Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Ramblings..

I was reading what C-Breezy allegedly did to Rihanna. I have some issues with how some of this went down. It said that she grabbed his cell phone with her left then he proceeded to grab her with his right hand and placed her in a headlock while he was still driving. Hmmm that's interesting C-Breeze obviously never met me. He's driving a car and manages to put me in a headlock! Yeah, ok. You must not know about me! I am NOT blaming this on Rihanna. I'm just finding it hard to grasp that she didn't get a few licks off! Eff that! I probably would have gotten effed up but do trust he would have had a few wounds on that azz too!

I wore a fiyah azz pencil skirt today with fishnets and purple shoes....LOL! That's real corporate! I don't give a dayum either!

The lady I sit next to sings all dayum day. She actually has a decent voice but I don't want to hear it all day! Then they wonder why I have the BOSE headphones in boppin at my desk!

She also thought it was ok to wear tight azz courdoroys,turtleneck and boots that looked like she was going to be in the wilderness in Alaska for 2 weeks! WTF? This is the same woman that rocks wife beaters in the summer!

I've lost a few pounds because I started running outside again plus I'm beginning training for a Dualathon(2mi. run,10mi bike,2mi run). I saw a friend of mine last Saturday and we were discussing my running and she said " I only run from danger" I told her "uhh you need to start running from the table!" Was that rude? LMBAO! She's a stay at home mom and looks sloppy and there's NO reason for it! Strap your 1 year old up and put that baby in the stroller and walk! This chick lives in the burbs in a nice development!Shyt I don't give a dayum if she lived in the pj's! NO EXCUSE!

I was exiting the train the other day and saw two girls about 17 one was tall and thick. She was probably 5'10 and 180 the other was 5'6" slender build. The tall one was talking and said " I need a big d*ck, I'm a big chick so that means I NEED big d&ck!" The other girl was quiet and said "I don't think I need big d&ck." I'm wondering what the hell got this converstation started!

I'm going to Barecelona and Italy with my sister in September. This should be VERY interesting! HA!

All my NYC bloggers. I found two good azz restaurants! Victor's Cuban Cafe had black beans that made you want to drop kick your momma! Cafe Ronda is a Spanish restaurant and the Paella is FIYAH!!!

The Cowboys aren't my favorite team but I'm still mad at them for releasing TO!

ACC tournment is this weekend and I CAN'T WAIT! My azz will be in the house all weekend watching MY TARHEELS dominate! I LOVE MARCH MADNESS! I'm getting my pool ready!

What is the big dayum deal about Michelle Obama wearing bare arms! I mean dayum she is just 45 and has fiyah azz arms! Laura and Barbara were plain and Barbara's azz was old! Shyt!

I'm headed to Tampa next week to see my homeboy. I can't wait! I need a break from this beyatch!

Why did I see the bigget Crocs store yesterday! This shyt was like the size of a big azz Old Navy. Dayum I didn't know Crocs was rocking like that! LOL!

The Teacher has been on radio silence for a few days! I told him. I'm done talking to toddlers so when he wants to act like a man then holla at me! He hollared last night. I'm pretty indifferent about him right now. His family issues are OVERWHELMING! Maybe it's true that two people from such different backgrounds can't get it together! Ex: His sister went and bought a new living room set with her tax returns. Hmm don't you have a 6yro? Didn't you borrow close to 10K from your brother last year? Don't you have credit card debt? He told me that and I just sat there and he even said that was some ghetto azz shyt! I'm like I'm glad you said it!

I reconnected last night with one of bf's! We grew up together and kept in touch until 2007. He lost his cell phone and I tried to call him a few times and nothing. He told me he let work get in the way of all his relationships and he was sorry! I forgave his azz cause when I first moved to NYC I stayed with him for free and he really looked out for me. I told him I would let it slide and he wouldn't get cussed out however if it happens again. I will proceed to lace him out!

Why do people find it so hard to believe that I don't have any student loans. People at work were talking about loans etc. I didn't contribute to the conversation and they said "Shell you paid off your loans?" I said "I never had any" Radio Silence. "Ohh you went on scholarhip?" Me,"No my parents paid." Then the slick remarks came. I said very politely but stern" My parents paid for all 4 of us to go to college and my brother went to an IVY! Why is that soo hard to comprehend? Then I get "Ohh your money must have been tight?" WHAT? I had to let that beyatch know I never wanted for shyt! I grew up in a nice 5 br,3bathroom house with a pool. I never worked in college just at my internships in the summer. My parents said our job was to get an education! What the f*ck is so hard! People get on my dayum nerves!

That's really sad about the two NFL players and their friend lost at sea. RIP!

I'm mad at the chick who called 911 over her chicken nuggets! But I would have been pissed too. I don't understand if she they didn't have anymore why they wouldn't refund her money. If that would have been me on an off day. Mickey D's would have been calling the cops on me!

Unemployment is at at 25 year high at 8.1%. This is a shame. I think it's going to get much worse before it gets better. Dow is down now 55.99%.

I know this is horrible. At the end of every month I look on Craigslist for deals because I know people have rent to pay! I got a Bose Sound dock for $175 they retail for $399! Shyt times are hard for everyone!

Enjoy your weekend people!


Keith said...

I wish I lived in New York ,so I could hang out with all you NYC Bloggers...There are other bloggers
here in Philly ,but I have never met them, not even on the street.

Stop by my blog today..I wrote a post on T.O.

You will love Barcelona girl...I'm excited for you.

Next time you wear a sexy dress and some fishnets, post a picture...lololol...

I aint mad at you for lookin for deals...I do the same thing!

suga said...

People look at me crazy when I say I didnt have loans either. I actually had scholarships that covered my first year, moms paid the next 3 semesters and then I paid out of pocket by working my ass off. Funny how I wanted loans in college, but moms wasnt having it. I'm so glad she put her foot down lol But it doesnt bother me when people dont comprehend it. College is hella expensive. I think it's a natural reaction for most people to be shocked.

Girl, you know u wrong for telling your friend to run from the table lmao

That convo about big dicks sounds hilarious. Dang, people don't have code words anymore? My friends and I talk about stuff like that all the time, but we developed a system of speaking about it so people in public wont think we're whores lol

12kyle said...

Love the ramblings!

As I read the details of the assault, I thought the same thing..."Damn...she didn't fight back?" I mean, if he's driving with 1 hand, you should be able to get some blows in. I dunno. I said that I wasn't gonna blog about it but you know it's coming next week.

The nerve of those your co-workers. Maybe they think that all of us just pinch pennies to make it thru college. Some of us do but some of us can afford to pay for it. It was your parents job to do that for y'all if you wanted to go. That's one of the reasons why I bust my azz. I want to make sure that my 3 don't have to. And besides...I won't be finished paying off my loans until the time that they get to college anyway! Lmao!!!

Kofi Bofah said...

Um er ah.


Me, I get annoyed when somebody keeps singing all the time.

T.O. is the Fall Guy for the Cowboys. If Romo and Wade Phillips do not win a Playoff Game this year - they are DONE.

Everybody loves Carolina. Yes, they have secured a #1 Seed along with UCONN, OU, and Pitt.

Crocs are a movement.

Anonymous said...

Man you are right that was very On the Chris and Ree-ree thang. Yeah I can imagine how that headlock thing would be difficult while driving.

you are truly a sports fan I see.

Now how are you going to tell us about a nice pencil skirt and fish nets and not post a picture.

I hope you had a great weekend.

Oh yeah one more thing Congratulations on the Student loan thing..yeah me and Sallie Mae not all that cool!