Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today is my birthday! First I'd like to start off saying that I am blessed to be able to celebrate another year of life. I'm blessed that I have loving friends and family. Since I was a little girl I've always thought of my birthday to be a national! Maybe it's because when I was younger right around my birthday started summer vacation!! We go finish school late in NYS!! There were days were the last day of school was my birthday and we would only have to go to school for 5 minutes to pick up my report card. All through elementary school I would go to breakfast with my daddy and then go get a new bike! (Did I really need a new bike every year?) Then my friends would come over for my party. I was always the kid who had like 50 kids at my party. Later on the boys would go home and my closest 20 girlfriends would stay! That's so funny to me now because I don't even have 20 friends anymore! I have a lot of associates but only a hand full of friends.

As I've grown older I had to come to the realization that the friends I thought were my friends weren't! In the last two years I've had to cut some friends off because they didn't have my best interest at heart. I just can't tolerate that! I give them NO BULLSHIT and I expect none. It hurt my feelings to have to do that but I could see that it wasn't a good fit! I didn't need 20 friends anymore. I met my best friend in pre-school. Her birthday was Thursday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, S! We've been through a lot together. Breakups,marriage, her two kids etc.. She always tells me she lives vicariously through! I've never felt the need to have to cut her ass off! She ALWAYS has my best interest at heart and isn't afraid to tell me I'm wrong or that I'm overreacting(I tend to do that sometime). I've always thought that the older you get the harder it is to meet friends. I generally find that to be true. I've been living in NY just shy of 3 years and I must say that I've met the best group of women. They are real,they tell you when you're wrong,they are genuinely happy for your success and will do anything for you. I'm blessed to have met them they have definitely made my stay in NY great. I'm just a lucky person to have met a great group of friends like this. I'm also lucky to have my new blog buddies! Anyway today should be a great day. I'm off to go pick up some last minute stuff and to get my hair and makeup! Kyle here's your picture!!

To my best male friend, Chad. I've know this dude since I was in kindergarten! I know you wish you could be here but circumstances didn't allow for it. Keep holding down the "D" and I will see your rotten ass in August!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Starting it off...

This will be short! Off to kick off my birthday celebration at happy Hour at Katra Lounge. They are having 2 for 1 drinks(top shelf included) from 5-7 so I'm about to go get my drank ON!
Not drinking too much though still have a lot of running around to do for the bash tomorrow. Anyway I hope everyone has a happy Friday...I know I will! I will do a quick post tomorrow!

Thanks for the birthday shout out Kyle!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok. I did not have the time yesterday to blog. So, I missed one day!! Anyway today I'm going to talk about some random shyt!

  • Why do dudes think it's ok to drive up on a woman and try to holla! "Yo ma, can I talk to you, come to the car." GTFOH! Any dude that says "Yo ma" gets NO ATTENTION!
  • Why was I coming out of the subway and dude says "damn ma you work out? Can you work me out" Ill N*gga. NO I can't! As if!
  • Why was I in the kitchen at work at one of the haters I work with kept side eyeing me. Finally she looks at my wrist and says "Oh did you get that on Canal St." I looked her dead in her face and said, "No, I save that bootleg shyt for you." In case you want to go get yourself one, it's located on 5th Ave. and it's spelled GUCCI. I swear I can't stand these petty azz women here. I mean straight haters they NEVER have anything nice to say.
  • Why did I see this lady bust her azz and I laughed.
  • I'm so embarrassed that I like that Lil Wayne song "A Milli" The beat is fiyah!
  • I know I'm late but why does Michelle Obama have to clean up her image and not be seen as the "Angry Black Woman" That shyt irks the hell out of me!
  • Why did I go out to eat for lunch today and leave my umbrella at the restaurant. I noticed it 5 minutes after I left and called them of course they told me that there was no umbrella!I guess the umbrella snatcher just snatched my shyt right? Damn I'm pissed!
  • Why is it going to be 90 degrees in NYC tomorrow and Saturday and be humid as hell. I hate NYC when it's hot like that!
  • I can't wait till Saturday when this whole party planning is OVER!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm a little late...

