Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Musings

I don't want to see another margarita for at least two weeks! Between Friday and Saturday I consumed at least 20 of them!

I had French food Friday and Saturday. While it was excellent at both places I don't want anymore for awhile!

I love NYC but I really think it's time to start planning my exit.

I didn't love living in Houston but I sure loved my 2500 sq.ft house. I also miss Mica and Tam. Those two are my peoples! I liked eating or getting up with them once a week. I don't have anyone here that truly knows me. I have lots of acquaintances but no peeps.

My mom got out of the hospital 8 days early. Now we're all moving our travel plans around to accommodate her. I will be going home to help my dad on August 27.

Tomorrow is my brain MRI. Hopefully this will help with an accurate diagnosis of what is going on with my ear/hearing loss. For the last month I've been to the doctor an average of 3x/week. This is when I wish my peeps were around. Although I am thankful for the Teacher he has been superb! He more nervous then I!

Exactly 30 days from today I leave for Spain and Italy! I CAN'T WAIT! When I'm in Italy I think I'm going to buy myself some hot ass shoes! Hell I know I'm going to buy some!

I can't stand when people call/text or email you a question. You answer them back and ask something and they don't respond. I guess I'd be an ass if I just didn't respond to their initial question right?

My ex-fiance' is getting married on Saturday and I'm truly happy for him. Just in case I feel a ting of sadness on Saturday. I have an action packed day and evening!

I'm probably one of the only people that isn't hooked on Twitter. I just don't give a damn that much about what people are doing! I took that shyt off my phone and I look at it occasionally at home! Am I missing anything? NOPE!

I'm still falling short on all my goals! *sigh* I have time for the 5k's but I think the reading the Bible before the year is up is not going to happen. Also I don't think I'm going to hit my $20k goal! I've been spending money like a crazy person.

Why did a dude expect to get my number yesterday after he just stated he just got out of jail! Then proceeded to tell a story about shooting a dude in the face(yes dude is dead) then said he tried to kill dudes family. AND you want my number! GTFOH SON! I was offended that he would even ask that ridiculous ass question. The look on my face.......PRICELESS!

The Teacher graduates in May maybe December with his Master's in Education. He wants to go to Greece next summer for 10 days. I'm so down for that! Hope he doesn't think I'm! I got $300 on it for you! bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah!

Oh yes. The Teacher also told me that he was considering becoming a vegetarian. I looked him dead in his face and said good luck with that! Shiiiiiit I ain't giving up beef or pork for no damn body! He can come over for dinner when I make my grilled portobello burgers or lentil soup! If you think I'm taking that path with you you're sadly mistaken! Meat didn't do shit to me! LOL!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Some have it some don't. I sometimes wonder why people lack confidence. Is it because they didn't have praise in their household growing up? Is it because they just doubt themselves? Or is it just because?

I think I've always been confident. Confidence and self-esteem were taught to me at a young age. Hell it had to be since I was the only black child in my Montessori class. From K-12 their may have been another black kid in my class here and there but once I got into high school barely any. If I ever would have lacked confidence this definitely would have been the time but I never did. People who knew me in my formative years have always told me that I had so much confidence in myself that it almost seemed like arrogance. I didn't know what to tell them then and I don't know what to them now! It's just how I was raised!

At some stage in your life I think everyone lacks confidence. I remember when I was 12 and I wanted to play ball that day. My mom took me to the park and said I'll be back in three hours. I looked at my mom like she was crazy. NO girls played at that park and all the boys that hooped there were at least 6 plus years older than me. My mom looked at me and said "Girl get out of my car. If you want to get better you play with the boys and play hard!" I got out of my car with my ball and slowly moved toward the court as I did this I watched my mom pull off. I so wanted to run away. I saw my brother's best friend who was 12 years older than me and he was like "You gonna run today?" I said "I guess." I got on the court and could barely breathe I was so nervous. I just passed the ball and didn't do much. My brother's friend pulled me aside and said "what the eff are you doing? I know you can play and you have a nice shot. Get out there and show them!" After that I went out there and when I got the ball. I shot and it was all net. Then I started playing "D" hard, boxing out and trying to go up for rebounds. Once I got comfortable and KNEW I could play with the boys my game was on point! I ended up with about 8 fouls(lol) and 12 points. But mostly I ended up believing in me.......CONFIDENCE!

By the way my mom was around the corner watching me and my brother's best friend was in on it!