Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random thoughts

I still haven't gone to get my laptop looked at! I don't like to move my car during the week! My parking spot is FIYAH!!

What computer should I get if I need one? I may break down and take Dollface's advice and get the Mac Book. We get a discount from my job.

It is NOT ok for an adult to be carrying a Dora the Explorer backpack!

It's not ok for a dude to say "sexy, I just want to put you in my bed and eat you!" For real dude, does that get you dates! WTF?

It's not ok for the job to give more responsibility and NOT more loot! Sorry bruh it doesn't work like that over here!

I love that damn commerical where that Indian dude is asking all the questions! I have no idea why I think his voice is soo funny!

Sarah Palin why on earth would Barack need your assistance for ANYTHING? If he needed the help of a 2nd grader he could ask his daughter!

Also Sarah you need to stay home and be a mom for a minute. I thought it was quite disturbing to hear your little daughter Piper say she was so behind in her homework! Why the eff was she not in school during the campaign? Also who buys their 7yr old 3 inch heels! This chick was walking around the kitchen with heels on and holding baby Trig! Something is soo wrong with that!

I went out to talk to one of my friends last night and this man started speaking to us. Why the eff did he tell us he was a child prodigy and instead of graduating from high school he decided to get his GED! Of course I couldn't let that ish slide! Then he said he was a dental assistant and he was going to go to dental school and had been accepted into 2 schools but they were making him do the prereq's so he didn't want to go! I said the prereq's must have been you have to have a four year degree BEFORE you go to dental school ass! Don't try and play me! Now here's the final straw he said he's the personal chef to Cardinal Egan. GTFOH! At this point I was laughing soo hard at his ass that I couldn't be stopped! My girl had the most serious look on her face and said to dude "yeah most of my friends are smart as hell too so they decided to go the GED route too. Me and Shell are the dumb ones so we went to college!" LMBAO! His eyes got all big and he was like "yeah right?" Why do I always meet the weirdos!

Apparently there maybe another tranist strike in January so our company asked us if we could get here without MTA transit or if we had a car. I said I live too far to walk to work...I probably could walk to work but.. ..uhh no! I said I would only drive to work if they paid me gas and for the garage! LOL! Y'all think that was ignant?

I was working out last Friday and this chick slid off the treadmill and I was NO GOOD! That ish was soo funny! She was right next to me to! I slid off the treadmill and fell out laughing! I know it was wrong but I couldn't help it!

I was on the train on Monday and I heard this man singing "TKO" by Teddy Pendergrass. I turned around and it was this skinny white man! I started giggling and this black dude mouthed to me "Is he singing Teddy?" That ish was hilarious!

Alright that's enough of my craziness! Peace with Chicken Grease!


Eb the Celeb said...

depending on how ol' boy looks... that will get him a date with me... lol

but its never the fine ones that say that... its the ones that look like they stink that do... and that's the

go on head and get the macbook so we can ichat

The F$%K it List said...

Get the Macbook so I can live through you all. I'm still a PC but I'm getting over that real quick, damn vista.

Oh damn where the heck is your camera phone. Dora on a grown up. PIC worthy.

You meet the most fool men.

I can't believe that child missed that much school, she and her fake LV bag and heels will be left back. Good job SP.

Transit strike = me working from home no other option. I was 4 months pregnant and made it into work almost everyday. what a pain

eclectik said...

You know I love me some randomness

I have a Dell laptop, but I'm getting a Mac too...I dont want the mac Book, the Mac looks like a piece of art and its a way better value

Love TKO is the part is the "letit gooooo" in the high register 1/2 thru the song

I like you


KGB said...

Girl, get a Mac. I loooove mine.

My last pick up line was "Your lips are LIKE THAT." How do you respond to that foolishness? Men need to get it together.

LMAO @ the treadmill. I would've been on the floor too!

DollFace said...

I'm sitting here laughing with you!!!!

As for work...hell that was HONEST...they HAD to see that one coming and I'm sure you aren't the only person to say it. A closed mouth don't get fed.

Get a Macbook! I may get one after the first of the year and we all can ichat!!!!

R. Fitzgerald said...

What's up ShellyShell. It's been a minute, but I thought I'd come through and holla.