Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life in NYC

So me and Eb went out a couple of weeks ago to SOB's! There was a man in there with his woman. They were dirty dancing and slobbing each other down all night! To the point where it was slightly pornographic! At one point they were standing right next to us and this is what I saw when I looked down! What in the snake skin hell is that?

On my way to meet Eb I encountered an older man on the train. He stumbled on with his White Castle bag and started munchin down on his food. He got to the fries and just fell the hell out! The white people next to him just kept looking like WTF.I don't think you can tell but there's a fry hanging on his lip. I laughed and proceeded to take a picture. This makes me NOT want to eat White Castle! I'm sure heroine helped him to this state! These are the days I love living in NYC!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Goals

I'm all late. But that's me! I said I was going to post my goals for 2009! I'm sure no one cares but I need to post them so I am accountable!

1.Read the Bible- I found a chart that shows you how to read the Good Book in a year! I've already slipped up but I had to play catch up. I can't play around with the man upstairs!

2.Volunteer- When I lived in DC I always tutored kids in reading and math. I coached track and field Special Olympics! Since moving to NYC I haven't participated in any of this..*sigh* I have my interview next week for BigBro BigSis, I also want to find a program where I check on elderly people once a week!

3.Lose 10 lbs- this isn't really necessary but I just feel like I need to drop these 10. I've put on 10 in the last year. Most of it is muscle but I feel like it's a little too heavy for me! All my weight goes to my booty. My stomach is flat as hell! LOL! I guess I shouldn't complain. Some chicks would die for ass!

4.Tithe more- I do tithe but it's not as much as I should be giving.

5.Take a career development class. I am terrified to speak in front of people! I need!

6.Decide if I'm going to apply to Business School. Lawd this is HUGE! If I do this I'm going to the full time program and will quit my job! In my head I know I can do this. I have no bills but basics. Gas, electric, phone. But I will have to dip into my savings and I don't want to!

7.Buy a flat screen- LOL! I know this shouldn't be a goal but I hate spending money on electronics! I'm buying one next week!

8.Run at least 3 5K's. Possibly one 10k.

9. Blog at a minimum of three times a week!

I think this is it. I will give midyear updates! I will update this blog about the inauguration(which I attended) and my sister drama!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

For the love of God

I wrote another post but for now I need to go with this one!

What the EFF is wrong with people? This morning I took the train in to work as usual. I get off on the Wall Street stop on the 2/3 train. I come upstairs and ahead of me there are two younger dudes an a old man with a cane. Well the door is heavy as hell. Sometimes you need to really pull and then hold it open. Y'all know that the one the dudes skips in front of the old man and opens in just enough for his body to slip thru! I thought I was going to run up to dude and drop kick his ass dead in the chest! WTF? Thank goodness the other dude held the door open for the old man and me! I swear where the f&*k are you mothereffin manners?