Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas

It's been three weeks! Damn, where does the time go. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did. I went home to Buffalo and had a chance to spend some time with my parents, brother, sister and nephews. My youngest nephew D wanted to see snow so bad but he was SOL. Funny thing it snowed in Dallas(where he lives) on Christmas Eve.
It was so nice to see the looks on my nephews face when they opened up their gifts. Even though they are 15 and 20 they still get so excited. I got the 15 year old the new IPod Nano in burnt orange and he was in LOVE. The 20 year old I gave $200 and he was super excited! He's a college sophomore so any money is great for him.
All in all it was great to see my family for a few days! I'm back home in Brooklyn and chilling. There are only 2 more days in 2009 so I will be posting my goal failures of the year and my new goals.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Staying for paper

I said I wouldn't write about this whole Tiger shyt but I have to. A few of my girlfriends and one of their mothers had a discussion about this last night. I said maybe I could stay if he had an affair with one woman. While I would be hurt and upset I would MAYBE try and work on my marriage. I can't answer yes or no one way or the other because I'm not married and I think you have much more to lose in a marriage then when it's just a boyfriend/girlfriend.

But damn 10 women have now come out saying they had escapades with him. One of them saying she was the side chick when he was just dating Elin. She says Tiger told her that the marriage was just for his "image." I'm sure some of that is true. His image is or shall I say was scripted so well. I think white America embraced him so much because he didn't come out and say he was black. Instead he said some stupid azz shyt about being "Caublasian." Newsflash Tiger, mainstream America sees black!! Let's get that straight. You're not the lightest dude. Do you really think these wealthy white people wanted you at THEIR country club. Nah son, it just so happens that you're a hell of a golfer.

According to the reports I read that Tiger and Elin had a prenup for a 10yr period and she would get 20-25mil. Now since this happened Tiger's lawyers have sweetened the deal saying if Elin stays for two more years(which will total to 7 years of marriage) she'll get 55mil but if she walks now she'll only get 25mil.Hell that's a come up for her she was a damn nanny! So, the discussion me and my friends had was would you stay for the additional 30mil. MY answer would be NO! Like I stated above if it was one woman...maybe. Everyone is human and people make mistakes but I'm still not sure if I would forgive. BUT 10 have come forward....hell naw! That shyt is just disrespectful! One of these chicks being a porn star! NOPE! Another of them is a waitress at Perkins(for those you who don't know that restaurant it's like a hillbilly IHOP with better food. There's one in the city I grew up in). I would take the 25mil and be gone. That money is HERS! He will provide for his kids, they'll go to the best schools, have a nice azz house(s) with all the amenities. I'm taking it and running. TO ME the extra 30mil doesn't matter! My self respect does.
What say you. Would you take the 25mil now or wait for 2 more years and get the 55mil?

Extra:Did y'all read the text message that said" I'm gonna tear you up!" Maaan that shyt cracks me up. Not saying it's impossible but all I imagine is Tiger's funny sounding voice saying that...lmao!! Oh and another chick said he's very well endowed and she would give the azz a 12 out of 1-10 scale! Well, I guess he tore her up! Bwaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahhahahah!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Ish

I gotta do better with this blog. I get on a roll then fall the eff off. I'm going to attempt to blog for at least 25 days this month!

Damn Sheila Dixon! What's really going on? But congratulations to Kasim Reed. Lose one gain one!

I'm sick of the Tiger shyt. We all know that his wife pulled a Jasmine Sullivan on his back window! She was trying to beat that ass more than she already did! I ain't mad at her! LMAO!! One for the pink toes!! Bwaaahh!

I haven't had a relaxer in 18mos! My Dominicans are starting to charge me more for my blow outs! Umm come spring me and the lye may be friends again!

So, dude who decides to kill four Seattle police officers is black. WHY?? We used to save this behavior for the Others! We have to do better!

I can't believe that Jamar Pinkney shot and killed his 15 year old son because he was told his son MAY have fondled a child. You make your child strip and beg for his life then shoot him in the back of the head. That makes me sick! WTF!!

I just paid $389.20 to fly to my parent's house in Buffalo! It's a damn 1 hour flight! NO ONE is getting presents this year.....lol!

My nephews are coming home this year. I'm taking them skiing or snowboarding. This will be their first time! It shall be an adventure!!

I saw The Teacher two weeks ago at a mutual friend's birthday party. I was nervous at first. I hadn't seen him and have had limited conversation for 2 mos. We hugged an awkward hug. Then he went to the bar and bought me my favorite drink. After he asked me to dance and that's all she wrote! We were inseparable! His friend who is deeply religious came up to me and said "I need y'all to fix this." Who knows....

I had dinner with The Teacher this past Sunday. It was nice. Taking it VERY SLOW!

I went out in Harlem two weeks ago for a party and it was INTERESTING! People who are from Harlem and not transplants are characters! I met a Milk, Ice and Smooth! Milk told me he quit working at the train station so he could hustle on the street! And you're telling me this why! LOL! Another dude told me he played bball for UNC. Really? That's my favorite team. What year? After I made him feel stupid he walked away! The next dude told me that he thought I was mad pretty but really liked my "structure." Does this shyt work on chicks? Probably that's why mad chicks were coming in looking like they just came off the pole or from jail or having had sex! These chicks were coming in with pins and scarves on their heads! And no it wasn't raining outside! Black folks we have got to do better!

For the fourth time there's a mistrial in the John Gotti Jr. case! He now deserves the name "Teflon Don" Not for nothing I don't know if I would have convicted him either! I like my life...lol!

The Secret Service needs their asses beat! The next state dinner I'm going to go and hopefully I'll get in and get some pictures with Michelle and Barack.

The New York State Appellate Court voted in favor of the people that's supposed to be building the Nets stadium in Brooklyn. What they ruled was that the property around there may be taken by Eminent Domain. That makes me sad because a lot of folks are going to lose their homes and not be able to find affordable housing.

I feel for President Obama. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to send the troops over especially since one of his campaign promises was to bring the troops back.

Dayum Shaq. Is it that serious to be bangin out Gilbert Arenas's fiancee'? I read the emails and text son! WOW! Shaunie is about to get PAID!!! When will y'all learn.