Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! I'm heading out tonight with Eb and Doll! Hopefully not too much foolery will happen! LOL!

This year for me has been an interesting year! I met a lot of great people through blogging! Work is work and I must get on my master plan to do something about this lack of enthusiasm for the JOB! Relationship with the The Teacher is much better but still not where it used to be! He gave me a crazy gift for Christmas but he also gave me the most beautiful card. He FINALLY expressed everything although he wrote it out it was still nice! There is still hope!

Although this year didn't go as planned. I learned a lot and met a ton of cool people! Kyle and E I look forward to meeting you guys!

I'm going to post my goals for 2009 tomorrow!

Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Balls of my feet

Geesh Louise! The damn balls of my feet still hurt. I guess that's what happens when you decide you want to look cute rockin 3.75 inches fiyah boots on Friday and Saturday.

Friday was my homegirls Christmas party at her bosses apartment. This apt was LAID. I was told it was worth about 2.5mil! The food and wine flowed until midnight. Then we went to some spot with some dude who was treated like a superstar. Superfast escort to the VIP section and 2 bottles of Goose immeadiately appeared. From there wen ventured to the meatpacking district to a place called 49 Groove. It was heavily populated with the others but the music was good! I walked out and jumped in a cab and brought my ass back to Brooklyn. It was also 4:15am.

I got up at 10 and made it to bootcamp and went and got a fresh doobie for my fabulous night out with Eb,Jaded, F&%K it, Dollface, Andrea and Charreah(did I spell her name right Eb?) LOL! I would import pics but I have NO idea how to do it with this Mac! Since you can't right click and Save As with this bitch! Ugggg! Our night started at the $5 spot(topshelf) from 3-9 EVERYDAY! We get it in on! Well I showed up 52 min late and Eb was already 2-3 drinks in! After a few drinks and shots we head to dinner and meet up with Jaded and Charreah and her friend! Dinner was interesting we were told to be quiet by the owner and Eb was talking to these lighter persuasion chicks and telling them to reject their pussies! LMBAO the shyt was HILARIOUS!!!!! We left there and went to the Vault where we drank and danced more! Eb tapped out, F$%K it went home to her hubby(she was NOT rejecting her pussy) and Jaded and I stayed then went to another spot where Lani was working. That will be another post cause it was PURE Hilarity! All in all it was a GREAT night and I look forward to doing it again ladies!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

She got me

Damn! I've been tagged by F$%K it!

So here are the rules:

Answer the questions below with only one word.
* Then, pass this along to 7 people so they can do the same. (I may or may not do this part!)

Questions & (My) Answers:

1. Where is your cell phone? - bed

2. Where is your significant other? - LOL!
3. What's your hair color? - Brownish
4. Your mother? - Olean
5. Your father? - Olean
6. Your favorite thing? - Laughing
7. Your dream last night? - didn't
8. Your goal? - Success
9. The room you're in? - Bedroom
10. Your hobby? - Reading
11. Your fear? - Failure
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? - Happy
13. Where were you last night? - Eating
14. What you're not? - Materialistic
15. One of your wish list items? - BMW
16. Where you grew up? - Olean
17. The last thing you did? - Eat
18. What are you wearing? - Sweater
19. Your TV? - Bed
20. Your pet? - Dead
21. Your computer? -MAC
22. Your mood? - Somber
23. Missing someone? - Friends
24. Your car? - Altima
25. Something you're not wearing? - Earrings
26. Favorite store? - Bloomingdales
27. Your summer? - Good
28. Love someone? - Yes
29. Your favorite color? Red
30. When is the last time you laughed? - Tonight
31. Last time you cried? - weeks
32. Are you a b*tch? - Yes
33. Favorite position? - Down
34. Favorite past time? - Blogging
35. Are you a hater or a lover? - Lover
36. Are you genuine or fake? - Genuine
37. Any vices? - three
38. Pro-life or wire hanger? - Pro-choice
39. McCain or Obama? - Obama
40. Pro-plastic or natural? - Natural
41. Dream job? - Soon

Playing it forward:

In turn, I have chosen the following 7 bloggers (blogs) for interrogation:
Eb the Celeb

Monday, December 8, 2008

Family..Can't live with em can't live without em

I told you all about the argument me and my sister got into over my nephew. That was two months ago and me and my sister still haven't spoke. I know what I'm about to say isn't good. But I'm going to say it anyway. It doesn't bother me not to speak to her. I love her and never want to see anything bad happen to her or her family(maybe her stupid azz husband...hehe). But I don't feel a great sense of loss. I think it's because this time I wasn't wrong. I've been known to flip the eff out! I told my nephew to do what he wanted to do in relation to his major. I said this is YOUR life and you have to live it the way YOU see fit. It's not mine your mom or dad's!You're going going to make mistakes as we all did but you have to do what makes you happy. If you don't want to be a doctor then don't if you want to major in finance. Have at it! I stand by what I say to this day and I would tell him the same thing! I'm all for the agree to disagree but what pissed me off the most was her attack on my character. She said I was a horrible aunt and I had an opportunity to tell him something good and I didn't and that I need to grow up. I don't have any children so I can only imagine how hard it is to let go of someone you love so much to blossom. But I didn't tell him to drop out of college. I told him to follow his heart! So, when she said that to me I instantly went for the jugular and told her that her and her husband needed to learn how to be good parents because so far they have failed miserably! Now was all that necessary...probably not but I was defending my character.

A little background. I'm the youngest in my family. My sister is 8 years older, my bros are 12 and 16 years older. So,yeah I'm young by A LOT. My mom was married before then she married my dad and had me! I always ask my dad how the heck he could get with a woman who had three kids. I guess she had that "good good!" LMBAO! Anyway their dad has always played a part in their life and mine too. He's a good man. When my siblings would go see him for the weekend they always brought something back for me from him. Hell, he had to pick me up a few times from the airport when my parents couldn't make it. My dad and him used to be Bid Whist partners! Yeah, strange I know but the demise of their marriage had nothing to do with my dad. My siblings love my dad like he's their own. Anyway, my sister's dad has been sick for awhile. He lives in Dallas not to far from her. My mom called me to tell me he went in the hospital. I asked if I should not buy my ticket home and get one to Dallas. My mom says no, let's just wait and see. So, a few days later my sister calls me and leaves me this f*cked up message. Telling me that even though she's not talking to me. I really demonstrated that I didn't care and that her dad is on his death bed. Talks more ish then slams the phone down. All of this on my voicemail. Ten minutes later my mom calls me and said my sister was crying and ish saying that even though she's not talking to me that she can't believe I didn't call. Now I know I probably seem cold hearted but after speaking to my mom and her telling me that he wasn't that bad. Plus I know me. I know that I was still pissed off and after she left me that message I was livid so I knew if I called her my demeanor would not have been conducive to the situation. Needless to say I called her back and left her a message. I don't think it was mean(but I'm sure she thinks so). I told her how I didn't appreciate the message she left and the slamming down of the phone. I also told her one of the reasons I didn't call was because I didn't feel like I was going to be genuine. Of course I told her that if she spoke to me or my voice mail like that again I was going to pop the piss out of her. I know that wasn't necessary but damn if people can't just take me there. So, now I'm back to being pissed. I know life is too short and I shouldn't hold grudges but she tried to shoot down my character! Uggggg what to do!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Mac is here.......................

My Mac was delivered to me at work an hour ago. I'm leaving this hole in 45 min to go home and set my new baby up! Hopefully it will be smooth sailing....we'll see!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Random shyt....

I just purchased my Mac today through my job. We get a corporate discount so hopefully it will be here by Wednesday. Y'all have no idea how bad I wanted to purchase a pair of hot azz stilletos but I choose not to! Lawd it took everything out of me!

I've spent damn near my entire morning doing compliance shyt for this job. They have to know every broker account you have. I forgot to report one earlier this year I get this email in all red telling me I had 2 weeks to SHUT IT DOWN! We can only trade through e-Trade..uhhh they get on my nerves with that shyt!

I hate airlines. Why is it $80 cheaper for me to fly to my parents on X-mas day? I normally don't have to be there until X-mas day but this year, of course I have to be there on X-mas Eve. Uhhh!

Wednesday I went out with Eb and a few others. We were suppose to see Janelle Monae and Nas but Rolling Stone pulled some BS! My boy was throwing a party at Niketown and went there and had free wine and appetizers! They were passing around mini(and I mean mini a little bigger than a quarter) burgers. Why did EB eat about 13 of those things...lmbao! It got to a point the servers were coming straight to her! LOL! After that we left. Me, my girl Chante and Aisha hop on the train. Apparently this chick kept hitting Chante with her bag, phone you name it. Chante turned around and looked at her like beyatch. Then it kept happening. Chante says "look could you stop busting in my side, the train is not crowded" This chick had the nerve and audacity to say"if I thought I was bumping I WOULD say I'm sorry but I don't think I'm bumping you." Chante was like I'm tellin you. You're bumping me. This chick keeps going on and on. I was looking at her like beyatch just say excuse me. Well, we just let it go and me Chante and Aisha start talking. This chick leans over Chante and says to me "Excuse me do you have something to say?" I said to her "yes, I do. Sit the f*&k back before I pop the piss out of your azz!" In my younger years I would have straight tried to choke the life out of her but I have to much to! Of course she was of the lighter persuasion. She was a gutsy little thing cause there were three of us!

