Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Shyt......

Why the hell did I see a dude in a purple(like Barney)zoot suit! You want to talk Hot ASS MESS! I dropped my camera so I'm without a camera for a week Uggg!

I saw an Asian lady at church on Sunday. She knew all the songs more than the black folk!!

Did anyone see this weeks Newsweek with Palin on it. It's a close-up of her and she has some serious lip hair! Wax or thread it lady! Fricken lumberjack!

I don't have children and ALOT of my friends are married with kids but I don't think it's ok for my girl to send 195 pictures of her kids! WTF? That shyt is soo rude to me! My bff has two kids and she sends at the most 4 pics!

I don't think physical therapy is helping my knees. Don't know if I told y'all but my kneecaps sit extremely high so my femur is putting pressure on it when I walk down stairs, squat or do lunges. If I can't build up my hip flexor muscle then I will need surgery. Which means that my doctor would fracture my knee cap and bring it down..rehab it for 4-5 months and do it again. I think that seems painful as hell! We'll see. My left ankle is reconstructed so I have a high threshold for pain!

Did anyone watch Hip Hop Honors? I'm not a Too Short fan but damn NY we could have given him more love than that! The audience was HORRIBLE to him! Juelz Santana didn't know all the words on the Slick Rick tribute...*sigh* At least Busta and Ghost were good!

I promised myself I would pack lunch all week. I didn't cook shyt last night so I got up this morning and sauteed chicken and shrimp and tossed it with Penne pasta, sauteed onions and red peppers in a fire roasted pepper alfredo! I'm so dope in the kitchen!! LOL! That was at 8am!

My daddy called me today cause he was concerned that I might be laid off due to the fact I work at an investment bank! I know my cheap ass father he just wanted to make sure he wouldn't have to pay off anything for me...lol!

My sister and I got into a heated debate over her just poppin up on my nephew. She said it was ok because she pays his tuition...WTF? I said it won't be alright when you try that shyt again and you see tits and hair! She shut the f&ck up then...lol!

Been talking to the Teacher on the regular but haven't seen him since August 20! He told me last night that he's afraid to give me lots of attention cause he thinks that he'll lose focus of the prize...his masters. He should graduate in August. I said cool. I'm not even mad at him. I will be entertaing dating offers!

I got a weave! LOL! I've never had one before. I think it looks cute(I'll post pics) but damn it was expensive as shyt! I spent $300 on hair alone! It's funny how a little hair makes men act! Dudes are really hollarin hard! LOL!!

I go to fitness and I peeped a cutie in there awhile back but I'm not one to holla and I was dating the Teacher but you can look. Well he started talking to me and my girl a little. Then he came up to me and said he saw me out with my girls and I looked very different...uhh I guess since my hair is not in a ponytail and I have normal clothes on!! Anyway he told my girl to tell me he's a good dude! LOL! That was a few weeks ago. I saw him last night and I was like man he's a cutie. He watched our class because he was taking the class after mine. So we talked after class and he walked me outside. Well we started talking and he offered me a ride home. So we ended up sitting outside my house talking for 2.5 hours! He asked me out. I said maybe! Man he's swexy! There's something yummy about him! LOL!

Why did this chick at my job where Timbs today....ALL DAY! No, it wasn't wife beater. This chick had on black pants and a black shirt with some Timbs! WTF? You think that's ok? We work on the same floor as GENERAL COUNSEL!

I have a friend that's married. She's only 27 will be 28 at the end of the month. Been married for a year. Why every time her and husband get into an argument she takes off her rings! WTF? I tell her that the rings are symbolic of the marriage. She doesn't care just takes them off and says divorce is always an option! Really? You go into marriage thinking that way. Oh well maybe it's just me!

I'm going to be a super sexy Cleopatra for Halloween!

I'm so feeling that Jazmine Sullivan cd!

So next weekend I'm going home(upstate NY..suburb outside of Buffalo)and guess who will be there! My very first HS boyfriend. He was FINE when we were younger I saw him back in 02 but I will be seeing him again. My BFF thinks there will be a love connect and we will end up kissing! LOL! I don't know why she thinks this way. I guess she thinks she knows me since we've been friends since we were 3! I can't see it happening!

