, parents and siblings who support my unconventional moves even though they don't always agree but they understand. I am a risk taker and always have been. I've never lacked confidence. So now is the time I HAVE TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND IN MY NEXT MOVE! I believe it will be a big one.

I guess this coincides with me and the moves I made in my personal life. The Teacher and I have been in limbo for the past year. We had a serious heart to heart on Sunday. I told him I can't continue to have a half ass relationship. . I eventually want to get married and have a kid. I can't help that you have issues about your dad and your scared you'll turn out like him. If you're not like him now what's going to change? While I appreciate him not wanting to be like a man he has issues with. I'm not trying to sit around and wait forever. It was a very deep conversation some things were said that hurt on both sides but it was needed. I finally found out how he truly feels about me and how he envisions our future together. So for now we'll see how this progresses.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Wrap around

This is 2009 right? Like Spike Lee said just because our President is black doesn't mean that the racial profiling and racism will automatically disappear. Shyt is alive and well out here. Try living in upstate NY like I did. The "others" will let you know!

One of my white friends from back home commented that most of my friends now are black. I point blank told her I have enough white friends from always being the ONLY black girl growing up! At this stage in my life I need some chocolate! Dayum!

Say what you want about Tyler Perry but he did a great deed in sending those kids from Philly to Disney next week. "I want them to know that for every act of evil that a few people will throw at you, there are millions more who will do something kind for them."

C'mon Black and Hispanics we have to do better! Our obesity rate is skyrocketing! For black it's 23-45.1(depending on state)and Hispanics it's 21-36.7%. I like cheeseburgers and fries sometimes too but I also like the gym! If you can't afford the gym.....walk OUTSIDE IT'S FREE!

I ABSOLUTELY love Miles Davis! Looking back I'm grateful that my parents took me to see him when I was 8 years old! My mommy is the reason I love jazz and blues so much! Most folks don't know that about me! Ha!

I have an extensive Barbie Doll collection that's worth over 15K. I don't have a single one with me! They're all in storage at my parent's house...lol! I've been out of the house for a loooooong time too!

President Obama went to chuuuuurch at the NAACP convention last week. I really liked his speech!

Black in America is on tonite. I will watch since I watched last year. I really hope Soledad discusses middle class black americans who went to college and are doing it for themselves. I felt like last year it was so concentrated on being black and poor. White people see that side of blacks too often! I hope she does better. I will discuss in depth when on Friday.

Steve McNair DID NOT HAVE A WILL!! C'mon black people get your affairs in order. I don't care how old you are or young you thing you are. We are NOT INVINCIBLE! Hell Michael Jackson's wasn't even updated. His is from 2002!

Benjamin Bernake..chairman of the Federal Reserve said yesterday that while the economy is picking up the unemployment rate will remain high until 2011! That's not looking good for Barack!

Crocs is about to file for bankruptcy! While I hate to see more people lose jobs. I hate those dayum shoes!

I witnessed some very immature shyt from folks this weekend. I'm just sitting shaking my vodka sayin "what's really goin on?"

Friday, July 17, 2009

WHAT did you say?

This last week has not been good. But I guess I can't complain too much because I'm still breathing and I'm thankful for that.

Last Friday I woke up with what seemed like "swimmers ear" that feeling that water is stuck in your ear and I couldn't figure out why my ear felt like that since I haven't been in a pool in at least a year. So I tried to chew gum and yawn and it didn't work. So when I came to work I took my azz to the PA and she inspected my ear and said it looked like my eardrums were swollen and were covered in mucus. It was almost like a reverse sinus infection instead of in your sinus cavity the mucus was draining thru your ears. Yuck I know. So she told me to take Sudafed B every 4 hours for the weekend. I did this and by Sunday my ear was feeling better. I stopped hearing myself talk. By Monday afternoon I had a slight ringing in my ear again and the muffled sound was back. Tuesday morning I went back to the PA and she said that my ear was still cloudy but she wanted me to stop taking the Sudafed and immediately go see an ENT.

I go see the ENT and he inspects my ear and tells me that he thinks I have Eustachian tube dysfunction(tube is chronically open and that's why I hear myself talk) but I told him how I went completely deaf in my left ear when I was 13 for 5 months and that led him to do further test. As of now I have lost 30% of my hearing in my left ear and they have no idea why.They also don't know if I will ever regain that 30%. They think I have nerve damage from a viral infection or I could have had an inner ear stroke(who would have thought) or worst case scenario it's a tumor sitting on my auditory nerve. If that's the case it's very difficult to treat. For now I'm on steroids till next Friday when I go see the ENT. The week after I go see an Neuro-Otologist. I will be getting Cat Scans, MRI's and anything else I need to rectify this problem. If need be there is a specialist in Houston that my sister and mom have already been in touch with and I will go there for treatment and just deal with my insurance later.

Needless to say my week has been pretty funky. I told the Teacher about it and just when I think I want to knock his azz out he does some real sweet shyt. LOL! He kept asking what time I was leaving work and if I was going straight home. When I got off the train he was standing there(seeing his face was exactly what I needed at the moment). He came to my house and we sat around, chilled and laughed for about 3 hours. Some days he drives me to the point where I want to drop kick him in his chest(like today) and then other days I want to lick his chocolaty 12 pack!

Thanks to Tiffany"Smarty" Jones for keeping me in your prayers and my bff Susanna who calls me repeatedly and to Olisa for asking me a million times last night "Can you hear this?" Bwaaaaaaaahahha! I had to tell her I've only lost 30% in one ear fool! LOL!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mid Year Review on Goals

Below are the goals I posted back in January for myself! Guess what. I haven't completed NOT ONE OF THESE GOALS! It's a damn shame! I'm so disappointed in myself!
1.I mean damn I couldn't even keep my word to God! It's never too late so I will read the Bible(I'm just six months late in starting) But dammit I will read it! I can't let God down!

