Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P Mike

I'm feeling some kind of way right now. This is the firs time that a celeb has passed away that I've felt like someone punched me in my gut. Yeah I was sad about Biggie and Pac but not like this!

You can say what you want about Mike but he IS a legend. I remember being in 6th grade and having a debate about who was better Michael Jackson or VanHalen(yes I went to school with mostly white kids...matter of fact there was only one other black kid in my class).Anyway I fought so hard for Mike like he was family and NO ONE could disrespect him! At the end of the day I won the debate. How many times can you count that you'd run home to watch a world premire with your entire family! The only time I can remember is when anything from Mike was coming on.

On my facebook a lot of people commented that I was the one who got them to like Mike or that they remember me having the life size poster of Mike in the yellow vest hanging on my wall along with the life sized poster of Michael Jordan. It's funny what people remember. So many people have emailed or called me to tell me funny stories about my Michael Jackson obsession. My friend Gina said she remembers me going to the mall with her when she bought her first MJ poster and all the rings, pins and magazines I had. Three people called my parents house to get my number so they could talk to me. I haven't spoke to any of these people since highschool. My best friend who still lives in the town I grew up in went out to dinner last night and three people from HS came up to her and asked how I was doing. My sister who is eight years older than me called me in tears yesterday. Just Friday me,my sis and my 14year old nephew drove from here to Baltimore and my nephew asked me if I had any MJ. I just bought the 25th anniversary too! So we bumped it from start to finish and my nephew knew damn near all the songs and he's only 14! It just goes to show how his music crossed over!

I know to some mourning the loss of someone you never met seems strange but to me this is a piece of my childhood that has died.You never know how someone will impact your life. Michael represented a part of my youth that was innocent and fun! It makes me think of being a little kid(like 3-4) and seeing my brother and sister dancing to him. I'm thankful that my mom stood in line and got me damn near front row tickets to the Jackson Victory Tour! Plus she fed into my obession by buying me EVERYTHING Michael!

R.I.P Michael! You will truly be missed and thank you for providing me with endless songs to dance to!


Smarty Jones said...

Nice tribute, really nice. Now you gotta perk up for your party. Tell the DJ to play "Off the Wall," "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough" and "Smooth Criminal" back to back and you'll be OK.

The Jaded NYer said...

although I do not share the sentiment, I know when the time comes to mourn one of my musical idols I will understand what you- and millions of others- are feeling right now.

Hell I almost broke down when the DR singer I worship had a stroke, so I get it.

But like Smarty said, just play some at the party & get The Teacher to re-enact the dance moves w/you LMAO!!

Aretha said...

As much as I feel some kinda way about his behavior over the past decade, his music is classic and timeless. Until every station started playing all of his songs, I didn't realize just how much of his music is apart of the soundtrack of my life thus far.