I've been busy all day so I haven't had time to read any blogs or write this one. I called in sick today!!! Shyt I had to get some stuff done for this party. I had to go get an AC and head to Party City. Can anyone tell me why there was a line 10 deep at Party City this morning at 10:30..WTF. People were sooo pissed off! My new couch was delivered today but I almost didn't get it. They got the one section in but couldn't get the other one in. I was like awww lawd please let the couch get in here. I have my people coming from DC and no damn couch. I told the dudes do what you need to do to get that couch in here!!! Well, after an hour of them sweatin their azzes off they finally got it in! I would take a picture if I hadn't dropped my camera and broke the beyatch at the Jay-Z concert!! Hopefully someone gets me my new digital camera for my birthday!!

I'm off to make me some dinner...I know it's 10:21pm and I still haven't ate dinner! But I got my workout in! I'm going to look fierce on!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Keep your family and business completely seperated.

What up blog people or shall I say blog peep! I should be posting daily since I am new to blog world. I've been so busy lately that I can't find the time to blog! But I promise I'm going to do better! I'm going to do a post everyday this week! Saturday is my birthday(yeah) so I will blog until then. I think I will post a picture of myself all day Saturday! I don't know why I feel so uneasy about that but I think its because I know a lot of people who blog and don't want them all in my! Oh well!

Anyway, I'm having a birthday party on Saturday for those of you in NYC please come by! It's a good ol' fashion house party with food, liquor and dj! Feel free to come through and celebrate with me! I threw one last year and it far exceeded my expectations! I invited like 60 people and my girl invited like 60 at least 200 showed up. It was bananas! The dj played his last song at 6:53am. I would like to shut it down this year around 4 but if it's rollin I'm going to keep rollin! So during this party planning process I was hunting down the dj we used last year to see if he would be interested in doing the party again. So, I found him and he was trying to act all brand new and shyt. Trying to charge a $100 more than he did last year. I was like are you serious? Mind y'all this is after my cousin had to go and pick him and his equipment up and help him unload it. It was so damn hot my cousin had to go home and take another shower. I asked him if he was going to need assistance this year and he said yeah. WTF? How the hell you going up on the price and you don't even have your own transportation? GTFOH with that bullshyt! So I was like never mind. So we find two more people who can possibly do their one two on the wheels of steel! Can anyone tell me why they both had all the equipment but no speakers!! *crickets* How the f*ck are you semi dj and not have any speakers. People just don't loan out speakers! Grrrr! So yesterday we had to get on our grind and find a dj. Thank goodness we found one that's not trying to rape us and is pretty good....he plays lots of old school! The dj can make or break the party! So now that the dj is secured, it leaves who is going to be on the grill. The guy we used last year is not reliable. I'm like you don't have a damn job it's either yes or no! WTF! Well his ass is short. My girl's cousin volunteered to marinate all the meat on Thursday and to man the grills! So two of the most important things are taken care and music!

My cousin told me to call my other cousin G to tell him about the party. I don't mess too much with my father's side of the family because I think they are NUTS! I have a rack of first cousins that live in NYC and I talk to one but the reason I talk to him is because he was raised upstate with me and we are 18 mos apart. Our fathers are brothers and their five sisters all lived in NYC when we were growing up. They all left Alabama and came to the Big Apple. Anyway my cousins were raised in Brooklyn me my siblings, my counsin and his sister were raised upstate. So these NYC cousins are always scheming and trying to come up and that shyt gets on my nerves! So, I just don't bother to much with them. When I moved here my mom said don't tell them people where you live...lmbao! Anyway I ran into my cousin G and he gave me the bs about us being cousins and how we live in the same borough...blah blah blah! So yesterday I called G and invited him to my party.
Me: Hey G it's Shelly
G: Yo, what's good fam?
Me: I'm having a party on Saturday for my birthday so come by. Bring a bottle of your choice and I got everything else. Food, dj, wine and beer will be provided.
G: So, what are you bringing(sounding like damn I'm bringing a bottle what the hell u providing)
Me: *crickets*
G:Aiiight then I'll come by at 9.
Me: *sigh* the party starts at 9 G.
G:Ohhhh word, well you know how I do. I gotta make my entrance, so I'll be there at 11:00.
Me: Bye