2. I did one volunteer program! I really suck! I'm doing some things at work and helping people who've been out of the job market for awhile. I will be reviewing their resumes and conducting mock interviews! Most of the people are former welfare recipients.

3.Hmm well can't lose weight Shell when you're too busy partying! Needless to say I haven't lost any weight but not gained either.

4.Tithe more. Can't tithe if you don't take your ass to church! I didn't go to church the entire month of June! I SUCK! But I did do bedside baptist and tithed one time! I went to church this past Sunday and tithed! I must go the remainder of July!

5.Toastmasters---yeah right! Only thing I've been toasting is my damn Vodka!

6.Decide if I'm going to business school! Yep, I want to go but am doing nothing to make it happen! I need to take Calculus since I haven't taken it in 5 years! You think I signed up for a summer class. Hell no, I'm too busy partying! I'm the worst! I WILL BE IN SCHOOL IN THE FALL TAKING ALL MY PRE-REQ'S!

7.Never bought my flat screen! That's out of pure laziness! And me saying I don't watch as much tv in the summer! I will buy one by the time College Basketball starts! Go Heels!

8.I haven't ran a single 5k! I still have time!

9.Blog three times a week! I have failed miserably at this!

This weekend was my last weekend going out they way I have! I have been completely out of control In the last 6 weeks I think I've spent $2500 on going out and eating out! That is damn ridiculous! I'm not wanting for money but that loot could be in my ING account or spending money for Barcelona! I'm very disappointed in my behavior thus far for the year! Out of 9 goals I've completed 1! Fricken ONE! I WILL DO BETTER!

1.Read the Bible- I found a chart that shows you how to read the Good Book in a year! I've already slipped up but I had to play catch up. I can't play around with the man upstairs!

2.Volunteer- When I lived in DC I always tutored kids in reading and math. I coached track and field Special Olympics! Since moving to NYC I haven't participated in any of this..*sigh* I have my interview next week for BigBro BigSis, I also want to find a program where I check on elderly people once a week!

3.Lose 10 lbs- this isn't really necessary but I just feel like I need to drop these 10. I've put on 10 in the last year. Most of it is muscle but I feel like it's a little too heavy for me! All my weight goes to my booty. My stomach is flat as hell! LOL! I guess I shouldn't complain. Some chicks would die for ass!

4.Tithe more- I do tithe but it's not as much as I should be giving.

5.Take a career development class. I am terrified to speak in front of people! I need Toastmasters...lol!

6.Decide if I'm going to apply to Business School. Lawd this is HUGE! If I do this I'm going to the full time program and will quit my job! In my head I know I can do this. I have no bills but basics. Gas, electric, phone. But I will have to dip into my savings and I don't want to!

7.Buy a flat screen- LOL! I know this shouldn't be a goal but I hate spending money on electronics! I'm buying one next week!

8.Run at least 3 5K's. Possibly one 10k.

9. Blog at a minimum of three times a week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I've been gone for a minute

I've neglected this blog for a few weeks now. I have all these ideas for post I swear but am just too lazy to write them all out! Since it's been a minute I'm just going to go off the top with some thoughts!

The memorial for Michael Jackson was beautiful! I'm not a huge fan of Al Sharpton but damn he PREACHED today! It was quite funny to me that none of the "others" at my job understood what he was saying!

MJ's daughter Paris speaking...absolutely heartbreaking!

Where was Quincy Jones? Of all the people I definitely thought he should have been there! Interesting!

Sarah Palin resigned. Good riddance you dumb bytch! You quit on your state after only two years and you think you were good enough to be 2nd in command! Keep thinking!

Gov. Sanford for real? Your mistress is your "soul mate" But who's really gangsta is his wife, Jenny! Her comments have been classic! "We reached a point where I felt it was important to look my sons in the eyes and maintain my dignity, self-respect and my basic sense of right and wrong," Sanford said in her statement. "I therefore asked my husband to leave two weeks ago." I really like this statement because she wasn't like all the other political wives standing behind their lying, cheating spouse! She put her and her son's first! Love it!

Is Lauryn London really pregnant by Lil Wayne? I shudder at the thought of seeing him nude!

Jason Whitlock why don't you sit your fat ass down somewhere! Your comments about Serena Williams were out of line! How are you going to say something about someone's weight and you're walking around looking like Fat Albert's brother!

R.I.P Steve McNair! The damn jumpoff was a waitress at Dave and Buster's. Where you took your kids? Don't shit and play in the same place if you're going to dirt!

I'm not looking forward to "Black in America Part 2" I didn't think Soledad did that great of a job! Last year she barely commented on the black middle class! Not every black person is dirt poor!

I didn't even give myself a birthday blog! So in typical me fashion.....late as hell! Happy Belated Birthday to me! LOL!

"Wasn't nothing strange about your daddy it was strange with what your daddy had to deal with" Al Sharpton ( Loves it)

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P Mike

I'm feeling some kind of way right now. This is the firs time that a celeb has passed away that I've felt like someone punched me in my gut. Yeah I was sad about Biggie and Pac but not like this!

You can say what you want about Mike but he IS a legend. I remember being in 6th grade and having a debate about who was better Michael Jackson or VanHalen(yes I went to school with mostly white kids...matter of fact there was only one other black kid in my class).Anyway I fought so hard for Mike like he was family and NO ONE could disrespect him! At the end of the day I won the debate. How many times can you count that you'd run home to watch a world premire with your entire family! The only time I can remember is when anything from Mike was coming on.

On my facebook a lot of people commented that I was the one who got them to like Mike or that they remember me having the life size poster of Mike in the yellow vest hanging on my wall along with the life sized poster of Michael Jordan. It's funny what people remember. So many people have emailed or called me to tell me funny stories about my Michael Jackson obsession. My friend Gina said she remembers me going to the mall with her when she bought her first MJ poster and all the rings, pins and magazines I had. Three people called my parents house to get my number so they could talk to me. I haven't spoke to any of these people since highschool. My best friend who still lives in the town I grew up in went out to dinner last night and three people from HS came up to her and asked how I was doing. My sister who is eight years older than me called me in tears yesterday. Just Friday me,my sis and my 14year old nephew drove from here to Baltimore and my nephew asked me if I had any MJ. I just bought the 25th anniversary too! So we bumped it from start to finish and my nephew knew damn near all the songs and he's only 14! It just goes to show how his music crossed over!

