Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year(I know I'm late)!

So, how was everyone's new year? Mine was decent. I had NO desire to go out but my friends had purchased me a ticket. I started it off right and attended church(my church offered a 5,7,9,11 service). After church me and my girl came back and I cooked a fabulous meal and drank lots of champagne. We barely made it to the party. We got there at 11:58. Thank goodness it was walking distance to my! The party was cool but I so could've stayed home. I met a cutie in there but he's too young. I don't think I bring myself to take a dude that's 8 years younger than me seriously. Oh well. He was fun to dance!

I have this uneasy feeling going on inside of me and I just can't shake it. I've shed A LOT of people from my life and I'm ok with it. Some people are surprised by this but if you continue to act like you do. What more can I do but to keep my distance. I'm not going to hee hee haw haw in your face and feel some kind of way about you(I save that for work). Especially if you claim to be my friend. True friends aren't secretive about some things of there life. Or only come to you when shit is bad. I have NO TIME for that. That is a halfass friend if you ask me. So, to me we're just acquaintances. Which I'm cool with because I know who my TRUE friends are but don't be running around saying Shell is my bf! Aruuuuuuu? STOP! GTFOH! This is one of the first times where I'm truly comfortable with my decisions. I would them then I would have people saying you're being too hard on so and so. I knew I was right and just kept the peace but I don't give a damn now. I'm just too old to have sometimey people around me.

This post was supposed to be about NYE but it turned into something! I will post my goals in a few days. I really need to be held accountable because I seriously failed at last years! *sigh*

How was every one's NYE?