This is why I don't deal with these people. Lawd please let me keep my cool! This fool hangs up with me and calls my other cousin and says "man Shelly is always hanging up the phone on me." Beyatch you should be happy your dumb ass only gets the dial tone.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Tribute

Ok. I'm back. I needed all week to get myself together from the family trip(more on that later). I love my siblings I just can't stand my brother in law and neither can my brothers!

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there! I want to wish my dad a special day!
My dad doesn't say many words. People always ask how my mom and him have been together all these years...shit I sometime ask myself the same question! LOL! I am a daddy's girl. My dad never spanked me. He left that to my mom and boy did she tear my azz up on the regular! LOL! When I did get my azz waxed I would scream to my dad "help me,she's trying to kill me!" "please daddy, don't let her kill me" He would have the saddest look in his eyes and sometimes he would tear up and walk out of the room. After my mom was finished wearin my little azz out. I would run to my daddy and he would pick me up and wipe my tears away and I would say to him"why did u let her do that to me" He would just look at me and give me a big hug! Meanwhile my mom would yell "don't worry that won't be your last azz whoopin" LOL! And it wasn't! My daddy taught me how to ride a bike, play catch,shoot a basketball,love politics, love sports and to value a dollar. He always said if you can't buy it with cash or check you shouldn't have it! My love for sports comes from my daddy too. I love college basketball with everything I have(GO TARHEELS) , NFL and track and field. My dad and I would sit for hours and watch sports on tv. Shit my dad even watches Any boyfriend or male friend I would bring home I would always tell them to talk sports and he would be! I spoke to my dad today and the first thing we spoke about was the Celtics/Lakers game and of course Tiger kicking azz on the back 9 yesterday! Then we spoke about Tim Russert passing away. My parents and I were big fans of Meet the Press plus I'm from Buffalo and so was Tim. In all my years of playing sports I think my dad only missed 5 events. I played soccer, basketball and track and I also ran summer track and went to countless camps! He was my biggest champion and biggest critic(in a good way). He would say"Shell you stood straight up out of the blocks, you didn't use your legs when you were at the line." He never sat with my mom cause he said she was just being a mom and cheering and not looking at! My dad also taught me to be blessed by all the material things I had growing up. I was so spoiled and that drove him! He would always tell stories about how he grew up poor in rural Alabama and once he graduated he went into the Air Force to send money home! After the Air Force he ended up in Minnesota and worked two jobs to put himself through college. I never had to work in high school or college and came out debt free thanks to my parents hard work! I know as I have grown older me and my dad don't always see eye to eye especially about my job(s) he is from the school you have a good job stay at the company for 35 years. I' m not about that. If I feel like I can't grow where I'm at then it's time to seek new employment. I'm in investment banking and there are different divisions I would like to get into. I was at one major bank and hit a wall and went to another hit a wall there(plus everyone was getting canned so I had enough sense to get the hell out before it happened to me) and now I'm at my present employer. I'm staying put for now because the credit crunch has everyone but a lot of IB's have a hiring freeze. Do trust when the market gets better the kid will be looking! I believe I hit a block in my present position. Although my dad doesn't agree with my moves he always has my back. When I moved to NYC I didn't even have a job. I just had to trust in God and know that my skills would get me employment and they did! I doubt I'd do that now but I needed to get the hell out of Houston!(That's another story). Through all my crazy moves, ideas and thoughts my daddy still loves his Shellybelly unconditionally and I love him!
So thanks daddy for always loving me and my craziness!
I love you forever!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Proud Moments

What up blog family. I've been slacking this week it was a hectic first half of the week! But I'm chillin in Dallas now for my nephew's graduation from high school!