I want my brother to buy me a video camera so I can have on record when I go to the Inauguration! He's the electronics freak! He bought me my IPOD, my first laptop etc! Yeah I'm the youngest! He's 16 years older and spoils the piss out of me! LOL!

I still haven't talked to my sister since she told me I was a bad auntie. I did go for the jugular and say she and her husband were bad parents! She told my mom that she wasn't going to talk to me for two months and my mom said "you must not know Shell!" I have such an evil streak in me. I might not talk to my sister until sometime next year. I feel like she owes me an apology! Until she apologizes I will be very distant. Hell even when she does apologize and tries to reach out to me I will be distant cause she did some dumb shyt and I don't tolerate dumb and I don't give a damn who it's from! I know I need to work on!

Enjoy your weekend people! I will visit blogs from work until my ne Mac gets here! Sorry E. they block your shyt here. I go to your page and I get a big ACCESS DENIED! I'll have two weeks of your blog to catch up on over Thanksgiving since I'll be chillin here!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random thoughts

I still haven't gone to get my laptop looked at! I don't like to move my car during the week! My parking spot is FIYAH!!

What computer should I get if I need one? I may break down and take Dollface's advice and get the Mac Book. We get a discount from my job.

It is NOT ok for an adult to be carrying a Dora the Explorer backpack!

It's not ok for a dude to say "sexy, I just want to put you in my bed and eat you!" For real dude, does that get you dates! WTF?

It's not ok for the job to give more responsibility and NOT more loot! Sorry bruh it doesn't work like that over here!

I love that damn commerical where that Indian dude is asking all the questions! I have no idea why I think his voice is soo funny!

Sarah Palin why on earth would Barack need your assistance for ANYTHING? If he needed the help of a 2nd grader he could ask his daughter!

Also Sarah you need to stay home and be a mom for a minute. I thought it was quite disturbing to hear your little daughter Piper say she was so behind in her homework! Why the eff was she not in school during the campaign? Also who buys their 7yr old 3 inch heels! This chick was walking around the kitchen with heels on and holding baby Trig! Something is soo wrong with that!

I went out to talk to one of my friends last night and this man started speaking to us. Why the eff did he tell us he was a child prodigy and instead of graduating from high school he decided to get his GED! Of course I couldn't let that ish slide! Then he said he was a dental assistant and he was going to go to dental school and had been accepted into 2 schools but they were making him do the prereq's so he didn't want to go! I said the prereq's must have been you have to have a four year degree BEFORE you go to dental school ass! Don't try and play me! Now here's the final straw he said he's the personal chef to Cardinal Egan. GTFOH! At this point I was laughing soo hard at his ass that I couldn't be stopped! My girl had the most serious look on her face and said to dude "yeah most of my friends are smart as hell too so they decided to go the GED route too. Me and Shell are the dumb ones so we went to college!" LMBAO! His eyes got all big and he was like "yeah right?" Why do I always meet the weirdos!

Apparently there maybe another tranist strike in January so our company asked us if we could get here without MTA transit or if we had a car. I said I live too far to walk to work...I probably could walk to work but.. ..uhh no! I said I would only drive to work if they paid me gas and for the garage! LOL! Y'all think that was ignant?

I was working out last Friday and this chick slid off the treadmill and I was NO GOOD! That ish was soo funny! She was right next to me to! I slid off the treadmill and fell out laughing! I know it was wrong but I couldn't help it!

I was on the train on Monday and I heard this man singing "TKO" by Teddy Pendergrass. I turned around and it was this skinny white man! I started giggling and this black dude mouthed to me "Is he singing Teddy?" That ish was hilarious!

Alright that's enough of my craziness! Peace with Chicken Grease!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Laptop woos...

I don't have much to say except that I'm PISSED AS HELL because my laptop is dead! I feel naked! I don't know how I'm going to make it through the week! I know I can read blogs at work but I like to read at night on the couch! UHHHHHHHHH!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Change Has Finally Come

Words can't explain how I feel about this! I'm so happy for this family and country that we finally see a black man be the most powerful person in the free world! We have no excuses to not excel!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now is our time..

Now is the time y'all! I will be going to vote in 5 hrs and 45 min. We are on the verge of the most historic election of our time. Everything that they stood for, fought for and some died for is today! The right to vote is a priviledge that we as blacks have not had for long! Now is the time to seize this incredible opportunity!
Our ancestors fought hard for this opportunity today. So please do what you have to do to go and vote. I don't care how long the line is...this is OUR TIME!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's da shoes...

A couple of hours ago I came out of the train station from working out. I saw 2 fire trucks race by me and I thought wouldn't that be some shyt if my building was on fire. As I walked closer I noticed that the fire trucks stopped on my corner. My heart starts racing a little faster. I turned the corner and I saw all the fire men running into my building! Like a dayum fool I run in with them. The only thing I could think of was..Lawd not my shoes!! I smelled smoke but the firemen were running upstairs so I thought I have time. I live on the first floor. I flew into my apt. and grabbed three suitcases and filled them with my favorite shoes,some work clothes, jeans,passport(where the hell was I going)laptop, Barack the Vote tee and my voter registration card! Ha-ha beyatches even if my house burnt the hell down I was going to vote for Barack! As I'm packing I keep running to the door and feeling know like you learned in elementary school. I said if that beyatch gets warm I'm tossing my luggage and me out the window! Needless to say I'm ok and it was a small fire upstairs! Whew at least my shoes would have been ok!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Powell endorses Obama!!!!

"Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president on Sunday morning, calling him a “transformational figure” who has reached out to all Americans with an inclusive campaign and displayed “a steadiness, an intellectual curiosity” and “a depth of knowledge” in his approach to the nation’s problems.

“The endorsement, on the NBC public-affairs program “Meet the Press,” was a major blow to Senator John McCain, who has been a good friend of Mr. Powell’s for decades. Mr. Powell, a Republican, has advised Mr. McCain in the past on foreign policy.

“Mr. Powell told Tom Brokaw, the host of “Meet the Press,” that he had been disturbed in recent weeks by the negative tone of Mr. McCain’s campaign, particularly its focus on Mr. Obama’s passing relationship with William Ayers, a 1960s radical and founder of the Weather Underground. The McCain campaign has sought to promote the idea that Mr. Obama is “palling around with terrorists,” in the words of Mr. McCain’s running mate, Governor Sarah Palin, because of Mr. Obama’s weak links to Mr. Ayers.

“Mr. McCain says that he’s a washed-out terrorist,” Mr. Powell said. “Well, then, why do we keep talking about him?"

I'm not surprised at all by this endorsment. When Colin left office he was hot with "W" and all that went on with the war. I think McCain thought he would get his endorsment because of the military connect....he was wrong! As usual people are now saying he endorsed Barack because he's black! What do YOU think?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend wrap up...

This weekend was an interesting weekend. Friday was uneventful I kept my ass in the house and was sleep by 11:30. Saturday morning woke up and chilled. Then the Teacher called me and asked me about the brunch spot I always go to and what train to take from his house because he didn't want to drive. I was thinking I know this dude is not going to my brunch spot! I was semi hot but I can't say shyt 'cause we aren't together anymore! Then he said lets meet at 3:15. Aruuuuuuuuuuuuu? Me, the devil want to meet me? He said Shell stop playing who else would I go there with! So, I went and met him and he almost walked right past me because he didn't know about the addition of hair! He gave me a big hug(lawd he smelled so dayum good.. I wanted to lick his neck...hehehe)and told me he really liked my highlights. I was like you don't notice anything else he said no! Man, men are so stoopit! I said hello my hair is longer! Geesh! Anyway we went out to lunch and had good conversation...good lawd I could barely eat my food. I wanted to take the guacamole and rub it off of him! His arms are so yummy! I seriously wanted to just throw the food off the table and say "Take me here and now!" We spent three hours together and it was cool! I dropped him off at his sisters house and he kissed me like we were still together! All in all it was good date...maybe there will be more! I can't call it!

After I dropped him off I had to hurry and go to a dinner for one of the trainers at bootcamp! As I was walking in the trainer said Chocolate how are you thanks for coming then he says ohh Shell you too! Well Chocolate is the dude from the gym that asked me out! I was a little disturbed with him because he asked if he could make me dinner and I said cool. He called me Friday at work and I called him back and left a message. This beyatch didn't even call me back! That's a quick way to get fired from my life! I can't stand people who don't honor what the hell they said they were going to do! So, Chocolate sits across from me and I hit him with the ice grill! He was like what is wrong with you! He's kicking me under the table and shyt! I finally told him! He was like I'm sorry Shell my phone is dead...he hands me his phone and it's off! I say whatever! He said no seriously the phone won't hold a charge and I haven't made it to the T-Mobile store. He said he tried to buy a $5 charger from the Africans but it still didn't work! Whateva! So, I had to get out of the dinner and head to Harlem and meet up with Eb,Miz and the group! So, he told me he knew a short cut next thing you know Chocolate is in my car with me! Of course I got there late and everyone was outside! I thought I told Eb that I was not with the Teacher...she gets in my car and said so what grade do you teach...bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaa! Hilarious!! All in all it was a great Saturday. I met great people, Capcity, Shleatha, Miz and her daughter and of course EB!! I ended up with Chocolate and Eb at IHOP and then back to BK to Chocolate's house(which is fabulous)! He was a perfect gentleman! But I still have a Love Jones for the! But chocolate will see me again!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Shyt......