I know to some mourning the loss of someone you never met seems strange but to me this is a piece of my childhood that has died.You never know how someone will impact your life. Michael represented a part of my youth that was innocent and fun! It makes me think of being a little kid(like 3-4) and seeing my brother and sister dancing to him. I'm thankful that my mom stood in line and got me damn near front row tickets to the Jackson Victory Tour! Plus she fed into my obession by buying me EVERYTHING Michael!

R.I.P Michael! You will truly be missed and thank you for providing me with endless songs to dance to!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes, I'm a slacker

I've slacked all week on blogging! I thought I'd do better because I was on a roll of blogging three times a week! But I failed miserably! I have my reasons though. I've been trying to plan this birthday party I'm throwing for myself and my sister and nephew flew in on Wednesday and I had some MAJOR cleaning to do! But I promise I'll do better. Next week is my birthday week so I'm going to try and post at least 4 times! Pray for me y'all!

*Side note* My 14 year old nephew, Darian told me yesterday how much he loved me and this has been the best trip! Ahh the little things that make you smile! Have a good weekend everyone. I'm off to Baltimore and DC to meet the rest of the fam for the weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What the hell Thursday

This post is just going to be a bunch of what the hell or why the hell!

What the hell is going on in the NYS Senate. A coup for real? Is it that bad that two Dems deflected and went with the Republicans and now there's a lock out at the state capitol. C'mon NY we gotta do better!

D.O.A- Death of Autotone. I don't like the song because I'm not feeling the beat! Although I do like what Jay is saying but damn you nappy why couldn't you get Pharell or Dre to produce the beat! But I agree with your ass!

Poor Laura Ling and Euna Lee. They were sentenced to 12 years hard labor in North Korea for essentially doing their job! They were arrested in March while they were working on a story about trafficking of North Korean women across the Chinese border!

Crazy women from Oregon cut open a women and took her baby. Needless to say both the baby and woman died? Damn is is that real? Go find a man and get on it! Murder??

A high school football coach and another man killed a cocaine dealer to avoid paying a debt, dismembered his body and then proceeded to cook his ass! All because they didn't want to pay THEIR 70k debt! Again.....is it that real?

R.I.P David Carradine. What was really going on in that hotel room? Dude was 70 years old and found hanging with his nutz tied.

R.I.P to the people who died in the explosion at the Slim Jim plant. I really hope they weren't around where they make them because I really like the Tabasco ones! I guess it wouldn't really matter if I was to nibble on a little human since I have no idea what's in those beyatches anyway! LOL!

I heard the new Denzel and Travolta movie "Pelham 123" is very good. I didn't realize it was a remake.

It's my birthday month and I'm throwing myself a fabulous Old School hip hop party on June 27th. If y'all are in BK come by! My actual bday is June 28th so I'm going to whoop it in!

I have that itch to move again. I'm tryin to repress it but it's not working! I don't usually stay in once city for more than 4 years and I'm hitting that 4 year marker! Ohh what to do?

I was told today that in a few years I will need reading glasses. Oh word it's like that! I'm not going down without a fight! I've had 20/20 vision forever and today I was told my vision is 20/25! Y'all know I cried and called the Teacher and he thought something was really wrong and was going to leave his bad ass middle school kids until I told him why I was whining and crying! He said "Bye Chelle" LMBAO! Whe that boy thinks I'm a nut and still stays for more of the show! Hehhehe!

Every morning I walk past a group of about 8 boys. They can't be more than 21. One of them says "Hi Miss Lady" everyday and I always say "hi" back. Yesterday after he said it one of the other boys said "who's that" He said "I don't know her but SHE'S my lady." Ahahhaha! I got a chuckle out of that!

R.I.P to Stephen Johns. He's the guard that was killed at the Holocaust Museum in DC yesterday by the 88 year old white supremacist. He thought he was holding the door open for an elderly man but it ended up being a cold blooded murderer!

Last but not least: WHAT THE F&*k is going on with all this dayum rain?

What's going on random in your world?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Beautiful

I don't know about y'all but when I hear the Musiq song So Beautiful it really makes me think. The way he speaks about this woman is the way I think most women would want their man to feel about them. This song is absolutely beautiful to me! It takes me back to a time in my life where I had the type of love he's singing about. I can't wait till I experience love like this again!

PS. I blame this on The Jaded Nyer she has all of us getting soft! LOL!

So Beautiful lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You're my baby
My lover, my lady
All night you make me
Want you it drives me crazy
I feel like you
Were made just for me babe
Tell me if you
Feel the same way

Cuz it just feels so right
I don’t wanna waste no time
If I had to choose I know
Im gon always choose to be with you
Cuz girl don’t you know

Girl don’t You know you're so beautiful
I wanna give all my love to you girl
Not just tonight but the rest of your life
I wanna be always here by your side

[Verse 2:]
When you're not here
You don’t know how much I miss you
The whole time on my mind
Is how much Im gonna get to make
You feel so good like you know I could
Tell me if you
Feel the same way

Cuz it just feels so right
I don’t wanna waste no time
Girl if I had to choose I know
Im gon always choose to be with you
Cuz girl don’t you know