I know what I'm about to write is so NOT funny but I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when I first heard it! Apparently my boy from back home gave his mom his old car. Well she was having a problem with the car. I guess it was popping out of gear! So her house is on a hill so she parked it on the street. She got out and looked for a rock to put under one of the front tires. She bent over and was putting the rock under the front wheel and the car popped out of gear and ran her head over!!! I know that shit IS NOT FUNNY but when my friend told me the story I busted out laughing! I am sooo wrong! She was seriously injured and had to be air lifted to a Trauma Center she had a bleed on her brain. But she is ok so it's ok to laugh!

Ok I think you've read enough of my random shyt! LOL


Mizrepresent said...

Oh you are so wrong for laughing about your friends mama accident...that some freaky ish! Glad she's gonna be okay.

Teacher better pay attention, looks like somebody else is. HAH!

Gurl was thinking of trying me some weave out too...but at $300, shid...i might have wait on that.

1 more day and i am in the BIG City...uh New york, are you ready for Miz? lol!

Eb the Celeb said...

First I thought I was the only one who realized how much Juelz had jacked up that song... I mean he didn't know a word.

2nd... jazzy sully in heaven rotation... loving that CD right now

3rd...uuummm how small are the rings that ol 27 yo girl keep taking off? they must be little because if I get me a nice rock... even if divorce does play down the road... I am still rocking that bad boy...lol

lawd @ you paying so much for a weave... girl please post pics.. but I guess the more you spend the longer it lasts... well at least I hope so... When I was rocking them I paid $150 for it to get styled and about $100 for the hair.. but it would last like 3 months... I would have to go to get my tracks tightened maybe once a month but besides that it was all good.

I keep forgetting your from upstate, ny up my way...

ShellyShell said...

I always laugh at inappropriate times! I can't help it!

The Teacher just don't know. I AM going to go out with this dude! Eff what you heard!

This weave shyt is NO joke! I almost threw up when I heard the prices!

Juelz is wack to me regardless of him jacking the damn song up! I don't even know why they picked his azz!

I got the hair from Extension Plus in LA. One 6oz bag of light brown was like $120 and the 6oz of honey blond was $168(and that was on sale) the chick charged $300 to put it in.She came to my house...lol! Had she done it in the salon it would have been $500 her boss charges $975. She does Naomi Campbell, Paula Patten, Selita Ebanks...etc! It looks nice but dayum! I can use the hair for about a year. That shyt blew me away!

Oh yeah you'll see it at the Blogger Event on Saturday..I'm coming!

The F$%K it List said...

Ok I didnt want to laugh at your friends mama, but you set me up with that intro. Glad she is ok!

That is rude to send that many pitures. If you MUST then do a web album and send the link.

So Mr.Something new from the gym you say? And what's up with the maybe, let that man take you out. The Teacher is going to be ok!

Juelz Santana was the worst. And I muted most of that while I was on Jaded's Blog radio show, it was all about hip hop!

8am cooking like that, I need to swing by there for my packed lunch.

Yeah girl weaves are EXPENSIVE. My friend does hair and that is where she makes the most of her $$. She does awesome work, and she uses a really good place here in NY to get the hair, they blend it to your natural hair color (or not so natural)

12kyle said...

lmao @ u!!!

love the randomness

i totally feel you about the pics of the kids. i have kids. i don't send a lotta pics out of them. i think that's really rude. 195? c'mon...you know what those churren look like. lol

DollFace said...

Hi Miss Lady,
Where are the pics of the hair?!
You seem to have all TYPES of dating offers...I lost my swag somewhere, can I have some of yours?

CapCity said...

Your randomness is too dayum funny!! It was so nice to meetcha on Saturday - even if we did get split up cuz of the Shrine fiasco. LOL!

ShellyShell said...

I only have two offers...I need more! You're the one that seems like you have dates coming out of your ass! LOL

It was soo nice meeting you this weekend! We'll have to get together again!!

kayellejaye said...

Wow! @ mom's head. She's lucky to be alive.

What's 'swexy'? Sweet & sexy? Cuz that's what I want!

ShellyShell said...

It's just some made up word...lol!