Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sidekick or Baby Mama?

I recently read the lastest edition of Haper's Bazarre. In it was an article with Savannah Brinson(the mother of LeBron James's children). There were a few things in the article that I found quite interesting.

One quote she had in the article was "I'm the mother of his children. I am not a baby mama. There's more to me than that." Hmmm really? For all of you that are single moms this is NOT directed toward you. I love marriage and family especially black marriages but when I see articles like this it burns me up. I feel like she's trying to rationalize her position in his life and it pisses me off. I don't think because you have a child you should marry the child's father because sometimes it just doesn't work like that. But to sit there and have two children by this man or any other man and be ok with just being his "sidekick" is not ok. Lebron isn't saying that he's going to ever marry her or that she is the one for me. In this article he states that she is his "sidekick." Arrruuu? Sidekick? Are you serious? The mother of his children is his "sidekick?" The thing that blows my mind is that she is ok with this. This is Lebron's statement "A person like myself needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter what the circumstances. And she is that, she's got my back and I love her for that." Once again I can't get past the sidekick part.

More and more black women are having children out of wedlock at a rate of nearly 70%. It makes no sense to continue doing this and have no intention on having a legal union. I know marriage IS NOT for everyone and I certainly don't expect women who have had a child from a man to just marry him because. This is focused to the ones who go out and have kids all willy nilly and NEVER having any intention to get married. I think women who do this are selling theirselves short. For those women who think that having a child will get the man to marry them are sadly mistaken too.

One part of the interview Savannah talks about being a role model to young women in her hometown of Akron. I don't get it. You were Lebron's highschool sweetheart who went on to have two children by him and will be paid for the rest of your life. She didn't go to college nor do anything else. I'm not knocking that she isn't nice(my hairdresser does her weaves and says she's the sweetest girl). But what are you showing these young women? To find a baller and have children and never get married and to be their "sidekick". STOP poppin' out babies to a man that doesn't think enough of you to give you a real status....WIFE!

What say you guys? Is being a sidekick better than a baby mama?