Why the hell did I see a dude in a purple(like Barney)zoot suit! You want to talk Hot ASS MESS! I dropped my camera so I'm without a camera for a week Uggg!

I saw an Asian lady at church on Sunday. She knew all the songs more than the black folk!!

Did anyone see this weeks Newsweek with Palin on it. It's a close-up of her and she has some serious lip hair! Wax or thread it lady! Fricken lumberjack!

I don't have children and ALOT of my friends are married with kids but I don't think it's ok for my girl to send 195 pictures of her kids! WTF? That shyt is soo rude to me! My bff has two kids and she sends at the most 4 pics!

I don't think physical therapy is helping my knees. Don't know if I told y'all but my kneecaps sit extremely high so my femur is putting pressure on it when I walk down stairs, squat or do lunges. If I can't build up my hip flexor muscle then I will need surgery. Which means that my doctor would fracture my knee cap and bring it it for 4-5 months and do it again. I think that seems painful as hell! We'll see. My left ankle is reconstructed so I have a high threshold for pain!

Did anyone watch Hip Hop Honors? I'm not a Too Short fan but damn NY we could have given him more love than that! The audience was HORRIBLE to him! Juelz Santana didn't know all the words on the Slick Rick tribute...*sigh* At least Busta and Ghost were good!

I promised myself I would pack lunch all week. I didn't cook shyt last night so I got up this morning and sauteed chicken and shrimp and tossed it with Penne pasta, sauteed onions and red peppers in a fire roasted pepper alfredo! I'm so dope in the kitchen!! LOL! That was at 8am!

My daddy called me today cause he was concerned that I might be laid off due to the fact I work at an investment bank! I know my cheap ass father he just wanted to make sure he wouldn't have to pay off anything for!

My sister and I got into a heated debate over her just poppin up on my nephew. She said it was ok because she pays his tuition...WTF? I said it won't be alright when you try that shyt again and you see tits and hair! She shut the f&ck up!

Been talking to the Teacher on the regular but haven't seen him since August 20! He told me last night that he's afraid to give me lots of attention cause he thinks that he'll lose focus of the prize...his masters. He should graduate in August. I said cool. I'm not even mad at him. I will be entertaing dating offers!

I got a weave! LOL! I've never had one before. I think it looks cute(I'll post pics) but damn it was expensive as shyt! I spent $300 on hair alone! It's funny how a little hair makes men act! Dudes are really hollarin hard! LOL!!

I go to fitness and I peeped a cutie in there awhile back but I'm not one to holla and I was dating the Teacher but you can look. Well he started talking to me and my girl a little. Then he came up to me and said he saw me out with my girls and I looked very different...uhh I guess since my hair is not in a ponytail and I have normal clothes on!! Anyway he told my girl to tell me he's a good dude! LOL! That was a few weeks ago. I saw him last night and I was like man he's a cutie. He watched our class because he was taking the class after mine. So we talked after class and he walked me outside. Well we started talking and he offered me a ride home. So we ended up sitting outside my house talking for 2.5 hours! He asked me out. I said maybe! Man he's swexy! There's something yummy about him! LOL!

Why did this chick at my job where Timbs today....ALL DAY! No, it wasn't wife beater. This chick had on black pants and a black shirt with some Timbs! WTF? You think that's ok? We work on the same floor as GENERAL COUNSEL!

I have a friend that's married. She's only 27 will be 28 at the end of the month. Been married for a year. Why every time her and husband get into an argument she takes off her rings! WTF? I tell her that the rings are symbolic of the marriage. She doesn't care just takes them off and says divorce is always an option! Really? You go into marriage thinking that way. Oh well maybe it's just me!

I'm going to be a super sexy Cleopatra for Halloween!

I'm so feeling that Jazmine Sullivan cd!

So next weekend I'm going home(upstate NY..suburb outside of Buffalo)and guess who will be there! My very first HS boyfriend. He was FINE when we were younger I saw him back in 02 but I will be seeing him again. My BFF thinks there will be a love connect and we will end up kissing! LOL! I don't know why she thinks this way. I guess she thinks she knows me since we've been friends since we were 3! I can't see it happening!

I know what I'm about to write is so NOT funny but I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when I first heard it! Apparently my boy from back home gave his mom his old car. Well she was having a problem with the car. I guess it was popping out of gear! So her house is on a hill so she parked it on the street. She got out and looked for a rock to put under one of the front tires. She bent over and was putting the rock under the front wheel and the car popped out of gear and ran her head over!!! I know that shit IS NOT FUNNY but when my friend told me the story I busted out laughing! I am sooo wrong! She was seriously injured and had to be air lifted to a Trauma Center she had a bleed on her brain. But she is ok so it's ok to laugh!

Ok I think you've read enough of my random shyt! LOL

Monday, September 29, 2008

Trying to get up

I haven't felt like blogging let alone doing shyt. I get up go to work, go to the gym and go home. I barely talk on the phone(although I think I made up for my lack of talking on the phone last night. I was on the phone until 4am!)I'm in such a funky azz mood which is soo unlike me! I'm always the one that's upbeat, fun, life of the party. Now, I barely want to be at the party! There are a few reasons that are dragging me into this funk:

1. Not feeling my job. It pays the bills but I've gone as far as I can. I realize that people are just doing the same shyt they were doing when they first started and it's ok for them but not for the kid! I've been here a little over two years and I think I need to start planning to move on up. The main concern is I want to completely leave this field. I need to research how to go about this which leads to my second funk.

2.Going back to school. I've been wanting to go to business school for the past few years but I've yet to take the GMAT(what the f&ck am I waiting for?)this is the year that I thought I would take it and now the economy decides it wants to tank so the applications for buisness school will be up at least 60% *sigh*. I want to go full time too. Quit this beyatch and get my full time study on! I really don't have any bills. No student loans(thanks mom and dad)car is paid off. Just misc bills, gas, light, cable and shoes! The more I've been thinking. I think that I should probably take the LSAT to cover both sides and apply for a JD/MBA program. So, when I'm finished I will be a motherf*ckin force! So, you ask what is my problem why am I just sitting on my ass? If you find the answer please let me know! I have all the books. I'm just not motivated to study. But I know I want to do this! What the eff is holding me back?

3.Relationship. I firmly believe when something makes you fall it's all about the bounce back. Three years ago I was on track to get married have family etc. I moved to Houston from DC to start that chapter of my life. When that relationship was over. I swear I never felt that kind of devestation. I left with my car packed to the rim and sent boxes to my parents house and set off for the Big Apple. I had no job, just my cousin and some college friends. I came here on faith. I felt if I can make it in NY I can make it anywhere. It's been three years and it was a hard road for the first three months but I managed to get a dope azz apt in Bed-Stuy and met some pretty good friends. I've dated here and there but I've been leary until I met "The Teacher" We both have our flaws but he's genuine, kind, funny and sexy!(Having a 8 pack is ALWAYS nice to we just can't get it right. It has nothing to do with cheating or any triflin thing like that! His damn family drama is DEEP! And he has the save the world mentality! I give this background because I haven't been moved by someone like this since the dude I was going to marry! A month ago The Teacher and I called it quits. He told me that my mouth was reckless(I do pop mad shyt)and he was going to bring me all my shyt. He was suppose to bring it all to me on September 28. Needless to say I'm still waiting for it! I really just want my pan! Last Tuesday he called me out of the blue. I looked at the phone like it was crazy when it was ringing! We haven't spoke verbally in a month just a few text! So to my surprise he calls me and tells me in this round about way that he was shedding the family drama cause it was causing him to lose everything and it was taking everything thing out of him. I just sat there and let him talk then he asked if I could help him do something. I was like ARRRUUUUU? Me? He said yes, you're the only person I want to help me. I said ohhh! The entire hour convo he never mentioned our break up, nothing! Then he called me the next morning at 7:33 to tell me something that happened in his family cause he said he knew I'd get it and could appreciate it. Again nothing about the break up! Friday rolls around he text me a few times then asked if I was watching the debates then proceeds to call me...heyy wait a minute now! I told him I had to call him back because I was out for dinner and drinks. About four hours pass and he calls me back and ask if I was ok and if I made it home. I told him I'd be home in 20 minutes and called him back. I talked to him from 1:43-3:30 about the state of black marriages. WTF? We talked briefly on Saturday..yet another family crisis. I know wtf? Yesterday we spoke like three times and text like 20 times. By yesterday's convo I came to the conclusion that he's trying to get back in...slowly! But he can't come back without a long talk. Man, I don't know why I have this thing for him. I can't shake his azz!I had a chance to get back with the dude I was going to marry and said nope. And I thought he was the love of my life but I think the Teacher will leave a bigger impact than him. In the past I'm known to be like peace and keep it moving but I have a soft spot for The Teacher. *sigh*

Kyle what are your thoughts as a!

Sorry for the long drawn out post.

Monday, September 22, 2008


This is some random ish that either happened to me or I have observed or thougght over the last week.

I'm on the train and there's white lady about 45-50. She was crackish looking. She had on blue scrubs with paint splashes a tee shirt that says "Hot Girls Vote" and a zip up hoodie that says "Soulja Boy Tellum". Words cannot explain how hard I was laughing at this ish!

