Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Vacation in Dubai

I'm on vacation in Dubai. It's so beautiful here. Word really can't explain. I'm heading to the beach now. I heard it snowed in NYC yesterday....yuck! I'll be back on Monday!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I've been living in NYC more specifically Brooklyn for the past 5.5 years. I moved her from Houston via DC via Richmond via Houston! I moved a lot and I grew up outside of Buffalo and went to college in NYC. I have some gripes about living here but my one MAJOR one is the cattyness I seen amongst women. It's too damn much.

When I was 18 and came here to school I noticed that a lot of the women I met from NYC were catty. I chalked it up to being young and dumb. But damn near 20 years later as a grown ass adult I've seen it a few times and I have to wash my hands of it. When I lived in Houston I had a group of girls I was friends with. Two of them are my closest friends to this day. Sure we got into disagreements but it didn't affect the friendship. We aired out our differences and kept it moving. When I lived in DC I met some great friends(men and women). If we ever had a disagreement on something we aired out our differences and again kept it moving. I remember one time me and my girl K got into an argument in the car as we were headed out to the club. We were yelling back and forth. We pulled up to the spot and both stopped and said "how's my makeup?" LMAO! It was just, that an argument. That's what FRIENDS have sometimes. She would call me on my bullshit and I would do the same to her. It didn't end our friendship or make us act catty towards each other. I knew if she needed anything I would be there for her and ivce versa. Everyone does NOT agree on everything. It's life.

I called a supposed "friend" on their bullshit a couple of weeks ago and it turned into a big ass blowout. I wasn't wrong either and I held my ground. I told the person it doesn't matter but the behavior was rude and I'm over it. I had to let her know I peeped her shit. Of course it keeps going. The next weekend she has a get together along with her roommate(who had NOTHING to do with it) and does not invite me but invites all the people I have introduced her to. That shit to me is catty and I want NO part of it. I'm done with it and have washed my hands of it. To me you are definitely NOT my friend and I'm ok with it and I will act accordingly. That doesn't mean nasty or having attitude it means keeping the person at arms length.

This shit just proves my point that I've had since 2nd grade. I like to roll with men more. The girlfriends I do have I will treasure them forever and I'm sad that they don't live in NYC(although I have met a few genuine people here).

Have any of you witnessed catty ass shit amongst women?