Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Staying for paper

I said I wouldn't write about this whole Tiger shyt but I have to. A few of my girlfriends and one of their mothers had a discussion about this last night. I said maybe I could stay if he had an affair with one woman. While I would be hurt and upset I would MAYBE try and work on my marriage. I can't answer yes or no one way or the other because I'm not married and I think you have much more to lose in a marriage then when it's just a boyfriend/girlfriend.

But damn 10 women have now come out saying they had escapades with him. One of them saying she was the side chick when he was just dating Elin. She says Tiger told her that the marriage was just for his "image." I'm sure some of that is true. His image is or shall I say was scripted so well. I think white America embraced him so much because he didn't come out and say he was black. Instead he said some stupid azz shyt about being "Caublasian." Newsflash Tiger, mainstream America sees black!! Let's get that straight. You're not the lightest dude. Do you really think these wealthy white people wanted you at THEIR country club. Nah son, it just so happens that you're a hell of a golfer.

According to the reports I read that Tiger and Elin had a prenup for a 10yr period and she would get 20-25mil. Now since this happened Tiger's lawyers have sweetened the deal saying if Elin stays for two more years(which will total to 7 years of marriage) she'll get 55mil but if she walks now she'll only get 25mil.Hell that's a come up for her she was a damn nanny! So, the discussion me and my friends had was would you stay for the additional 30mil. MY answer would be NO! Like I stated above if it was one woman...maybe. Everyone is human and people make mistakes but I'm still not sure if I would forgive. BUT 10 have come forward....hell naw! That shyt is just disrespectful! One of these chicks being a porn star! NOPE! Another of them is a waitress at Perkins(for those you who don't know that restaurant it's like a hillbilly IHOP with better food. There's one in the city I grew up in). I would take the 25mil and be gone. That money is HERS! He will provide for his kids, they'll go to the best schools, have a nice azz house(s) with all the amenities. I'm taking it and running. TO ME the extra 30mil doesn't matter! My self respect does.
What say you. Would you take the 25mil now or wait for 2 more years and get the 55mil?

Extra:Did y'all read the text message that said" I'm gonna tear you up!" Maaan that shyt cracks me up. Not saying it's impossible but all I imagine is Tiger's funny sounding voice saying that...lmao!! Oh and another chick said he's very well endowed and she would give the azz a 12 out of 1-10 scale! Well, I guess he tore her up! Bwaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahhahahah!


Mizrepresent said...

Babygirl, things done changed...her stock has went up. Tiger has offered her 80 mill to stay, okay, 5 up front, and more to come, but check this...her lawyer says if she leaves she can get 330 mill. And last word, she bought a house in Sweded. The plot thickens.

suga said...

I'd stay for two extra years. In those two years, we'd be married but I'd live on the other end of whatever huge mansion we'd be staying in. Or possibly live in a completely different house. And my legs would be CLOSED. Our marriage would just be a contract and nothing more. He wouldn't even be able to say "Good morning" to me without my permission. I'd stay married to him, but actually pretending like we've worked things out and our marriage is successful? Hell to the naw.

Keith said...

12 women have now come forth,but who's counting? -:)

Who knew that Tiger was such a playa? lololololol.

E.M.H. said...

You can never truly say what you would do until you are put in that position. I would like to say that I would stay and work on my marriage if it was one MAYYYYYYYYYYYBe 2 indiscretions BUT 12!!!!!!!!!! 12 means that there is something seriously wrong and you don't wanna be in this marriage and I'm not stickin around 2 more years to figure it out!!!!!! With all that being said....more important than money there are two innocent children involved and I hope adults act like ADULTS and in the best interest of the children.

12kyle said...

i agree with EMH. It's hard to say what you'd do. She could leave and get the money but what is money to her? She loves that man. If he had to cough up 55 mil, that wouldn't hurt his pockets. He wouldn't have to move back in with his momma nem.

Reggie said...

I sincerely hope he's taking his Tiagra; if not, he won't be able the keep the vicious pace he's set for himself. What man could keep up with that many mistresses?!?