Dude with a big azz neck brace on kept giving me the "come get em eyes" For real so I can drop kick you in your neck and have you in straight traction!

Dude says to me "I think I know you" I said no you don't. I have seen him around the neighborhood before. The bullshyt started. "Man, I like the fire in your eyes ma, that says to me independent" Oh word cause they're about to shoot fire in about 30 seconds! This fool says I like independent women cause I'm independent...WTF? Then he says you look like you work out. We can go to the park and run together. At this point I say my bf wouldn't like that. He says oh I just want to be friends. Then proceeds to tell me about how some chick told him that she just wanted to be friends and next thing he knows they're effin. *crickets* I just walked away. He yells I guess we can't be friends! I guess not!

Why the F%&k did I have to be at work this morning at 7:30! I usually don't get here until 9:30-10:00. I get out of the shower at 8:45! Not happy!

I hate dudes that have beards that look like little "Nigga Naps" that real coarse curly tight hair. YUCK! When I see a dude that has that shyt on his face the only thing that I can think about is that they have dirty nuts! Example of dirty nut or stank nut dudes...Shawn Kemp...blahhh his nuts just look stank and hot! Charles Oakley..stink nuts! Definition of stink or dirty nuts is even if you take a shower there is no cleaning up the nut area! Just STANK!

To me Keisha Cole looks like she has stank coochie! She just looks dirty to me! I know I'm a weirdo but oh well!

I still haven't spoke to "The Teacher" it's kind of upsetting to me! I thought we were better than this! He does text me periodically. When we had our beef a few weeks back he did tell me that he was bringing over my stuff immeadiately. I have yet to see it!

I think I have a ghost in my house. My toothbrush was moved and then put back in the same place. I walked around yesterday with a butcher knife! LMAO like I was going to stab the ghost! bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha!

Why the eff did my sister, her stupid azz husband and my 13year old nephew just show up at my older nephew's dorm room yesterday morning? I called my nephew just to say hey and he said "my mom's here" I said, "oh she came to visit" He said "yep, and I wasn't expecting them" I could here in his voice that he was tight! I said,"oh she called you from outside" He was like "nah, I woke up to a knock on the door" I said "WTF?" I told my sister I hope the next time you do that he has a chick laid up in the bed. Anytime my sister tells me she is going to visit him I'm telling him. He's such a good kid and who the hell wants your fam just doing random pop ups. They had to drive over 2 hours to get there too! The sad thing is dumb and dumber felt like that was ok!

Why the hell did someone just send an email stating that they need some data by the end of business today. I politely said it wouldn't happen. I know the routine they didn't just find out they needed that data today at 10:30. I'm sure they knew last week and chose not to say shyt. Well, they won't get shyt from me today!

That "So Fly" song by Slim and Young Joc is FIYAH!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is how I feel right now.....

Hopefully I will feel better soon! I'm about 5 seconds from the deepend!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

No Mimosas for me...:(

So Saturday I had a chance to meet up with some fabulous ladies. They all had unlimited mimosas but I couldn't drink or eat a thing due to foolishness I participated in on Friday evening. I have not experienced a hangover like that in YEARS! I couldn't keep anything down until 11:00pm! I promise ladies the next time we meet ShellyShell will be sippin on mimosas with you!!! Yeah Eb, I jacked you for the picture!!

BTW: I put it down in the kitchen tonight. I made Chicken and Dumplings! I put my foot in them beyatches! LMAO!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend wrap up

I have a lot of shyt to say but not much in the mood to write. So here's some random shyt!

OMG I forgot to tell y'all I ran into "The Hammer" on Friday. I went to a spot called Fashion 40 and he was in there. I saw him and just rolled my eyes. This dude decides it was a smart idea to try and get close to me. So, he starts talking to a girl that was standing close to me and my crew then he moves to the bar where I'm standing so his back is up against my back. This mfer had the nerve and audacity to try and move back...Y'all I killed his kidney! Then he thinks it's smart to turn around and try and squeeze in between me and my homegirl(he's not a small dude like 6'4" and 230) she was like dude this is not a good look and he's all smug and still tries to talk to me. I said I have NOTHING to say to you and you need to get to stepping, he's still trying to talk to me and laugh and reach out. Needless to say I went CLEAN THE F$CK OFF!! And mushed him in his face.The mush was called for because he started to invade my personal space. He went and told security on me then I told security the inappropriate comments he had said to me and they told him to stay away from me. My homeboy and his boys came in there and I told them so they went over very professionally and told him to NEVER approach me again. He left 10 minutes later! We left after that then went to a spot called Santos Party room. I recommend this place. Q-Tip and Rich Medina dj'd all night and they played nothing but old school that place was FIYAH!! It was only $10! I danced until 4:30.

Saturday I had to get up and attempt to get a hood hook up on my inspection because I knew that she was going to fail. My boy gave me a hook up. I had to go to a house that looked like it should have been condenmed and pick up a note that said "Take care of my peoples" LMBAO!! Then had to go to the garage and ask for Ahmed. He told me I needed front brakes and gave me a deal. I got brakes,pads and labor for $75. It was worth all the shady! Then I went home and saw a friend of mine and he took me to a little ass restaurant that had room for 6 people with a lady name Jean cooking her ass off. My goodness I got Curry Goat, rice and beans,potatoe salad and a salad for $6. It was soooo much food and soo fricken good! Lawd that's why I love living in Brooklyn!!

Sunday went to church then to brunch and ate by myself because my friends are retarded. I told my homegirl that we were going to brunch at 1:30 and the place was on Union between 6th and 7th. I text her and tell her I'm there she text back and said why. I said to eat brunch she said oh I thought you meant between 6 and 7. *crickets* Who the f&ck eats brunch between 6 and 7. My other girl is the one who text me at 9am for brunch and she doesn't show up until Needless to say I had alreday had three mimosas and my eggs benedict. Ugghghgh! After we went to Habana Outpost and chilled out for awhile. While at Habana I had a chance to finally meet The F$%k It List and her cute son, CJ, her sister and niece!She couldn't stay long but I will see her again on Saturday for the bloggers brunch!
After that my homeboy showed up and wanted to go to Sugarcane and get Oxtails so we rolled out and went and had Oxtails, shrimp roti and jerk chicken. The oxtails were delicious. You can always tell the way Trinis make their oxtails and roti compared to Jamaicans. After we went back and met my homegirls at Brooklyn Moon to see what the next spot was. One of my girls decided that she wanted to ride on a bike with one of the million bikers that was out. She called us and told us she was at a bbq we got sidetracked for awhile and met her three bbq's later. There were so many people and a ton of streets were blocked off due to the West Indian day parad today and it was Juve last night. We had to park the car and my girl had to send three bikers to come and get me and my girls since it was easier for bikers to wean through traffic. Man, we got to this party and there had to be at least 1000 people. Soca music blastin, jerk burnin in the yard and people just dancing! I got home this morning at 6:52! My people decided that they wanted to go to the parade and to come by my house since I live the closet to the parade. It was sooo damn hot on the Pkwy and had too many people. I haven't been to the west indian parade in years and even though I live around the corner I had no desire to go! I had to park my car in a whole nother section of BK because of all the parking restrictions. But I succombed to peer pressure and went for an hour. Then took my people back to the small ass restaurant. They all had jerk chicken, mac and cheese, rice and peas and oxtails and were sucking the bones so I take it the food was good!

So, that's my weekend and I'm absolutely EXHAUSTED!!!

Oh yeah. What do you y'all think about Sarah Paulin's 17 year old daughter being preggo? I find it to be quite interesting!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

History will be made tonight

A lot of people don't know this about me but I have a deep love of politics. I double majored in history and political science with a concentration on the American Presidency. Any election year I am glued to CNN, MSNBC etc but this year is not like any election year. Tonight history will be made when Barack Hussein Obama accepts the Democrat Nomination. Tonight is so much more than what a lot of people realize especially the younger under 25 generation. I remember being in elementary and middle school and there was no holiday for Martin Luther King. I think the first year that I legally was out of school I was in 8th grade. From the time I was in kindergarten until 7th grade my mom would keep us out of school on MLK's birthday. She said if we can observe Washington and Lincoln we can observe MLK. She would wake us up just as we would be going to school, but instead she would have me read the entire "I have a dream" speech and watch "Eyes on the Prize." After we would discuss what it meant and how it made us feel. I'm so grateful that she was militant like that because everything I learned from her and my dad I would have never learned in school especially not growing up in a suburb south of Buffalo. I had a chance to ask my dad how he felt about this because he's 70 and grew up in rural Butler, Alabama. There were no street lights, he walked to school 2 miles and he saw his share of jacked up shyt happen(he actually saw with his own eyes a body of a black man hanging from a tree). So when he speaks to me about everything he went through as a child to me tonight is all the more important! I'm so happy that my daddy is alive to see this moment and take it all in and know that change is coming!

I don't know if anyone had a chance to see the set at Invesco field but it looks a lot like Lincoln Memorial. Today is the 45th anniversary of MLK's "I have a dream" speech and also the 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy predicting that in four decades the country might elect a black man as president. Pleae make sure to tune in tonite because this is history!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Vacation

I know I haven't posted in a week. I've been in a blah mood and I'm just trying to deal with a few things. I need to be at the airport in 4 hours and I'm up blogging! I'm hoping this trip to Mexico helps ease my mind of somethings that have really been holding me down. I'm hoping to sit on the beach and throw back a few Patrons and get my mind right! Next week I should have a few entertaing stories!