Friday, May 29, 2009

Do y'all know this man

Because if so you better be careful! His name is Desmond Hatchett, 29 and he's from Knoxville, Tenn. Apparently old boy has fathered at least 21 children. He has a minimum wage job and can't support them all so this is where the state has to interject! The children range in age from newborn to 11. There are at least 11 baby mamas(possibly more)! I mean dayum what the eff is really going on? I guess every chick he has sex with he goes in raw dog? What the hell is wrong with these chicks? You don't let a man run up in you raw? This fool told VolunteerTV that "he had four kids in one year, TWICE!" On Friday his name appeared on the court docket ELEVEN times, representing about 15 of the 21 children! He claims he knows all the kids names and birthdays! Damn this dude has 4 basketball teams with a sub!
The state is only allowed to take 50% of his check and apparently he only makes about $400/week! Some of these women have multiple children by him and they KNEW of his large family! At this point these broads are just stupid! If you knew he had a damn army why would you spread your legs and let him have sex with NO CONDOM! Man, that D must be THE TRUTH! The mothers are supposed to get anywhere from $25-$309 but when his paycheck is garnished among them all some women only get $1.98! WTF do you do with $2 damn dollars!
I think he's a FOOL but these women have to take some of the responsibility as well! I mean this makes NO damn sense! C'mon people we can do better than this tomfoolery! Imagine if him and Octomom got together! She would be like I love sperm in me to have babies and he would say I love to give sperm to make babies! Dayum fools!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

So the others are still doing this ish

As soon as I saw this story on the Today Show yesterday I knew it was BULLSH!T! But yet it makes national news because a white lady and her daughter were supposedly abducted from the suburbs by guess who.... TWO BLACK MEN! GTFOH!

According to police reports she called 911 and said these two men rear ended her truck and snatched her and her daughter and threw them in the trunk! Word lady? I would think that they would just throw your ass out of the truck and steal the damn thing!Why the eff would they want you and your kid and NOT take the mothereffin truck? Why did the police locate the cell signal 25 miles away from where she said the accident was. Later on they found her truck with NO DAMAGE! Upon further investigation they found this beyatch at Disneyworld!

I'm glad the prosecutor of Bucks County Pa is going to prosecute this beyatch to the fullest extent of the law! Thank goodness that the police did not pull over and question any black men driving Cadillacs because Lord knows they'd still be questioning them now! But shit irks the hell out of me to the point I can barely put it into words! This supposedly helpless white lady is abducted by the bigh black men this isn't the first time this shit has happended and unfortunately it won't be the last!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Congratulations Sonia Sotomayor

Congratulations Sonia for being nominated for the United States Supreme Court. She would be the first Latin on the bench and only the third woman. With this selection the court will start to better reflect the diversity of America. She will bring more judicial experience than any justice confirmed in the past 70 years. It also gives this administration an opportunity to appoint another(hopefully minority) to the Second Court of Appeals! So this is a win win situation for the Dems! Yaaay!

I'm a party animal but I LOVE politics! One of my degrees is in Political Science with a concentration on the Supereme Court and American Presidency! So this type of stuff pumps me up!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Blogaversary to Me!!!

I missed my own anniversary by two days! LOL! I was hoping to have at least 100 post by now but it didn't happen! Hell I don't even have 50! I started blogging when I really needed to vent some issues I was having. The issues are much better now! But I like to blog even though I don't do it that often. I have about 25 stories as drafts...lol! I'm really going to make a conscious effort to blog more!

I'm glad I decided to blog because by doing this I've met some great people! So happy blogaversary to me!! Yaaaay!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I love Brooklyn AND the Brooklyn men

I've always had a love affair with Brooklyn. The first time I came here I was 6 mos. old. We came to visit my dad's sisters. All five of his sisters used to reside here. Me and my two cousins were the only ones raised upstate. So, we came a lot to see the family. Our parents would let us stay here for two weeks every summer. My mom told me it was because she wanted me around more black kids...lol! I learned how to fight here, play streetball,jump turnstiles(lol),doubledutch and countless other things! I've always loved it here! I liked the grittiness,the hustle and style.

I was going to come to college here but my mom axed that real quick! I wanted to go to NYU just like she did but she felt like I would wild out and waste my parents 30k/year tuition! Thinking about it she was probably right! Ha! At any rate even when I got to school. I always dated men from BK. I don't know, it was something about the style,how they walked,the sexiness and the confidence they exuded! "I'm from Bed-Stuy son!" I loved it! Now don't get me wrong. I've dated dudes from the West coast,South(hell I was going to marry a dude from the south)Mid-Atlantic states but there's something about a Brooklyn boy! I've dated dudes from Queens,Harlem and the Bronx! NOPE! They were lacking something! LOL! My favorite Brooklyn Boy is "The Teacher" I think that boy is do dayum sexy. I could eat him up! LOL!

Anyway this post was supposed to be about how I love Brooklyn because there are always street fairs and block parties! I don't know how it turned into men...lol! Lawd I crack myself up! This weekend I was chillin at Habana Outpost with my girl for her bday. Habana was having a little block party. Carousel, clowns etc set up for the kids. DJ spinnin' old school hip hop.Then my boy was like you staying for KRS-ONE? WHAT? Hold up? KRS-ONE is going to perform? He was like yeah in like 10 min! Maaan, say word? Next thing you know KRS-ONE jumped on stage and rocked it for about 30min! He did "My Philosophy","Mc's Act Like they Don't Know", "Black Cop" and some freestyle shyt! It was hot! That's another reason why I love livin' in BK! The culture,diversity and the flyness! Here's some pics of KRS-ONE!

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's about time

In case you guys haven't heard the announcement. President Obama and his administration have decided to open up the crown of the Statute of Liberty! Beginning on July 4 we will be able to walk up to the crown. The crown has been off limits to visitors since the 2001 terrorist attacks. The Department of Interior said it was time for the public to be able to walk up and view this magnificent city!

I'm pretty excited about this because I haven't been to the top of the crown since I was 16-17 years old. Every year me and my dad would come to NYC to visit his five sisters and he and I would take in a Yankee game, go to the top the World Trade Center and then go to the Statue of Liberty. I'm sure he got tired of doing it but never said a thing.....lol! But the one thing we both agreed on was the view from the Statue of Liberty is breathtaking! I think people who live in major cities forget to take in all they have to offer! When I lived in DC, I went to all the museums, monuments etc. The sad thing is I met people who were from DC who had never been to the Lincoln Memorial! That's sad to me because there's so much history that people miss out on. And I'm sure it's the same with living in NYC. The Teacher told me he took some of his students ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza and some of them had never been there or heard of it. These kids are in middle school! That is so sad to me. We live in the best city in the world and many of us who live here don't take full advantage of what it has to offer!

