Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've had this blog up for 2 days and no one has come by to check me out yet! I'm not giving up yet!
  • Why the F*ck are a dozen of eggs in Pathmark like $3.00 but in Tarjay they were $1.94!
  • I'm on steroids for the next nine days and they make you feel crazy! ugghh WTF?? I already have weird thoughts to begin with!
  • Does anyone watch The First 48 on A&E? I fricken love that show! I will sit up to 3am on a workday and watch it! Shyt I also watch the marathon of Bridezilla...no I'm not married or even CLOSE to getting married!
  • I'm itching to buy a new pair of stilletos...4 inche yellow ones! I heart shoes!
  • My girlfriend gave me a bagful of "hood" novels! I've only read two "hood" books, "Addicted" by Zane and "True to the Game" by Terri someone! They were actually decent but I don't know if I can bring myself to read that other shyt! No offense I just get sick of reading about that! But if it gets our people reading..I"m all for it!

That's it for now....I'm sure I'll be back with more randomness! Peace!


12kyle said...

I REALLY thought about stealing some eggs the other day...seriously! LOL

A&E...neva heard of it. Sounds like one of those channels that Mrs12 watches all the time.

You on roids? Why? If u don't mind me asking? I mean...you aren't tryna play in the NFL are you? Haaaa

very good randomness

12kyle said...

question...how did you find out about the 12th Planet? Just curious.

ShellyShell said...

The cost of food is ridiculous! Especially in NYC!
The First 48 tracks the first 48 hours of a murder the cities involved are usually, Memphis,Dallas,Miami,Kansas City and Phoenix. They follow the detectives around and see if they can close the case in 48 hours! I'm addicted.
LMAO..no I don't want to play in the league(Go Niners)! I have a severe case of bronchitis and I'm asthmatic so the Dr. gave me a shot of steroids in my azz yesterday and put me on oral roids for the next nine days along with antibiotics. Steroids help clear your airway a lot of times the doc gives them to people if you had a severe asthma attack. It's weird up till last week I hadn't used my inhaler in over 2 years and I don't have allergies! I go to the gym five days a week....shyt I probably hit a happy hour 4 days a week...lol! I need to slow my azz down. I'm not as young as I used to be!! LOL!

I was a lurker on Eb's page also! I actually met her at an event a few weeks back. My friends thought I was crazy cause I said I read that chicks blog they were like shut up Michelle so I walked up to her and introduced myself! LOL! She was looking at me like who the hell is this girl then I explained why I was rollin' up on her like that! LOL! Ok sorry about the tangent..hehehe! Oh I think I saw you on Eclectik as well! Most of the people in your comment section I frequent their blogs but I just don't say shyt!LOL! Now I started running my mouth...be prepared!!

ShellyShell said...

"I REALLY thought about stealing some eggs the other day." LMBAO that's hilarious! Shyt you got three little mouths to feed and a Mrs!

12kyle said...

I was just messin wit cha. I've heard of 48 Hrs. Just never stopped to watch it. Maybe I'll check it out.

Bronchitis sucks! I used to get it every year until I was 13. You sound like me talking about slowing my ass down. LOL

Funny. I found Eb's page and just started commenting on it everyday. She sent me an email and asked me a question and we've been tight since then. She's like my lil sis. I finally met her for the 1st time last sat(i'm sure that you've seen the pics...haaa)

The more you comment on their pages...then they'll check yours out. I try to leave a comment for everybody in my blog crew every day. And they return the favor.

Yeah...I can't go to jail for no damn eggs. LOL

Kieya said...

Cuz Pathmark is the devil lol

i love bridezilla...and the way they set it up, you have to watch episode after episode because it continues lol....and i also, am no where near getting married....

ooooo, i love shoes too!!! 4 inches or above for me...

my friend & i took a break from our usual reading and tried those "hood" novels...i think our brain died a lil bit lol

thanks for stoppin by!

Mizrepresent said...

lol@12kyle stealing egss...but i hear ya. Hood books, the best one i ever read was "The Coldest Winter Ever", and "One Dead Preacher", Solomon Jones, "Pipe Dreams"...these are written well, really...i write too (shameless plug)

ShellyShell said...

@miz. I forgot about "The Coldest Winter Ever" I really enjoyed that book! I heard they were making a movie about it!