Did anyone see Usain Bolt completely dominate the 200? If that dude put effort in he would be a beast at the 400! Track and Field is my first love! Poor Wallace Spearman he was dq'd for stepping on the line and lost the silver! You learn that shyt in highschool ALWAYS watch the line! Oh yeah and poor Lola Jones tripping over the 9th hurdle yesterday, she had that race! I guess it wasn't her time! I feel for her though!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will be back on Monday to share in the debauchery! Until then here's a picture. Although this is from Cabo San Lucas when me and the Teacher went in's still Mexcico!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've been meaning to post for the last few days but really haven't felt up to it! I guess I should now that I'm off my hip hop high!

Friday after work I went to Latin Quarters for happy hour. 2 for 1 top shelf! At one time we had about 18 drinks on the table....*sigh*. People were coming in that place at 6:00 dressed like they were going to the club! I was like am I missing something? The dj was fiyah. He played a bunch of old school and we danced our azzes off! Out of there by 10:30, grabbed some street meat and was home by 11:15!

Saturday I got up early as hell! WTF??? I have NO kids why am I up at 7! Went and worked out, got a wash and set and came home! I took a shower and put on my pj's at 1 in the afternoon. Well, at 5 my homegirl said to come and meet her and her fiance' who is visting from the UK at Habana(F$%k it List are we still going to meet Sunday?) and had a Frozen Mojito and got into a debate about Nas's! Well my girl declared that she needed something stronger than some Frozen Mojito's so off to Moe's we went! We had a round of drinks and then a round of Patron(I knew we were in trouble since it was only 8pm) then some random dude trying to holla bought me a drink! *Note* I don't turn down drank and YOU WILL NOT GET MY NUMBER EMAIL OR ANYTHING! Then my favorite bartender, Jamie comes in and calls us out..."Yo, you haven't been here in mad long, first one is on me!"After that it was ON! I drank my azz off! LOL! Anyway, I ran into a dude I met last summer through a friend and was sitting there talking with him. He told me that I'm maaaad cool and when he first met me last year he thought I was bourgie! LMAO! I don't think it's bourgie I think it's because I'm not that approachable and I tend to have a nasty! But when I start talking I'm cool. Uhh apparently the last time we spoke I was explaining how I had a team of dudes but only one was the point guard, the rest we're just roll! I remember that convo too! That was before me and the Teacher decided to just date each other! He was ALWAYS the point card! But damn if I wasn't a PIMP last!

Oh yeah some funny shyt. Tonight my very first boyfriend is flying in from Orlando! I just got off the phone with him and he was like it don't matter I got the title in being the first who got it from you! LOL! He's from BK but was shipped upstate cause he was baaaad! I saw him driving one day then I saw him at a track meet and was like who the hell is that? He felt the same way! We didn't last long..personalities were and still are too similar! I should have saved my first! Anyway, I saw him two years ago for the first time in like 14 years! I get to see him tonight and Friday! When we get together we are the best of friends! The last time I saw him he dressed corny and was chunky an I certainly called his azz on!

I am really feeling that Ne-yo song Miss Independent

Why am I going to Mexico next Thursday for a bacholorette party and the bacholorette isn't going anymore. We can't be upset her grandfather passed away in Barbados on Monday night. I didn't want to go to Mexico. I just went to Cabo in January!

Wife beater hasn't rocked one all week! I think it's because it hasn't been as hot outside but I'm sure she'll rock a few more before summer ends!

Is it wrong to not want to go to my homegirls son's christening? Good lawd it's over an hour drive away. She invited like 50 people! I have no desire to go especially since I'm going to see her azz on Thursday! I just want to send a gift! LOL!

The teacher and I are caught in a middle zone it could go 50/50 either way. It was heavely leaning towards the door on Sunday, it's a little better but still shaky ground!

Has anyone ever gone to the sit YouPorn. It's just like youtube but porn! It's hilarious!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Last night is what hip hop is all about

It's 4:10pm and I'm still feeling the effects of yesterday's show at Jones Beach. Yesterday confirmed to me why I LOVE Hip Hop! The line up was sick, the performances and special guest were bananas! This is why I love going to concerts in NYC! You never know who is going to show up! There was only one bad note to write about. WHERE THE HELL WAS RAKIM??? To me he is a true master and he wasn't there but he's been at the other shows. Why wouldn't he perform at home? I have to investigate that more. Anyway back to the show. Me, my homegirl her husband and the Teacher arrived at 12:15...uhh can you say that we had no idea that the concert started at 11:40am and Tribe wasn't coming on until 11:00..once you left the venue that was it you couldn't come back in. So, we made and executive decision and said eff it this is what we paid to see we troopin' it today! Well y'all it was sooooooooooo worth the troop! There were two stages set up but the main people weren't going on the main stage until 2:45. So, I had a chance to see Wale( a DC native)and J Electronica on the 2nd stage. But it just got too damn hot I had to go and get a!
The main stage opened up with Dead Prez they were good but were having technical difficulties. Next up Immortal Technique I thought they were good but dude is VERY Angry! Then came Pharcyde they performed "Ya Mama", "Drop", "What's up Fatlip" and of course closed the set with "Passing me By!" It was classic! Then De la Soul came on the stage and straight went in!! OMG they sung all the classics, next thing you know Q-Tip came out and the crowd went bananas! But it didn't end there when all of a sudden Dres from Black Sheep came out and did "The Choice is Yours" Man the crowd went CRAZY! He rocked the crowd! Everyone was so hype when De la when off the stage at this point they were by far the best act!
Next up Raekwon and Ghostface. Now I'm a Ghost fan but when they came on stage they brought about 60 people on there with them everyone else had maybe 10 on the sides if that many. They were cool they did a nice tribute to Ol' Dirty and brought Cappadonna on stage.
Mos Def took the stage next. He's one of my favorite artist. He sang a couple of joints then he brings Talib up. It was OVER for me. They rocked their set so hard. They sang "Definition", "Brown Skinned Lady" and "Respiration" to name a few. Of course Mos sang "Ms Fat Booty" to end the set Pharoahe Monch came out and did an extra hype version of "Simon Says." This set made me miss Black Moon! But I still love Talib and Mos seperately!!
The most entertaing set of the night had to be Meth and Redman. They truly Rocked the Bells! The energy the two of them displayed was incredible(not to mention Method Man is my first Thug was bodysurfing, walking all over the chairs and just being one with the crowd.The guest they brought on stage was BANANAS! Keith Murray came up and rocked the crowd, then DJ Kool came and did "Let me clear my throat" Meth and Redman did another song then they brought out THe Ruler...y'all mothereffin Slick Rick came out and did "La di da di" OMG! Then they rolled out one more surprise can you say "You gots to chill" EPMD! DEAD! "If you tired then go take a nap" That concert could have ended there for me...this is HIP HOP!
After I calmed the hell down. Nasty Nas was up next. He came out witha five piece band and did his thing! He did classics like "It ain't hard to tell" "New York State of Mind" While the band played the instrumental to "Success" out popped a dude with a fitted Yankee on....JAY-Z! WTF!!! At this time the crowd completely erupted then they go in and do "Black Republicans" Can y'all say WHAAAAT! This shyt was straight FIYAH!!!
Last but not least Tribe was up. Q-tip emerged on stage wearing a back pack and did a great solo set.(His album is due to drop sometime in September)Phife and crew came on stage(this was the first time they all performed together since 1998...Ali Shaheed and Jarobi White) This shyt was HOT! They did classics like "Bonita Applebaum", "Electric Relaxation", "Can I Kick it" "Oh My God" Words can't explain how hard this went down! Then they went into "Scenario" and out comes Busta......ya'll he KILLLED it! The energy that was being transmitted from that stage was CRAZY! Then he did "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See." The show ended with all of Tribe, De La Soul, Busta and even Method Man on stage. This was REAL HIP HOP!

If Rock the Bells is coming to your city I HIGHLY recommend you to go! This was the best Hip Hop show I'VE EVER BEEN TO! This was real hip hop and why I LOVE IT! Hip hop WAS NOT dead last night!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Hammer

So, I was suppose to post last Sunday but between being sick with some virus and bizarre shyt happening to me I just had to chill. My post was going to tell everyone how it was growing up in upstate NY and only graduating with four black people I'm still going to write about that but I really have to put thought into that post.So it's coming shortly in the meantime let me entertain y'all with some straight foolishness.