Wherever you live, make sure you take in the sites and culture of your city! Expose yourself and children! If you get a chance to visit the Big Apple. Please make sure you visit Lady Liberty! She is an impressive piece of work!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NYPD Got Me!

So, the wonderful people who sport blue got me yesterday! They said I was parked in a school zone. Well, I've been living here for almost 2 years and park there ALL the damn time. But don't worry blog fam...I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK! I was parked behind the sign that said NO PARKING FROM 7-4 ON SCHOOL DAYS! I took pictures...booyah! But I still had to pay the $185 to get my shyt out of the pound!

Let's talk about how the wonderful city employees work(sorry if anyone works for the city but this is what I observed). Last night at 7:30 I came to the sad realization that my baby was towed. I came in my house and hopped on the MAC and went straight to NYC.gov put in my license plate number and just as I had suspected...Totti was in custody. So, I called the number that was for Brooklyn tows and guess what NO ONE answers. I called Manhattan and of course they said the place should be open till 8:30. So, she tried to call and she gave me three other numbers to call and guess what...yep you guessed No ONE answered the mothereffin phone! So, Totti had to stay in an unfamiliar place last night. Something told me to get my azz up early and head to the Navy Yard(that's where they hold the cars). I took the train to the closest station. *sigh* Why was it a 18min brisk walk in the effin rain! By the time I got there my legs were wet and I was in no mood. The first thing I asked the lady was what time they close during the week she told me 9:00pm. Y'all I wanted to bust through the glass and choke the shyt out of the beyatch. I said really because I started calling at 7:30 and NO ONE answered. She said I don't know. Yeah beyatch you don't know because you lazy mothereffers didn't want to do shyt! Needless to say I didn't act an effin fool but I damn sure wanted to but figured I'd have to pay bail on top of towing fees! LOL!

As I was driving off the lot my favorite teacher called me to make sure he didn't have to come and get me...lol! After I got off the phone with him I tried to text and guess what...I couldn't! Arrrr! The damn phone has a malfunction so I can't text or call out. Thank goodness I have voice dial! My last 24 hrs have been pretty shytty! Nothing a few Margaritas can't cure! I'm on my way to meet Eb the Celeb, Jaded Nyer and F_Uitlist for a few cocktails for Cinco de Mayo!

Another shytty thing happended yesterday too. I will blog about that Thursday. This beyatch tried to come out her face at work and she quickly learned who she was dealing with! Ha!
Oh yeah.....that's not my Honda minivan being towed!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I just came back from Duane Reade(which is like Rite-Aid or CVS)and I was waiting on my prescription and happend to look to the right. I saw about 6 shelves filled with different condoms but one caught my eye. The Magnum Twisters(I would post a pic but the site is blocked...I'm at work). I don't know why I found this to be so funny but Magnum Twisters seriously had me cracking the hell up! Rippled on the tip. Hmmm does that really make a difference? The box was black and the picture of the "Twister" was bright green! I don't know if I would go running to purchase the bright green twister! No thanks, I just stick to regular Magnums! LOL!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Too tired to learn

I've neglected this blog! I try but I get so caught up with other stuff going on that this shyt falls by the wayside! Once again I'm really going to try! This weekend was crazy. I got home Sunday morning at 8am! Who the hell does that! Me and TheJadedNYer do it! Every time I go out with her I don't get in to the wee hours of the morning! I'm not complaining because we always have a good time!

Anyway, I have so many ideas for a post but I'll stick with this one!

Ok. I don't have any children but I would like two one day. But if I had kiddies I would do anything for them. I figure the moment you decide to bring a child into the world then you do what you have to for them to have the best opportunities especially academically. I have a coworker/friend who has a 13 year old son. He's a nice kid,polite,quiet etc. He's almost nerdy/cornballish. Lawd forgive me I know that's not nice to talk about a child but I'm jus sayin! Anyway the kid is having problems with reading comprehension. So, he's having trouble in history and reading because he can't comprehend the essay questions. So, coworker decided to send him to Sylvan for help. He's been going on Mon-Wed-Sat for one hour each day. Can someone explain to me why the boy only goes now on Saturdays for 3 hours! Why you ask? Because she said she was tired when she came home from work and didn't feel like driving him to Sylvan. WHAT? Are you serious? She leaves at 5 takes a quick train ride then the express bus to Jersey she's home before 6! AND YOU'RE TOO DAMN TIRED TO TAKE YOUR KID TO SYLVAN! So you make the boy go for 3 damn hours on a Saturday. All because you're too tired to drive 15min oh yeah and you want to go to the gym! GTFOH! I have a lot of friends that have children some are single moms,most have husbands. But what they ALL have in common is they do ANYTHING for their children especially if has to do with academics!

I look back at my parents and realized that they did EVERYTHING for me where academics and sports was concerned. I was involved in so many activities. I know that it couldn't have been easy on my parents timewise but they made it happen. I wanted to run for a specific track club and had to be driven an hour there, practice for two hours and be driven an hour home! This went on all summer. I went to at least 2 basketball camps,2 track camps and a soccer camp in the summer all while going to summer school so I would always be ahead. I can just imagine if I needed extra help in a subject what they would do. In 10th grade I was doing horrible in math. My mom hired a tutor immeadiately for two days a week. I look at my sister and she drives my nephew an hour each way to golf lessons. As I stated earlier. I can't imagine not going out of my way for my child especially if it had to with academics. Damn if you paid the $2000 to send him to Sylvan. Why on earth wouldn't you send him the three days a week like you used to. If he has problems with reading comprehension do you really think he's going to retain everything in one three hour setting per week?

