Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I had an ex boyfriend who would always say "Your attitude determines your altitude." This quote makes so much sense to me. If you're going to have a stink azz attitude you're not going to get very far. Be it your job, relationships or life in general. I think all of us have needed a little bit of attitude adjustment. I know I have. My mom used to tell me as a child that "My mouth and attitude would over power my azz!" I still laugh about that to this day. Because not only did she tell me that but her hand or belt was stingin my azz!

Last week I was at the gym I was taking a strength and conditioning class. The instructor asked someone to please remove their IPod so they could hear the instruction and know the proper form to lift the weights etc. You would have thought the instructor told this chick that she was fat and ugly the way this chick carried on. She was snapping her head, rolling her eyes and sucking her teeth. Now was all that shyt necessary? He just asked you to remove your Ipod for HIS class. WTF? I speak to this lady at the gym and I've seen her have attitude with people before for no apparent reason. I also over heard her tell her girlfriend that she was no longer going to class because she missed to many and it didn't matter because her sleep did. Mind you she needs this class to keep her job. So her girl asked her what are you going to do? Attitude chick said umm I guess take it in January.
After I witnessed her attitude with the instructor and heard her say this. I thought of the quote "Your attitude determines your altitude." Because this chick can't go far in life with that attitude. I don't care if she's the smartest person on her team. Her promotions will be few and far in between.

It upsets me because she was black. I think as black people we can do better than that. The "man" isn't always trying to hold us back. With this stink azz attitude you're holding yourself back! I love my people and I want for us to do better as a whole but when you have a stink azz attitude you're not helping ANY of us! I'm far from perfect and I KNOW I can demonstrate major attitude but I also know when to check that shyt!

Do y'all know anyone who has a lot of potential but they're not going far in their job or relationships because of attitude?

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Been a long time

Since I left you! Without a dope beat to step to! LOL! Ok I'm back for real. I've been back from vacation for two weeks but I've had some issues I had to deal with plus I just was being lazy!

Anyway, my vacation was great! Barcelona was HOT! If y'all go there fly Iberia airlines. The food was good and you got free wine..lol! You just have to watch their azzes because they will change seats on you! Our hotel was great it was in the middle of Las Ramblas(which is where you want to be). The churches were beautiful the food and Sangria were EXCELLENT! I had some great tapas. I tried rabbit ribs(don't knock it to you try it...lol). They were deep fried just like chicken. Lawd they were good! The clubs/lounges don't open until 1am! We arrived around 2 and partied until 7am! The music was better than the music in the clubs here. They played everything from Rakim to Jay's Blueprint 3! After two days in Barcelona it was time to get on the cruise ship.
I'm not a fan of cruises but I agreed to go on this one!

First stop was Malta. Not a lot here but it was pretty. The next stop was Naples. We decided to hire a driver instead of doing an excursion with the ship. We went to Pompeii for two hours and boy was that amazing. I'm a history buff so I loved this. We didn't have a lot of time so I didn't get to see the tombs but I did get to see the amphitheatre and the bathrooms(Romans had plumbing in 187 AD)Amazing!! From there we went to Positano(stunning). It was so beautiful and peaceful. The Amalfi Coast is breathtaking! Then it was on to Sorentto. I had the freshest seafood there! It was like it jumped out of the ocean into my mouth! OMG!! I am definitely going back there and spending at least a week there!

Next stop was Rome. The shyt was so dayum dirty. It reminded me of NYC in the 80's! Graffiti and trash everywhere! I didn't get to see a ton of shyt because the lines were long and everything was spread out! I saw the outside of the Colosseum, Pantheon and St. Peters Square. I will go back here just to see the sights.

Florence was next. If you want to shop this is the place to be. There was SO much shopping to be done here. Florence is known for leather goods. So, I picked up a bag, belts and wallet. Scenery was beautiful here too! Then we headed to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There isn't ANYTHING in Pisa but the tower. It was cool but I don't need to go back!

Saturday(last day) we went to Cannes. Not much here but some shopping and the ocean. This was the day I chilled on the beach and in the ocean! I was so happy I was actually in the South of France! It was HOT! All the yachts and sexy people. It was a perfect way to end my vacation!!

All in all the vacation was cool. The ship was nice and the food was good. I definitely want to go back to Rome for a couple of days then to the Amalfi Coast to Sorentto and Capri. I can't say enough about Sorentto. I LOVED IT!! I haven't uploaded my pictures yet but when I do I'll do a picture entry!