I have to give a little background on this story. My coworker(Wife Beater)came out to happy hour with me and my homegirl about 6 weeks ago while there a man came up to me and said you look familiar and I was like yeah you do to. Ends up I know his cousin. This man whose name is Shane. He's around the same age as my coworker. She's 45 and he's 48. She just got divorced so she's looking for a man plus she desperately wants to have a kid. Her mom didn't have her until she was 47. So Beater and Shane talk at happy hour and exchange numbers etc. She said he was cool but she wasn't completely feelin him. I thought she was overacting a little because he offered to buy her a drink and she leans over and says to me I'm not going to sleep with him. I was like why the f*ck would you. Take the drink and keep it moving. Fast forward to the following week Shane and Beater make plans to meet up for a drink(s). Why does this fool take her to a damn club...she text me from the club like wtf. I was like a first date you take someone to a loud ass club and your 48. Needless to say she was turned the hell off. So she said she had to go and catch her bus and thanks for everything. He walks with her to the door and she goes to hug him and attempts to shove his tongue down her throat. She panics and leaves. She gets outside and calls me and says ill this dude is gross blah blah blah. He calls her a few times after that and she never answers. Fast forward a few weeks and I see him on the train he keeps staring at me but I act like I have no idea who the hell he is. Finally he puts it together how he knows me and soon as the lady next to me gets up he makes a beeline next to me to sit down. I was like damn damn damn. He said what happened to your friend. I said nothing, you should probably leave that alone it wasn't a love connection. He kept pressing me and finally I said well dude you might not want to take a first dated to a club and then shove your tongue down her throat. This beyatch said that's a lie she came onto me she was all over me the night I met you guys. Now y'all I was standing there and she was not all over him. I said whatever it ain't me. He was like here take my card I said for what he said call me. Beyatch please. I got off the train and threw his card in the garbage and he saw me do it. So I saw him at my Sunday spot, Habana Outpost a week or so later. He waived and said hi and I did the same. Well I run into him again 2 weeks ago and he comes over to me and my girls and talks. He then proceeds to say he didn't really like Beater that he was trying to get at me. I stood there and laughed in dudes face. Really so she didn't take the bait and you think I will. Singing Beyonce..You must not know about!! He then asked where I live. I figure he must live in the same vicinity since I saw him at my stop. I told him a general area and he told me exactly where he lives and damn if he doesn't live around the corner. So, he was like ohh that's great we can go to each other's houses and cook dinner and hang out. I was like dude I don't like you that. He kept saying Ohhh Shell. Hr kept saying your so pretty and I think we'd be good together. My homegirl then says didn't you try and talk to her coworker he said ohh that doesn't count. I was like I gotta go. Sorry the story is so long but I had to give this background.
Ok so last Sunday I go over to the good bodega(fresh fruit and veggies) because I need to get a green pepper. I run into Shane...ILLL! He speaks and I do the same. Then he said can I come over and bring a bottle of wine. I looked at him like he had 6 heads uhhh no. He said ok just remember "The Hammer" is around the corner. I turned around and said "the hammer?" He said yeah that's what they call me cause I pound pu$sy and I want to eat your sexy kitty and wrap your powerful legs around my back while I pound that juicy pu$sy of yours. Maaaaaaaan I went off! Dude you don't know me like that. I don't know what type of birds allow you to talk to them like that but you have me confused. If I was in a louge I would have busted my drink upside his head, but I only had a dayum green pepper!!! So,I'm going off telling him he better stay the f*cki away from me blah blah blah. So, I'm wildin out a little so these neighbor hood dudes look at me and say Ma, you alright you know this dude. I said no and he's bothering me. Ha these dudes were like yo,what you saying to her yo u betta step the eff back we run this block Nucca. Dude looked shook but I didn't and still don't give a dayum! I can't believe this dude could even fix his mouth to say something like that. That shyt was ignorant and disrespectful. I wish I would have kept his business card because I would have went and pressed harrassment charges on his ass!!!

I told the Teacher what happened and he laughed and that really pissed me off but he laughed for about 10 seconds. He was like you gotta show me dude if we're out and you see him. I was like ohhh shyt is Brownsville going to come out. He was like Shell don't play that shyt is still in me. I was like ok.

Sorry this story was so long but I had to give the background. Oh yeah one more thing then I'm finished. So Sunday night after all this shyt my throat starts hurting. Monday my throat feels like shyt and I don't feel well at all. I go to work but I'm not myself I'm not eating, snacking nothing. At the end of the day I felt nauseas I went to the bathroom and vomited so I hightailed it out of work. I got home and had the chills and was in my bed wrapped up like a little blunt. I was soo cold but my temp was 104. I was throwing up every couple of hours. It got soo bad that I was laying on the bathroom floor. Around 1am my fever broke and I felt a lot better but I didn't go to work on Tuesday. All I could think of was that beyatch Shane put a hex on me(he's Jamaican)!!!! ahahhahaha! I called my homegirl and said get the Bible! Come to find out he didn't. My other homegirl failed to tell us she had to go to the emergency room last Thursday cause of a virus and was all breathing on me and my girl Saturday(she called out of work Tuesday too..we work on the same
Anyway that's my story. I hope you enjoyed it!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wife Beater

Uggghhhh this is for the the F$%k It List. Whyyyyyy the f&ck did beater rock a navy blue one yesterday with gray pants and today a pink one with a gray skirt!!!! I just don't understand how one thinks it's ok to rock WIFE BEATERS to an investment bank. We work on the same floor as General Counsel! A damn mess!

Anyway I have a post scheduled for Sunday. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm hitting happy hour(as usual) then the beach tomorrow!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Random thoughts

This week has been hectic to say the least. I hate you SEC....rule changes have made this place chaotic! I'm so happy it's Friday! I'm not even going out tonite(SHOCKER)but I'm going to handle that tomorrow!!! I have 3 rooftop parties to attend so I have to get my rest! I don't feel like thinking about anything so I'm just going to post randsome ish!

I'm walking to the train the other day and this dumb ass hanging in front of the bodega says hello. I say hello back but he didn't hear me so he proceeds to yell "so you can't say hello why cause I don't have on a suit and shyt?" Now normally I would just be like whateva hoodrat but I turned around and went clean the f*ck off! Beyatch stop hanging out in front of the bodega at 9am and maybe a respectable woman will give you the time of day. GTFOH with your bullshyt! Don't let the fly clothes fool you I WILL go the f*ck off!

Why the chick I sit next to me say "Shell what did you order from Sephora?" "Shampoo and conditioner" "What kind?" I tell her. Five minutes later this broad says "You must be rich" I was like "WTF are you talking about?" She had the nerve and audacity to tell me she looked up the shampoo and conditioner and it's expensive. I looked at her and said I like what I like. WTF did she feel like that was appropriate to check to see how much I spend on my shyt! She's lucky she didn't get cussed out! She might want to try it since her hair stays looking a hot ass mess! Plus we work in corporate America at a major investment bank does she think it's appropriate to rock "wife beaters" no jacket, sweater nothing but the beater! *crickets*

Since I'm talking about work people. I heard this other chick on the phone this morning talking to her brother I later found out. All I heard was "Are you sad, well you sound sad" "you sure you're not sad, well I know you got kicked out of the bedroom" Y'all I was at my desk rollin. At the time I had no idea who she was talking to but she must have asked dude if he was sad 10 times. So, me being my nosy self I asked a chick that sits next to her if she heard that exchange she said no but she knew exactly what I was talking about. I have no idea why I though that shyt was funny but I did...LMBAO!!

My homegirl just text me and said don't forget about brunch on Sunday and let's shoot to meet at 3:00. Whoa wait a minute 3 is she for real? That's damn near dinner time. I text back and said can we shoot for 2(which is still late since I get out of church at 11:45)but if everyone else agrees on 3 they can go ahead without me and I would get up with them next week. Shyt I can go home and make me some bacon, eggs and grits and be happy! This chick had the nerve to text me back and say why what are you doing after 3 why can't you do it etc. Beyatch it doesn't matter what the f*ck I'm doing. Try I'm going the F*ck home and chillin and I don't want to eat motherf*ckin brunch at 3 or later. Needless to say I didn't and I won't answer that text because she will NOT like my response. Last time I checked I was grown don't be questioning me!

There's a chick that hangs out with us sometime because she knows my homegirl. She's a little younger than us(26) but we try and include her in somethings. Y'all at first I liked her but she gets on my DAMN nerves...ughghghgh! She is soo damn stoopit. I try and chalk it up to her being 26 but I don't think that's it! I was not this dumb at 26. Back in April we were at the NFL draft party she was prancing around like a straight video ho! So, I'm standing there and some player comes up to me and was talking. Why is she standing behind dude mouthing Michelle why are you talking to him etc. After our conversation was over I was like wtf is wrong with you. She was like he's too short for you. (I'm 5'8" and I always wear at 3.5in heels)I was like he was just talking. If you're polite to me I won't act an ass to you...for what? Then she proceeds to talk to this dude that was so damn arogant why you ask....cause he had a nice watch on. Are you effin serious? I had to break it down to her I have dated 6 and 7 figure dudes. Just because you have serious loot does not equate to me being happy! She is a Ceritifed JACKASS! I haven't been out with her since. But the worst thing is she is going on vacation with me and my crew in August....I hope I don't end up in jail for popin the piss out of her little ass! I find out last night that this chick has been calling in to work sick so she can go to casting calls to be in rap videos? Are you serious? You want to be a video ho? That shyt is ok(I guess) at 21 but not at 26. Plus she is a banker at a major investment bank. I saw her Sunday afternoon at our hang out spot in BK and this chick looked like a street walker. A dude off the street gave her $20 and said please take a cab ma, I would hate to see you get on the train like that. The cab driver asked her if he could park his car and come up....yup nuff said!! This chick found nothing wrong with this! I'm done she is officially a bird!

I hope y'all enjoy your weekend. I'm going to try but it's going to be hot ass hell in NYC! I hate heat like that!