When this lady talks to me it irks the hell out of me to hear her say this shyt to me! I never say a word I just listen because I know people get very defensive about their children. I do know the moment I have a child. I will do anything to make sure their life is better!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feeling some kind of way

So some of you may know that I have an on off love affair with the Teacher. For those of you that are new. I give a brief recap of our relationship! He and I are very compatible on so many levels but he has some fears and issues he needs to work on in order for our relationship to be successful. He's an all around good dude, doesn't cheat, lie, rarely goes out or drinks.One of our main problem is he thinks that I have a smart azz mouth...which I do but I do try and work on it. And it irks the hell out of him but when he does shyt that makes NO sense to me I call him on it and sometime he sees it as me being a know it all. Also his family is soo emotionally draining on him that it leaves NO room for anything else. He's the youngest by 8 yrs and he acts like he's the oldest. His siblings act like they're helpless and can't do shyt! He feels an obligation to them because his mom passed away when he was 11 and his sister raised him but damn she's now 43 and she's a mess! Good job, NO money,drug addicted husband,22 year old daughter living in her house with her 2yro and her own 6yro daughter. The sister blames EVERYTHING on the husband but does NOTHING to try and make her life better! If I wrote everything y'all would tell me to just write a short story because that's what the eff it is! Anyway, The Teacher grew up in a very rough part of BK and never got in trouble earned a full basketball scholarship to Arizona State. He had a few tryouts with the Hawks and Jazz but through the physical examination found out he has a degenerative hip disorder so since his NBA dreams were smashed he went and played overseas for a few years and then came back when the hip problem became to bad to play! So that's why he's a teacher. But he loves it and is almost finished with his Master's in Education. I know I'm all over the place..lol! We took a big break last year and I went out with a couple other people but I always had the Teacher on my mind! We speak EVERYDAY. He is the first person I speak to in the morning and last one at night! He does anything thing for me and I do the same for him. We had a discussion and we both want to get back together but I think we're both unsure. He has abandonment issues due to his mom dying when he was so young and since he's so nice the last girl did a number on him. I hope I'm not making him sound like a punk because he's not! Far from it. He actually checks the hell out of me! LOL!

So, the reason I'm feeling some kind of way is. The Teacher has always wanted to coach at a collegiate level but he wanted to finish his Master's first. So, the first day of the NCAA tournament he's watching Texas Tech play on tv and sees his old assistant coach on the bench. He freaks out because he lost contact with him, so he goes on Texas Tech's website and finds him and sends him an email. Well dude responds saying how he's an assistant coach there blah blah blah. Fast forward to last Wednesday. Coach calls Teacher at 10:30am asking him if it's possible for him to get on a 9:30pm flight to interview Thursday morning at 9am with the head coach(who happens to be Bobby Knight's son). The Teacher calls me and tells me that he can't come out with me on Thursday because of this! I'm screaming into the phone. I'm so excited for him!! Because I know that this is a great opportunity for him! But when reality set in. I felt so sad because I know there's a possibility of him leaving! We've discussed how I wanted to leave NYC next year. While I love living here I can't afford to buy shyt but my damn apt. I grew up in a house and when I left Houston to come here I was living in a 5br 3000sq ft house! *sigh* Anyway it was always known that I was rolling in 2010 but now he might leave. I feel some kind of way! I think because the last two months we have really been putting in effort with each other! So, the interview went well and he finds out Friday if he will be part of Texas Tech's bball team! We haven't discussed this but I can tell that it has hit him the way it's hitting me! I know whatever happens happens. If we're supposed to be then we will be.

I know this post was all over the place but that's how I feel right now!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I bleed Carolina blue!!

I actually had a post for tomorrow but since my beloved Tarheels are playing for the national championship against Michigan State. All I have to say is "LET'S GO HEELS!" For those of you who are my facebook friends. If by some crazy chance the Tarheels lose consciousness tomorrow and *gulp* lose. My boy has photo shopped a picture of me in a MSU tee with a MSU background and I must have that as my profile picture all day Tuesday! Honestly I will be violently sick if by some chance that happens! So let me wash all the negative vibes away! Go UNC! Whip MSU's AZZ!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Got a Question for you

How do you get rid of a friend who's still in your same social circle? For the past 18 mos. I've kicked it with this chick a lot but I realize she gets on my damn nerves! At first I was like hmmm maybe she just likes to run her mouth but now I'm like this chick gets on my damn nerves. A few people in the group said she came to them and said she sensed I was pulling away from her but she doesn't know why. I'm not that hard to get along with. I don't like typical chick shit with the cattiness,drama. I just want to go get some drinks and hang with my people. But damn if EVERY time you tell a story she has done what your are talking about or has some other absurd story to top it! I've had people who just met her ask me the same question. The other night I called her on her shyt. I just flat out said "you're lying!" She said some of the most absurd off the wall shit. Even my friends husband gave a side-eye! And he's the nicest man in the world. I feel like she is trying to compete with me and others. A few examples: she was talking about having student loans. I stayed quiet. Why? Because I don't have any! Then she turns around and says to me "You would have some if your school was more expensive." I said "oh really? Now you in my parent's pockets?" I told her"Trick I don't care if I went to Harvard, my parents set it up so we would NOT have loans." I think that shit is complete hatin! Then she constantly talks about her luxury car and how she's not driving because the upkeep on her car is more! What? I would rather drive on the highway then to drive the bumpy ass,pothole infested streets of NYC! Then she says why don't you drive your car it's paid for. Beyatch I don't care if I still had a car payment if I had to drive somewhere then my black ass would drive! YOU buy a car to drive the beyatch! Not to just stare at it! I don't care if it's a fricken Pinto,Cutlass or a Mercedes! These are just two examples I'm giving. But the other day's foolwang really took the cake for me. A friend had a party and everyone brought stuff,bottles,food etc. Why did this chick take her rum,cheese and cracker platter and shrimp cocktail at the end of the night. Last I checked you leave your shit for the hostess! There was maybe a 1/4 cup of rum,6 shrimp and a few pieces of cheese/crackers. Someone had asked if they could take the 6 shrimp left. The lady had the shrimp on a plate and went to get foil. Shrimp snatcher comes and puts her hands in the plant. Another woman said "X is taking those." SS said,"So, I brought them and proceeded to put them in a zip lock bag. Everyone was stunned that she was so adamant about taking HER stuff. To me that shows NO home training and NO class! This chick packed TWO big ass plates with 5 Seafood cakes,5 pieces of fish,5 pieces of chicken and a ton of other things! The hostess told me that she didn't even get a piece of fish or seafood cakes cause this chick was eating them all and had the nerve to take them all!

