Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was burnt the hell up yesterday. So in the investment banking world your "big bonus" usually comes Feb.14 or 28. I had my review on Tuesday and during the review I was told that I exceeded expectations and that I did very well with the added workload blah blah blah. So Wednesday I had my "numbers" meeting. My damn raise was only $2000(when it was over 10% last year) and my bonus was 55% less than it was last year. So, I wonder what the people received who didn't get exceeded expectations. Y'all I'm so motherfuckin mad right now. When I questioned the lady on it she had the nerve and audacity to say the federal government has been getting on banks for exuberant bonuses. I stopped and her and said please don't insult my intelligence. My bonus is NOT included in that. I don't get 20 million and stock options so please stop. She looked at me like hmm this one might be pissed. I told her that 2000 increase equates to $78.36/month(BEFORE TAXES). I let her know that my work is not recognized nor appreciated. I didn't go DMX on their asses but Lord knows I wanted to. Like my momma always said "If you don't like something. Do something about it." My doing something will be to get better employment. Y'all have NO idea what I really wanted to do. Only thing that was going thru my head was "kick in the door wavin the four-four, all you heard was poppa don't hit me no mo!"

Has anyone ever had something happen to them at their job where they knew it was time for them to go?