Friday, November 21, 2008

Random shyt....

I just purchased my Mac today through my job. We get a corporate discount so hopefully it will be here by Wednesday. Y'all have no idea how bad I wanted to purchase a pair of hot azz stilletos but I choose not to! Lawd it took everything out of me!

I've spent damn near my entire morning doing compliance shyt for this job. They have to know every broker account you have. I forgot to report one earlier this year I get this email in all red telling me I had 2 weeks to SHUT IT DOWN! We can only trade through e-Trade..uhhh they get on my nerves with that shyt!

I hate airlines. Why is it $80 cheaper for me to fly to my parents on X-mas day? I normally don't have to be there until X-mas day but this year, of course I have to be there on X-mas Eve. Uhhh!

Wednesday I went out with Eb and a few others. We were suppose to see Janelle Monae and Nas but Rolling Stone pulled some BS! My boy was throwing a party at Niketown and went there and had free wine and appetizers! They were passing around mini(and I mean mini a little bigger than a quarter) burgers. Why did EB eat about 13 of those things...lmbao! It got to a point the servers were coming straight to her! LOL! After that we left. Me, my girl Chante and Aisha hop on the train. Apparently this chick kept hitting Chante with her bag, phone you name it. Chante turned around and looked at her like beyatch. Then it kept happening. Chante says "look could you stop busting in my side, the train is not crowded" This chick had the nerve and audacity to say"if I thought I was bumping I WOULD say I'm sorry but I don't think I'm bumping you." Chante was like I'm tellin you. You're bumping me. This chick keeps going on and on. I was looking at her like beyatch just say excuse me. Well, we just let it go and me Chante and Aisha start talking. This chick leans over Chante and says to me "Excuse me do you have something to say?" I said to her "yes, I do. Sit the f*&k back before I pop the piss out of your azz!" In my younger years I would have straight tried to choke the life out of her but I have to much to! Of course she was of the lighter persuasion. She was a gutsy little thing cause there were three of us!

I want my brother to buy me a video camera so I can have on record when I go to the Inauguration! He's the electronics freak! He bought me my IPOD, my first laptop etc! Yeah I'm the youngest! He's 16 years older and spoils the piss out of me! LOL!

I still haven't talked to my sister since she told me I was a bad auntie. I did go for the jugular and say she and her husband were bad parents! She told my mom that she wasn't going to talk to me for two months and my mom said "you must not know Shell!" I have such an evil streak in me. I might not talk to my sister until sometime next year. I feel like she owes me an apology! Until she apologizes I will be very distant. Hell even when she does apologize and tries to reach out to me I will be distant cause she did some dumb shyt and I don't tolerate dumb and I don't give a damn who it's from! I know I need to work on!

Enjoy your weekend people! I will visit blogs from work until my ne Mac gets here! Sorry E. they block your shyt here. I go to your page and I get a big ACCESS DENIED! I'll have two weeks of your blog to catch up on over Thanksgiving since I'll be chillin here!


Eb the Celeb said...

First of all... make sure you get that 3 year apple care on your mac... cuz little maintenance that's like $80 plus they'll try to make you pay for... its worth it to just get the $100 apple care to extend your warranty 3 more years

2nd - chick you dont know how many of them burger snacks I had... it could have been 10, it could have been 15... lol; Why you gotta put my biz all out there... when I be talking about you on the blog I dont ever put you on

oh and guess what... I do know one short dude that is hung low like no other... my home boy that plays keys... he been in a couple movies and used to be Joe's music director... I think he's on tour with Janet right now... Either way... he called me last night because he's in town... We used to stay in the same division when I was in Jersey... I thought he was gay so I was messing with him one night when we were all playing spades and he said some thing like he would whoop it out on me and I was like whatever... and that nig pulled it out and I almost died... and he is like 5'6...

Why when he called last night he was like you need to let me put this thang in you while I'm in town... I remember that night and how you was looking at it... I was on the floor dying laughing... whew... so I guess he's bi-sexual... either way... I aint trying it out... but it was beautiful

lmao @ ya'll train ride... home girl must aint know Chante carries that heat with

DollFace said...

LMBAO...I can't believe she stepped to you like that!!!

I think I will buy a Mac after the first of the year...then we can all ichat!

Wish I could have come out:( Always a class to attend!

The F$%K it List said...

Ha you are better than me because that chick would have caught a bad one if she leaned over to me. And Lord don't let me have been with my crazy ass cousins.

I feel you on that compliance procedure. we are only allowed to use etrade as well. there are ways around that though.

I'm driving down to MD the Friday before the inauguration. We are at least going to the parade,so tickets or no tickets we will be in DC to witness this historical moment.

kayellejaye said...

Ooooh you sound like me! I went over a year without talking to my stepdad. Not a word! And we lived in the same house at the time. I'm terrible.

When y'all get to DC you need to get the mini burgers from Matchbox in Chinatown. Soooooooooo good! Now u got me all hungry and sh*t.

ShellyShell said...

You know you munched 15 of them burgers! LOL!
I told you about them shorties! I can only claim my one but the stories I've heard!

That beyatch is soooo lucky! I swear I wanted to knock the eff out of her! When she got off the train I wanted to get off and stomp her azz on the platform!

@F$%k it
I was so close to beating this chicks azz! Had I been with some of my other friends they would've stomped!

That compliance shyt is ridiculous! Someone here signed up with Suze Orman and because she is with TdAmeritrade they received an email in red with CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT IMMEADIATELY!

I'm going to DC Saturday morning. My bf is flying here Thursday then we're headed out!

Those burgers at Matchbox are tasty! I used to live in DC so I'm familiar!