UPDATE--- I am going out!The foolishness that occured while typing this has pushed me over the edge!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I haven't had a chance to read this article yet but from what I understand it's 18 pages long and talks about how Chicago shaped Obama's politics. The artist, Barry Blitt states "I think the idea that the Obamas are branded as unpatriotic [let alone as terrorists] in certain sectors is preposterous. It seemed to me that depicting the concept would show it as the fear-mongering ridiculousness that it is." I guess this touches a little close to home. I'm still up in the air about it. What about y'all?

I wonder how long it's going to take the media to discover how to cover a black presidential canidate and future president.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Follow Thru

I didn't do too much this weekend. I went to a bbq Saturday and Sunday. I spent the majority of the weekend thinking if I truly want to be with "The Teacher" He is the one person besides my mom that can set me the f*ck off! As I've stated in a previous post. He is the most caring,considerate, loving dude,however; he is the ABSOLUTE worst on follow thru.
I'm at happy hour on Thursday(if anyone every wants to go to HH in NYC Mon-Thurs go to the Fat Black Pussy Cat...topshelf $4 from 3-8)He text me and ask me what am I doing.I tell him where I'm at etc. I tell him to come down he says he probably will but he's still in class plus he was sore. He has a degenerative hip disorder which will require surgery. His doctor according to him "stretched him like a $5 whore" I said cool just let me know. He gets out of class at 9:30 so around 11ish I said where is teacher. I text him and this dude has the nerve and audacity to say I'm at Kevin's chillin drinking a Corona. *crickets* Y'all I saw stars if I was close to him I seriously would have popped the piss out of his ass! I didn't care that he didn't come and meet me. What I cared about is that he didn't have enough common courtesy to tell me. I was sooo pissed that I couldn't even talk to him until the next day. He knew I was hot too. The next day when I finally felt that I could speak to him without going the hell off. Although I immediately went off. He said he was sorry and that he understands why I was mad. I was like do you or are you just saying that to shut me up! Then the argument just escalated from there. It was kind of an one sided argument. He doesn't! I must have really pissed him off. Because he told me that if I ever talked out of my face like that too him again. He was going to let me have it! Now for the past year this dude has never raised his voice,talked out of turn or swore at me. So I know I REALLY pissed him off. Then he said damn Shell you are so combative if I was a different type of man I could pop you in your mouth! I felt bad that I got him that worked up, but dammit I just wanted him to get that he didn't have to come but inform me of the change in plan. He has a bad habit of doing that. I know I shouldn't take it personally because he does it to everyone in his family etc. But damn the only thing you got is your word if you don't follow thru on that then you don't have shit!

Everyone tells me that I shouldn't complain if that's the only thing he does wrong. Geesh he doesn't do it maliciously but it sure pisses me off! LOL! He did tell me yesterday that he really is going to work on doing better with the follow thru since he knows it bothers me. I guess that's all I can ask!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've been tagged!!

List seven songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

1. Lil'Wayne- "A Milli"

2. Bilal- "Soul Sista"

3. Ne-yo- Do you

4. C Murder f/Magic and Snoop-"Down for my Niggaz" I listen to this song each day before I enter the plantation!

5. Prince f/Miles Davis live at Paisley Park - "If I was your Girlfriend"

6. Lloyd f/Lil'Wayne -"Girls Around the World"

7. The Game f/Keyshia Cole- "The Game's Pain"

Ok. I haven't figured out how to link people!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today is my birthday! First I'd like to start off saying that I am blessed to be able to celebrate another year of life. I'm blessed that I have loving friends and family. Since I was a little girl I've always thought of my birthday to be a national! Maybe it's because when I was younger right around my birthday started summer vacation!! We go finish school late in NYS!! There were days were the last day of school was my birthday and we would only have to go to school for 5 minutes to pick up my report card. All through elementary school I would go to breakfast with my daddy and then go get a new bike! (Did I really need a new bike every year?) Then my friends would come over for my party. I was always the kid who had like 50 kids at my party. Later on the boys would go home and my closest 20 girlfriends would stay! That's so funny to me now because I don't even have 20 friends anymore! I have a lot of associates but only a hand full of friends.

As I've grown older I had to come to the realization that the friends I thought were my friends weren't! In the last two years I've had to cut some friends off because they didn't have my best interest at heart. I just can't tolerate that! I give them NO BULLSHIT and I expect none. It hurt my feelings to have to do that but I could see that it wasn't a good fit! I didn't need 20 friends anymore. I met my best friend in pre-school. Her birthday was Thursday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, S! We've been through a lot together. Breakups,marriage, her two kids etc.. She always tells me she lives vicariously through! I've never felt the need to have to cut her ass off! She ALWAYS has my best interest at heart and isn't afraid to tell me I'm wrong or that I'm overreacting(I tend to do that sometime). I've always thought that the older you get the harder it is to meet friends. I generally find that to be true. I've been living in NY just shy of 3 years and I must say that I've met the best group of women. They are real,they tell you when you're wrong,they are genuinely happy for your success and will do anything for you. I'm blessed to have met them they have definitely made my stay in NY great. I'm just a lucky person to have met a great group of friends like this. I'm also lucky to have my new blog buddies! Anyway today should be a great day. I'm off to go pick up some last minute stuff and to get my hair and makeup! Kyle here's your picture!!

To my best male friend, Chad. I've know this dude since I was in kindergarten! I know you wish you could be here but circumstances didn't allow for it. Keep holding down the "D" and I will see your rotten ass in August!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Starting it off...

This will be short! Off to kick off my birthday celebration at happy Hour at Katra Lounge. They are having 2 for 1 drinks(top shelf included) from 5-7 so I'm about to go get my drank ON!
Not drinking too much though still have a lot of running around to do for the bash tomorrow. Anyway I hope everyone has a happy Friday...I know I will! I will do a quick post tomorrow!

Thanks for the birthday shout out Kyle!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok. I did not have the time yesterday to blog. So, I missed one day!! Anyway today I'm going to talk about some random shyt!

  • Why do dudes think it's ok to drive up on a woman and try to holla! "Yo ma, can I talk to you, come to the car." GTFOH! Any dude that says "Yo ma" gets NO ATTENTION!
  • Why was I coming out of the subway and dude says "damn ma you work out? Can you work me out" Ill N*gga. NO I can't! As if!
  • Why was I in the kitchen at work at one of the haters I work with kept side eyeing me. Finally she looks at my wrist and says "Oh did you get that on Canal St." I looked her dead in her face and said, "No, I save that bootleg shyt for you." In case you want to go get yourself one, it's located on 5th Ave. and it's spelled GUCCI. I swear I can't stand these petty azz women here. I mean straight haters they NEVER have anything nice to say.
  • Why did I see this lady bust her azz and I laughed.
  • I'm so embarrassed that I like that Lil Wayne song "A Milli" The beat is fiyah!
  • I know I'm late but why does Michelle Obama have to clean up her image and not be seen as the "Angry Black Woman" That shyt irks the hell out of me!
  • Why did I go out to eat for lunch today and leave my umbrella at the restaurant. I noticed it 5 minutes after I left and called them of course they told me that there was no umbrella!I guess the umbrella snatcher just snatched my shyt right? Damn I'm pissed!
  • Why is it going to be 90 degrees in NYC tomorrow and Saturday and be humid as hell. I hate NYC when it's hot like that!
  • I can't wait till Saturday when this whole party planning is OVER!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm a little late...

I've been busy all day so I haven't had time to read any blogs or write this one. I called in sick today!!! Shyt I had to get some stuff done for this party. I had to go get an AC and head to Party City. Can anyone tell me why there was a line 10 deep at Party City this morning at 10:30..WTF. People were sooo pissed off! My new couch was delivered today but I almost didn't get it. They got the one section in but couldn't get the other one in. I was like awww lawd please let the couch get in here. I have my people coming from DC and no damn couch. I told the dudes do what you need to do to get that couch in here!!! Well, after an hour of them sweatin their azzes off they finally got it in! I would take a picture if I hadn't dropped my camera and broke the beyatch at the Jay-Z concert!! Hopefully someone gets me my new digital camera for my birthday!!

I'm off to make me some dinner...I know it's 10:21pm and I still haven't ate dinner! But I got my workout in! I'm going to look fierce on!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Keep your family and business completely seperated.

What up blog people or shall I say blog peep! I should be posting daily since I am new to blog world. I've been so busy lately that I can't find the time to blog! But I promise I'm going to do better! I'm going to do a post everyday this week! Saturday is my birthday(yeah) so I will blog until then. I think I will post a picture of myself all day Saturday! I don't know why I feel so uneasy about that but I think its because I know a lot of people who blog and don't want them all in my! Oh well!

Anyway, I'm having a birthday party on Saturday for those of you in NYC please come by! It's a good ol' fashion house party with food, liquor and dj! Feel free to come through and celebrate with me! I threw one last year and it far exceeded my expectations! I invited like 60 people and my girl invited like 60 at least 200 showed up. It was bananas! The dj played his last song at 6:53am. I would like to shut it down this year around 4 but if it's rollin I'm going to keep rollin! So during this party planning process I was hunting down the dj we used last year to see if he would be interested in doing the party again. So, I found him and he was trying to act all brand new and shyt. Trying to charge a $100 more than he did last year. I was like are you serious? Mind y'all this is after my cousin had to go and pick him and his equipment up and help him unload it. It was so damn hot my cousin had to go home and take another shower. I asked him if he was going to need assistance this year and he said yeah. WTF? How the hell you going up on the price and you don't even have your own transportation? GTFOH with that bullshyt! So I was like never mind. So we find two more people who can possibly do their one two on the wheels of steel! Can anyone tell me why they both had all the equipment but no speakers!! *crickets* How the f*ck are you semi dj and not have any speakers. People just don't loan out speakers! Grrrr! So yesterday we had to get on our grind and find a dj. Thank goodness we found one that's not trying to rape us and is pretty good....he plays lots of old school! The dj can make or break the party! So now that the dj is secured, it leaves who is going to be on the grill. The guy we used last year is not reliable. I'm like you don't have a damn job it's either yes or no! WTF! Well his ass is short. My girl's cousin volunteered to marinate all the meat on Thursday and to man the grills! So two of the most important things are taken care and music!