I remember when he was first born, December 2, 1989. I didn't get a chance to physically see him until April because he was in Houston and I was in high school and had basketball and then track. When I finally saw him he was a cute baby but I wasn't that thrilled. I still don't like infants(what the hell am I going to do when I have one?). For some odd reason he took to me. Fast forward 3 years from that moment he became my buddy. He is the most mild mannered child to be 18 absolutely nothing phases him! I'm so blessed that I had an opportunity when I lived in Houston in 2005 to spend a lot of time with him to see him grow into the young man he has turned out to be. He has a brother who is five years younger than him and the example he sets for him everyday makes me so proud. My sister says he has some of my tendencies, crazy ass looks, silly, and extremely spoiled! He can't help it he's the first born grandchild and first nephew! In 18 years he hasn't been in any real trouble...a couple of years ago him and some of his little buddies called 900 numbers and blew the phone bill up!LMAO! Other than that he has been a model child! He exceled at sports and can play the hell out of drums. His junior year his marching band played the song he composed for the halftime show. He's such a talented young man. I just pray he uses all his talents wisely.

On Saturday, June 7 my nephew will graduate with high honors and a member of the National Honor Society! He will be attending The University of Texas and majoring in Bio Physics(who does that) In a few years he will be following his passion and entering medical school and going on to become a Neurosurgeon! I know I'm bragging a bit but I am soooo proud of him! Even if he doesn't choose to go to medical school I know that whatever he chooses in life he will excel at. He represents the next generation of young black men and I know that he will do great things!!

Myron your Auntie Shelly is so proud of you and all of your achievements!


Oh. I guess I have to give my sister and husband some credit for raising such an impressive young man!

Monday, June 2, 2008

I Reminisce....

What's up to my two readers??? So, my weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday I went to happy hour and got home at midnight! That's not bad for me! But some how I managed to spend $100 WTF? That shyt isn't happy! Saturday I went to my fake book club meeting and drank about 10 Mojitos which I made! Plus I made Jerk chicken....I must say I put my foot in that beyatch. I marinated and rubbed my chicken on Thursday evening and grilled it on Saturday! DAYUM it was good and hot! Sunday I had every intention of going to church then I was interrupted by my sister's best friend who wanted to talk my ear off! So, I missed 10am service and I don't believe in going to 12, but I logged on and caught the sermon in the middle so I did "Bedside Baptist." Then I went to the Dominicans and got a wash and set for $13....gotta love that! That's one of the reasons I like living in Brooklyn! After that I took my azz home and cleaned and watched a marathon of Platinum Weddings...these people had a budget of 1.3million! For a motherf*ckin wedding are you kidding me! The bride rocked $200k in jewels, all of her gowns were custom made their total was like $65k. The shyt was unreal!

Anyway, I've been in a Biggie mood lately. I mean have to listen to him everyday! It may be that I was given these two FIYA mix cd's that are straight BIGGIE! I've had mixes of him before but these two are the truth! My favorite Big song is Who shot ya When I first heard this song I rememeber exactly where I was. I was walking across campus and I heard this beat and I stopped dead in my tracks. I was like "where is that coming from, that beat is bananas!" I ran like a jack ass toward the music and found the source...someone's room. So, I go into the dorms and find the room the music is coming from and proceed to knock on the door! This dude answered the door and I said "I don't know you but that beat is bananas" by this time I realized it was Biggie. The dude invited me in and we just sat there listening to the song. It ended and we listened again. Then he proceeded to laugh his azz off at me that I banged on the door but he dug the fact that I was determined to hunt down the source. He said most females weren't really feeling who shot ya...Haha little did he know that I used to like Gangsta B*tch by! That was the moment I knew I loved Big although I always knew I loved Hip Hop!

By the way: Me and dude are still cool to this day!