Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tickle

Lawd knows I love living in NYC especially since I get to see so many interesting things! So, this morning I'm on the train minding my business. I always get a seat on the train cause I come to work mad late(9:45). I hop on the train at 9:30 and for some reason it's packed so I stand by the door and read my paper. I look to my right and see this older black woman. I recognize her from my job.I don't know her but I know that we work for the same company and she works on one of the 52 floors that are in this building! Now this lady normally looks very well put together. Her hair and makeup always done nicely. She has Salt colored hair with a slight blue tint to it(I can tell because of the light on the train)but she always looks nice. Well, I guess today was her off day because "What in the dayum foolywang hotmess blue hair is this?"

Look closer and you will see she is rockin some sort of animal as a source of heat! "What in the chinchilla hell?"

Lawd y'all Obama is in office.....WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER!


12kyle said...

Looks like a blue mongoose to me! LoL

Aretha said...

LOL...I thought that was a blue hat at first. That's outrageous

Keith said...

I thought that was a Blue Hat too!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah What are we gonna do about your people ShellyShell?? LMAO!!!

The F$%K it List said...

Somebody went a little over board with the jazzin' black blue hahaha.

Don't even get me started on the coat, PLEASE

Dione said...

Haaaaaaaa! I am MAD at the animal she's wearing! Were you in the corner sneaking a pic trying not to let her see you focusing the cell phone on that hot mess!?

Kofi Bofah said...

I am more surprised at the fact that you get to work at 9:45 for investment banking then I am that you say you don't have student loans.

The stock market opens at 9:30 E.S.T.

How in the world are you showing up at 9:45 without getting a phone thrown at you?