Thursday, June 11, 2009

What the hell Thursday

This post is just going to be a bunch of what the hell or why the hell!

What the hell is going on in the NYS Senate. A coup for real? Is it that bad that two Dems deflected and went with the Republicans and now there's a lock out at the state capitol. C'mon NY we gotta do better!

D.O.A- Death of Autotone. I don't like the song because I'm not feeling the beat! Although I do like what Jay is saying but damn you nappy why couldn't you get Pharell or Dre to produce the beat! But I agree with your ass!

Poor Laura Ling and Euna Lee. They were sentenced to 12 years hard labor in North Korea for essentially doing their job! They were arrested in March while they were working on a story about trafficking of North Korean women across the Chinese border!

Crazy women from Oregon cut open a women and took her baby. Needless to say both the baby and woman died? Damn is is that real? Go find a man and get on it! Murder??

A high school football coach and another man killed a cocaine dealer to avoid paying a debt, dismembered his body and then proceeded to cook his ass! All because they didn't want to pay THEIR 70k debt! it that real?

R.I.P David Carradine. What was really going on in that hotel room? Dude was 70 years old and found hanging with his nutz tied.

R.I.P to the people who died in the explosion at the Slim Jim plant. I really hope they weren't around where they make them because I really like the Tabasco ones! I guess it wouldn't really matter if I was to nibble on a little human since I have no idea what's in those beyatches anyway! LOL!

I heard the new Denzel and Travolta movie "Pelham 123" is very good. I didn't realize it was a remake.

It's my birthday month and I'm throwing myself a fabulous Old School hip hop party on June 27th. If y'all are in BK come by! My actual bday is June 28th so I'm going to whoop it in!

I have that itch to move again. I'm tryin to repress it but it's not working! I don't usually stay in once city for more than 4 years and I'm hitting that 4 year marker! Ohh what to do?

I was told today that in a few years I will need reading glasses. Oh word it's like that! I'm not going down without a fight! I've had 20/20 vision forever and today I was told my vision is 20/25! Y'all know I cried and called the Teacher and he thought something was really wrong and was going to leave his bad ass middle school kids until I told him why I was whining and crying! He said "Bye Chelle" LMBAO! Whe that boy thinks I'm a nut and still stays for more of the show! Hehhehe!

Every morning I walk past a group of about 8 boys. They can't be more than 21. One of them says "Hi Miss Lady" everyday and I always say "hi" back. Yesterday after he said it one of the other boys said "who's that" He said "I don't know her but SHE'S my lady." Ahahhaha! I got a chuckle out of that!

R.I.P to Stephen Johns. He's the guard that was killed at the Holocaust Museum in DC yesterday by the 88 year old white supremacist. He thought he was holding the door open for an elderly man but it ended up being a cold blooded murderer!

Last but not least: WHAT THE F&*k is going on with all this dayum rain?

What's going on random in your world?


The Jaded NYer said...

I've been hopping from emotion to emotion all week; one minute I'm OK and just three minutes later I'm looking for my pillow to go cry into.

I don't know what the hell is going on with my hormones/brain but I'm a little afraid that full-blown insanity is knocking on my door!

other than that, I ain't got sh*t going on.

Serenity3-0 said...

What's going on random with me?
I think I'm going to MAC today adn let them play in my makeup.

I'm wondering why the lawn guy showed up and is mowing my yard when I have fired him? Does he work for free?

I have a white cardigan that I am dying to wear. Don't ask me why. But it just looks so crisp and clean..

What else? I am listening to an R Kelly remix to BDay Sex... Hmmmmm... Makes me want to rethink this no dating thing. LMAO

Smarty Jones said...

I love when you're this damn random!
Random with me? Uh, I think we manage to discuss it all on Facebook. I have NO life, there's nothing random at all going on with me.
Oh, and I feel that moving itch too! I'm thinking ATL! Gotta stay in the south, hot as it is, I love it!

The F$%K it List said...

I am officially off the ShellyShell bus just for this one comment:

R.I.P to the people who died in the explosion at the Slim Jim plant. I really hope they weren't around where they make them because I really like the Tabasco ones! I guess it wouldn't really matter if I was to nibble on a little human

BWHAHAHA. You are retarded.

me said...

I stood up and applauded when i first heard death of autotune...when Jay says kill it, it will soon be dead...thank goodness.

Happy early Bday!!

Move back to Texas, but this time make it Dallas...I know you wanna live near your nephew, right? right?

- Aretha

chele said...

Seriously, what is in a Slim Jim??

I'm going to see the Denzel movie tomorrow.

Hey Shae! said...

I'm hoping they kill he auto tune for another twenty years, but you seriously aren't feeling the beat?

Oh and happy birthday month.