My cousin told me to call my other cousin G to tell him about the party. I don't mess too much with my father's side of the family because I think they are NUTS! I have a rack of first cousins that live in NYC and I talk to one but the reason I talk to him is because he was raised upstate with me and we are 18 mos apart. Our fathers are brothers and their five sisters all lived in NYC when we were growing up. They all left Alabama and came to the Big Apple. Anyway my cousins were raised in Brooklyn me my siblings, my counsin and his sister were raised upstate. So these NYC cousins are always scheming and trying to come up and that shyt gets on my nerves! So, I just don't bother to much with them. When I moved here my mom said don't tell them people where you live...lmbao! Anyway I ran into my cousin G and he gave me the bs about us being cousins and how we live in the same borough...blah blah blah! So yesterday I called G and invited him to my party.
Me: Hey G it's Shelly
G: Yo, what's good fam?
Me: I'm having a party on Saturday for my birthday so come by. Bring a bottle of your choice and I got everything else. Food, dj, wine and beer will be provided.
G: So, what are you bringing(sounding like damn I'm bringing a bottle what the hell u providing)
Me: *crickets*
G:Aiiight then I'll come by at 9.
Me: *sigh* the party starts at 9 G.
G:Ohhhh word, well you know how I do. I gotta make my entrance, so I'll be there at 11:00.
Me: Bye

This is why I don't deal with these people. Lawd please let me keep my cool! This fool hangs up with me and calls my other cousin and says "man Shelly is always hanging up the phone on me." Beyatch you should be happy your dumb ass only gets the dial tone.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Tribute

Ok. I'm back. I needed all week to get myself together from the family trip(more on that later). I love my siblings I just can't stand my brother in law and neither can my brothers!

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there! I want to wish my dad a special day!
My dad doesn't say many words. People always ask how my mom and him have been together all these years...shit I sometime ask myself the same question! LOL! I am a daddy's girl. My dad never spanked me. He left that to my mom and boy did she tear my azz up on the regular! LOL! When I did get my azz waxed I would scream to my dad "help me,she's trying to kill me!" "please daddy, don't let her kill me" He would have the saddest look in his eyes and sometimes he would tear up and walk out of the room. After my mom was finished wearin my little azz out. I would run to my daddy and he would pick me up and wipe my tears away and I would say to him"why did u let her do that to me" He would just look at me and give me a big hug! Meanwhile my mom would yell "don't worry that won't be your last azz whoopin" LOL! And it wasn't! My daddy taught me how to ride a bike, play catch,shoot a basketball,love politics, love sports and to value a dollar. He always said if you can't buy it with cash or check you shouldn't have it! My love for sports comes from my daddy too. I love college basketball with everything I have(GO TARHEELS) , NFL and track and field. My dad and I would sit for hours and watch sports on tv. Shit my dad even watches Any boyfriend or male friend I would bring home I would always tell them to talk sports and he would be! I spoke to my dad today and the first thing we spoke about was the Celtics/Lakers game and of course Tiger kicking azz on the back 9 yesterday! Then we spoke about Tim Russert passing away. My parents and I were big fans of Meet the Press plus I'm from Buffalo and so was Tim. In all my years of playing sports I think my dad only missed 5 events. I played soccer, basketball and track and I also ran summer track and went to countless camps! He was my biggest champion and biggest critic(in a good way). He would say"Shell you stood straight up out of the blocks, you didn't use your legs when you were at the line." He never sat with my mom cause he said she was just being a mom and cheering and not looking at! My dad also taught me to be blessed by all the material things I had growing up. I was so spoiled and that drove him! He would always tell stories about how he grew up poor in rural Alabama and once he graduated he went into the Air Force to send money home! After the Air Force he ended up in Minnesota and worked two jobs to put himself through college. I never had to work in high school or college and came out debt free thanks to my parents hard work! I know as I have grown older me and my dad don't always see eye to eye especially about my job(s) he is from the school you have a good job stay at the company for 35 years. I' m not about that. If I feel like I can't grow where I'm at then it's time to seek new employment. I'm in investment banking and there are different divisions I would like to get into. I was at one major bank and hit a wall and went to another hit a wall there(plus everyone was getting canned so I had enough sense to get the hell out before it happened to me) and now I'm at my present employer. I'm staying put for now because the credit crunch has everyone but a lot of IB's have a hiring freeze. Do trust when the market gets better the kid will be looking! I believe I hit a block in my present position. Although my dad doesn't agree with my moves he always has my back. When I moved to NYC I didn't even have a job. I just had to trust in God and know that my skills would get me employment and they did! I doubt I'd do that now but I needed to get the hell out of Houston!(That's another story). Through all my crazy moves, ideas and thoughts my daddy still loves his Shellybelly unconditionally and I love him!
So thanks daddy for always loving me and my craziness!
I love you forever!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Proud Moments

What up blog family. I've been slacking this week it was a hectic first half of the week! But I'm chillin in Dallas now for my nephew's graduation from high school!

I remember when he was first born, December 2, 1989. I didn't get a chance to physically see him until April because he was in Houston and I was in high school and had basketball and then track. When I finally saw him he was a cute baby but I wasn't that thrilled. I still don't like infants(what the hell am I going to do when I have one?). For some odd reason he took to me. Fast forward 3 years from that moment he became my buddy. He is the most mild mannered child to be 18 absolutely nothing phases him! I'm so blessed that I had an opportunity when I lived in Houston in 2005 to spend a lot of time with him to see him grow into the young man he has turned out to be. He has a brother who is five years younger than him and the example he sets for him everyday makes me so proud. My sister says he has some of my tendencies, crazy ass looks, silly, and extremely spoiled! He can't help it he's the first born grandchild and first nephew! In 18 years he hasn't been in any real trouble...a couple of years ago him and some of his little buddies called 900 numbers and blew the phone bill up!LMAO! Other than that he has been a model child! He exceled at sports and can play the hell out of drums. His junior year his marching band played the song he composed for the halftime show. He's such a talented young man. I just pray he uses all his talents wisely.

On Saturday, June 7 my nephew will graduate with high honors and a member of the National Honor Society! He will be attending The University of Texas and majoring in Bio Physics(who does that) In a few years he will be following his passion and entering medical school and going on to become a Neurosurgeon! I know I'm bragging a bit but I am soooo proud of him! Even if he doesn't choose to go to medical school I know that whatever he chooses in life he will excel at. He represents the next generation of young black men and I know that he will do great things!!

Myron your Auntie Shelly is so proud of you and all of your achievements!


Oh. I guess I have to give my sister and husband some credit for raising such an impressive young man!

Monday, June 2, 2008

I Reminisce....

What's up to my two readers??? So, my weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday I went to happy hour and got home at midnight! That's not bad for me! But some how I managed to spend $100 WTF? That shyt isn't happy! Saturday I went to my fake book club meeting and drank about 10 Mojitos which I made! Plus I made Jerk chicken....I must say I put my foot in that beyatch. I marinated and rubbed my chicken on Thursday evening and grilled it on Saturday! DAYUM it was good and hot! Sunday I had every intention of going to church then I was interrupted by my sister's best friend who wanted to talk my ear off! So, I missed 10am service and I don't believe in going to 12, but I logged on and caught the sermon in the middle so I did "Bedside Baptist." Then I went to the Dominicans and got a wash and set for $13....gotta love that! That's one of the reasons I like living in Brooklyn! After that I took my azz home and cleaned and watched a marathon of Platinum Weddings...these people had a budget of 1.3million! For a motherf*ckin wedding are you kidding me! The bride rocked $200k in jewels, all of her gowns were custom made their total was like $65k. The shyt was unreal!

Anyway, I've been in a Biggie mood lately. I mean have to listen to him everyday! It may be that I was given these two FIYA mix cd's that are straight BIGGIE! I've had mixes of him before but these two are the truth! My favorite Big song is Who shot ya When I first heard this song I rememeber exactly where I was. I was walking across campus and I heard this beat and I stopped dead in my tracks. I was like "where is that coming from, that beat is bananas!" I ran like a jack ass toward the music and found the source...someone's room. So, I go into the dorms and find the room the music is coming from and proceed to knock on the door! This dude answered the door and I said "I don't know you but that beat is bananas" by this time I realized it was Biggie. The dude invited me in and we just sat there listening to the song. It ended and we listened again. Then he proceeded to laugh his azz off at me that I banged on the door but he dug the fact that I was determined to hunt down the source. He said most females weren't really feeling who shot ya...Haha little did he know that I used to like Gangsta B*tch by! That was the moment I knew I loved Big although I always knew I loved Hip Hop!

By the way: Me and dude are still cool to this day!