What do you guys think? I can give a few more examples but thought you'd get the picture from the ones I stated.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

That time of the year

It's that time of the year. Yep, sick time. I've been sick as shyt all week. I haven't felt this bad in a minute! I woke up at 1am drenched in my own sweat. My clothes, sheets and comforter! Blahhh! I hate feeling like this! Plus I'm rarely sick! But it I couldn't have picked a better time of year! Yeah baby, it 's MARCH MADNESS! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE COLLEGE BASKETBALL! I LOVE THE TARHEELS! So, even though I feel like shyt. I was able to stay home, watch basketball and check my brackets ALL DAY!!! And I love it!

Although I'm sick. I had a pretty good day watching ball all day! Lawd if I was in my early 20's many of them dudes could get it...lmbao!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Ramblings..

I was reading what C-Breezy allegedly did to Rihanna. I have some issues with how some of this went down. It said that she grabbed his cell phone with her left then he proceeded to grab her with his right hand and placed her in a headlock while he was still driving. Hmmm that's interesting C-Breeze obviously never met me. He's driving a car and manages to put me in a headlock! Yeah, ok. You must not know about me! I am NOT blaming this on Rihanna. I'm just finding it hard to grasp that she didn't get a few licks off! Eff that! I probably would have gotten effed up but do trust he would have had a few wounds on that azz too!

I wore a fiyah azz pencil skirt today with fishnets and purple shoes....LOL! That's real corporate! I don't give a dayum either!

The lady I sit next to sings all dayum day. She actually has a decent voice but I don't want to hear it all day! Then they wonder why I have the BOSE headphones in boppin at my desk!

She also thought it was ok to wear tight azz courdoroys,turtleneck and boots that looked like she was going to be in the wilderness in Alaska for 2 weeks! WTF? This is the same woman that rocks wife beaters in the summer!

I've lost a few pounds because I started running outside again plus I'm beginning training for a Dualathon(2mi. run,10mi bike,2mi run). I saw a friend of mine last Saturday and we were discussing my running and she said " I only run from danger" I told her "uhh you need to start running from the table!" Was that rude? LMBAO! She's a stay at home mom and looks sloppy and there's NO reason for it! Strap your 1 year old up and put that baby in the stroller and walk! This chick lives in the burbs in a nice development!Shyt I don't give a dayum if she lived in the pj's! NO EXCUSE!

I was exiting the train the other day and saw two girls about 17 one was tall and thick. She was probably 5'10 and 180 the other was 5'6" slender build. The tall one was talking and said " I need a big d*ck, I'm a big chick so that means I NEED big d&ck!" The other girl was quiet and said "I don't think I need big d&ck." I'm wondering what the hell got this converstation started!

I'm going to Barecelona and Italy with my sister in September. This should be VERY interesting! HA!

All my NYC bloggers. I found two good azz restaurants! Victor's Cuban Cafe had black beans that made you want to drop kick your momma! Cafe Ronda is a Spanish restaurant and the Paella is FIYAH!!!

The Cowboys aren't my favorite team but I'm still mad at them for releasing TO!

ACC tournment is this weekend and I CAN'T WAIT! My azz will be in the house all weekend watching MY TARHEELS dominate! I LOVE MARCH MADNESS! I'm getting my pool ready!

What is the big dayum deal about Michelle Obama wearing bare arms! I mean dayum she is just 45 and has fiyah azz arms! Laura and Barbara were plain and Barbara's azz was old! Shyt!

I'm headed to Tampa next week to see my homeboy. I can't wait! I need a break from this beyatch!

Why did I see the bigget Crocs store yesterday! This shyt was like the size of a big azz Old Navy. Dayum I didn't know Crocs was rocking like that! LOL!

The Teacher has been on radio silence for a few days! I told him. I'm done talking to toddlers so when he wants to act like a man then holla at me! He hollared last night. I'm pretty indifferent about him right now. His family issues are OVERWHELMING! Maybe it's true that two people from such different backgrounds can't get it together! Ex: His sister went and bought a new living room set with her tax returns. Hmm don't you have a 6yro? Didn't you borrow close to 10K from your brother last year? Don't you have credit card debt? He told me that and I just sat there and he even said that was some ghetto azz shyt! I'm like I'm glad you said it!

I reconnected last night with one of bf's! We grew up together and kept in touch until 2007. He lost his cell phone and I tried to call him a few times and nothing. He told me he let work get in the way of all his relationships and he was sorry! I forgave his azz cause when I first moved to NYC I stayed with him for free and he really looked out for me. I told him I would let it slide and he wouldn't get cussed out however if it happens again. I will proceed to lace him out!

Why do people find it so hard to believe that I don't have any student loans. People at work were talking about loans etc. I didn't contribute to the conversation and they said "Shell you paid off your loans?" I said "I never had any" Radio Silence. "Ohh you went on scholarhip?" Me,"No my parents paid." Then the slick remarks came. I said very politely but stern" My parents paid for all 4 of us to go to college and my brother went to an IVY! Why is that soo hard to comprehend? Then I get "Ohh your money must have been tight?" WHAT? I had to let that beyatch know I never wanted for shyt! I grew up in a nice 5 br,3bathroom house with a pool. I never worked in college just at my internships in the summer. My parents said our job was to get an education! What the f*ck is so hard! People get on my dayum nerves!

