Thursday, April 23, 2009


I just came back from Duane Reade(which is like Rite-Aid or CVS)and I was waiting on my prescription and happend to look to the right. I saw about 6 shelves filled with different condoms but one caught my eye. The Magnum Twisters(I would post a pic but the site is blocked...I'm at work). I don't know why I found this to be so funny but Magnum Twisters seriously had me cracking the hell up! Rippled on the tip. Hmmm does that really make a difference? The box was black and the picture of the "Twister" was bright green! I don't know if I would go running to purchase the bright green twister! No thanks, I just stick to regular Magnums! LOL!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Too tired to learn

I've neglected this blog! I try but I get so caught up with other stuff going on that this shyt falls by the wayside! Once again I'm really going to try! This weekend was crazy. I got home Sunday morning at 8am! Who the hell does that! Me and TheJadedNYer do it! Every time I go out with her I don't get in to the wee hours of the morning! I'm not complaining because we always have a good time!

Anyway, I have so many ideas for a post but I'll stick with this one!

Ok. I don't have any children but I would like two one day. But if I had kiddies I would do anything for them. I figure the moment you decide to bring a child into the world then you do what you have to for them to have the best opportunities especially academically. I have a coworker/friend who has a 13 year old son. He's a nice kid,polite,quiet etc. He's almost nerdy/cornballish. Lawd forgive me I know that's not nice to talk about a child but I'm jus sayin! Anyway the kid is having problems with reading comprehension. So, he's having trouble in history and reading because he can't comprehend the essay questions. So, coworker decided to send him to Sylvan for help. He's been going on Mon-Wed-Sat for one hour each day. Can someone explain to me why the boy only goes now on Saturdays for 3 hours! Why you ask? Because she said she was tired when she came home from work and didn't feel like driving him to Sylvan. WHAT? Are you serious? She leaves at 5 takes a quick train ride then the express bus to Jersey she's home before 6! AND YOU'RE TOO DAMN TIRED TO TAKE YOUR KID TO SYLVAN! So you make the boy go for 3 damn hours on a Saturday. All because you're too tired to drive 15min oh yeah and you want to go to the gym! GTFOH! I have a lot of friends that have children some are single moms,most have husbands. But what they ALL have in common is they do ANYTHING for their children especially if has to do with academics!

I look back at my parents and realized that they did EVERYTHING for me where academics and sports was concerned. I was involved in so many activities. I know that it couldn't have been easy on my parents timewise but they made it happen. I wanted to run for a specific track club and had to be driven an hour there, practice for two hours and be driven an hour home! This went on all summer. I went to at least 2 basketball camps,2 track camps and a soccer camp in the summer all while going to summer school so I would always be ahead. I can just imagine if I needed extra help in a subject what they would do. In 10th grade I was doing horrible in math. My mom hired a tutor immeadiately for two days a week. I look at my sister and she drives my nephew an hour each way to golf lessons. As I stated earlier. I can't imagine not going out of my way for my child especially if it had to with academics. Damn if you paid the $2000 to send him to Sylvan. Why on earth wouldn't you send him the three days a week like you used to. If he has problems with reading comprehension do you really think he's going to retain everything in one three hour setting per week?

When this lady talks to me it irks the hell out of me to hear her say this shyt to me! I never say a word I just listen because I know people get very defensive about their children. I do know the moment I have a child. I will do anything to make sure their life is better!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feeling some kind of way

So some of you may know that I have an on off love affair with the Teacher. For those of you that are new. I give a brief recap of our relationship! He and I are very compatible on so many levels but he has some fears and issues he needs to work on in order for our relationship to be successful. He's an all around good dude, doesn't cheat, lie, rarely goes out or drinks.One of our main problem is he thinks that I have a smart azz mouth...which I do but I do try and work on it. And it irks the hell out of him but when he does shyt that makes NO sense to me I call him on it and sometime he sees it as me being a know it all. Also his family is soo emotionally draining on him that it leaves NO room for anything else. He's the youngest by 8 yrs and he acts like he's the oldest. His siblings act like they're helpless and can't do shyt! He feels an obligation to them because his mom passed away when he was 11 and his sister raised him but damn she's now 43 and she's a mess! Good job, NO money,drug addicted husband,22 year old daughter living in her house with her 2yro and her own 6yro daughter. The sister blames EVERYTHING on the husband but does NOTHING to try and make her life better! If I wrote everything y'all would tell me to just write a short story because that's what the eff it is! Anyway, The Teacher grew up in a very rough part of BK and never got in trouble earned a full basketball scholarship to Arizona State. He had a few tryouts with the Hawks and Jazz but through the physical examination found out he has a degenerative hip disorder so since his NBA dreams were smashed he went and played overseas for a few years and then came back when the hip problem became to bad to play! So that's why he's a teacher. But he loves it and is almost finished with his Master's in Education. I know I'm all over the! We took a big break last year and I went out with a couple other people but I always had the Teacher on my mind! We speak EVERYDAY. He is the first person I speak to in the morning and last one at night! He does anything thing for me and I do the same for him. We had a discussion and we both want to get back together but I think we're both unsure. He has abandonment issues due to his mom dying when he was so young and since he's so nice the last girl did a number on him. I hope I'm not making him sound like a punk because he's not! Far from it. He actually checks the hell out of me! LOL!

So, the reason I'm feeling some kind of way is. The Teacher has always wanted to coach at a collegiate level but he wanted to finish his Master's first. So, the first day of the NCAA tournament he's watching Texas Tech play on tv and sees his old assistant coach on the bench. He freaks out because he lost contact with him, so he goes on Texas Tech's website and finds him and sends him an email. Well dude responds saying how he's an assistant coach there blah blah blah. Fast forward to last Wednesday. Coach calls Teacher at 10:30am asking him if it's possible for him to get on a 9:30pm flight to interview Thursday morning at 9am with the head coach(who happens to be Bobby Knight's son). The Teacher calls me and tells me that he can't come out with me on Thursday because of this! I'm screaming into the phone. I'm so excited for him!! Because I know that this is a great opportunity for him! But when reality set in. I felt so sad because I know there's a possibility of him leaving! We've discussed how I wanted to leave NYC next year. While I love living here I can't afford to buy shyt but my damn apt. I grew up in a house and when I left Houston to come here I was living in a 5br 3000sq ft house! *sigh* Anyway it was always known that I was rolling in 2010 but now he might leave. I feel some kind of way! I think because the last two months we have really been putting in effort with each other! So, the interview went well and he finds out Friday if he will be part of Texas Tech's bball team! We haven't discussed this but I can tell that it has hit him the way it's hitting me! I know whatever happens happens. If we're supposed to be then we will be.

I know this post was all over the place but that's how I feel right now!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I bleed Carolina blue!!

I actually had a post for tomorrow but since my beloved Tarheels are playing for the national championship against Michigan State. All I have to say is "LET'S GO HEELS!" For those of you who are my facebook friends. If by some crazy chance the Tarheels lose consciousness tomorrow and *gulp* lose. My boy has photo shopped a picture of me in a MSU tee with a MSU background and I must have that as my profile picture all day Tuesday! Honestly I will be violently sick if by some chance that happens! So let me wash all the negative vibes away! Go UNC! Whip MSU's AZZ!