That's really sad about the two NFL players and their friend lost at sea. RIP!

I'm mad at the chick who called 911 over her chicken nuggets! But I would have been pissed too. I don't understand if she they didn't have anymore why they wouldn't refund her money. If that would have been me on an off day. Mickey D's would have been calling the cops on me!

Unemployment is at at 25 year high at 8.1%. This is a shame. I think it's going to get much worse before it gets better. Dow is down now 55.99%.

I know this is horrible. At the end of every month I look on Craigslist for deals because I know people have rent to pay! I got a Bose Sound dock for $175 they retail for $399! Shyt times are hard for everyone!

Enjoy your weekend people!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tickle

Lawd knows I love living in NYC especially since I get to see so many interesting things! So, this morning I'm on the train minding my business. I always get a seat on the train cause I come to work mad late(9:45). I hop on the train at 9:30 and for some reason it's packed so I stand by the door and read my paper. I look to my right and see this older black woman. I recognize her from my job.I don't know her but I know that we work for the same company and she works on one of the 52 floors that are in this building! Now this lady normally looks very well put together. Her hair and makeup always done nicely. She has Salt colored hair with a slight blue tint to it(I can tell because of the light on the train)but she always looks nice. Well, I guess today was her off day because "What in the dayum foolywang hotmess blue hair is this?"

Look closer and you will see she is rockin some sort of animal as a source of heat! "What in the chinchilla hell?"

Lawd y'all Obama is in office.....WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Couldn't tell you why...

I'm back from my two week hiatus! So long for blogging three times a week! I don't even know why I was taking a break. I had a ton of thoughts but never wrote them down! I've just been plain lazy! I get up, work out, go to work then come home. The only thing that I've put a ton of effort into lately is working out!

This weekend was so uneventful. Friday I went to Tarjay. Friday evening is a great time to go there. It was empty as hell! I picked up a few things and headed home. I had a disagreement with the Teacher(what else is new). He told me that we couldn't go out for Valentine's Day because he was now going to the All-Star game in Phoenix. I wasn't mad because this boy LOVES basketball and he had a chance to go out for the weekend and see some old college friends(he went to Arizona State). I just got pissed because I feel like I was the last one he told when I should have been on top of the list! He was so pissed at me that he hung up the phone on me and he NEVER does that. Man, I was IRATE by now so I called him back. Of course he didn't answer so I left some lunatic message and called his ass again this time he picked up we had more words than I told him to shut the hell up because I wanted to say my side. He told me he had to get on his flight and so we hung up. I felt bad cause I didn't want him flying across the country and we're in an argument. I called him back but his phone was off so I left three long ass messages just telling him where I was with all this shyt He called me at 9am it was 6am in Phoenix and he told me that he understand what I said and he was wrong and how much he cares. That made me feel better but we still got A LOT to sort out!
Saturday I went to work out and grocery shopping. By the way who the hell spends $200 at the store and lives alone....ME! Later on I went out to dinner with my girl then came home. Sunday I went to church and had my pajamas on by 1pm. Today I went to the gym and came home. This was a pretty chill, uneventful weekend and I loved just being home!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life in NYC

So me and Eb went out a couple of weeks ago to SOB's! There was a man in there with his woman. They were dirty dancing and slobbing each other down all night! To the point where it was slightly pornographic! At one point they were standing right next to us and this is what I saw when I looked down! What in the snake skin hell is that?

On my way to meet Eb I encountered an older man on the train. He stumbled on with his White Castle bag and started munchin down on his food. He got to the fries and just fell the hell out! The white people next to him just kept looking like WTF.I don't think you can tell but there's a fry hanging on his lip. I laughed and proceeded to take a picture. This makes me NOT want to eat White Castle! I'm sure heroine helped him to this state! These are the days I love living in NYC!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Goals

I'm all late. But that's me! I said I was going to post my goals for 2009! I'm sure no one cares but I need to post them so I am accountable!

1.Read the Bible- I found a chart that shows you how to read the Good Book in a year! I've already slipped up but I had to play catch up. I can't play around with the man upstairs!

2.Volunteer- When I lived in DC I always tutored kids in reading and math. I coached track and field Special Olympics! Since moving to NYC I haven't participated in any of this..*sigh* I have my interview next week for BigBro BigSis, I also want to find a program where I check on elderly people once a week!

3.Lose 10 lbs- this isn't really necessary but I just feel like I need to drop these 10. I've put on 10 in the last year. Most of it is muscle but I feel like it's a little too heavy for me! All my weight goes to my booty. My stomach is flat as hell! LOL! I guess I shouldn't complain. Some chicks would die for ass!

4.Tithe more- I do tithe but it's not as much as I should be giving.

5.Take a career development class. I am terrified to speak in front of people! I need Toastmasters...lol!

6.Decide if I'm going to apply to Business School. Lawd this is HUGE! If I do this I'm going to the full time program and will quit my job! In my head I know I can do this. I have no bills but basics. Gas, electric, phone. But I will have to dip into my savings and I don't want to!

7.Buy a flat screen- LOL! I know this shouldn't be a goal but I hate spending money on electronics! I'm buying one next week!

8.Run at least 3 5K's. Possibly one 10k.

9. Blog at a minimum of three times a week!

I think this is it. I will give midyear updates! I will update this blog about the inauguration(which I attended) and my sister drama!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

For the love of God

I wrote another post but for now I need to go with this one!

What the EFF is wrong with people? This morning I took the train in to work as usual. I get off on the Wall Street stop on the 2/3 train. I come upstairs and ahead of me there are two younger dudes an a old man with a cane. Well the door is heavy as hell. Sometimes you need to really pull and then hold it open. Y'all know that the one the dudes skips in front of the old man and opens in just enough for his body to slip thru! I thought I was going to run up to dude and drop kick his ass dead in the chest! WTF? Thank goodness the other dude held the door open for the old man and me! I swear where the f&*k are you mothereffin manners?