Thursday, February 25, 2010

Straight gettin' peeps

As most know I live in NYC. Brooklyn to be exact. I live in an area of Brooklyn that a lot of gentrification has occurred. BUT there is still a slight hood element. There are still bodegas where dudes hang out in front and try to holla every morning and dudes selling cigarettes( I guess you have to sell them cheap since a pack of Newports is dayum near $11). Besides the bodegas and west indian restaurants there are two medium sized grocery stores. I rarely go into these stores because I feel like they take advantage of the people in the neighborhood who don't have transportation or don't feel like hopping on the train to a major store and take a cab home.

So, yesterday after work. I had moved my car and got Totti positioned for the supposed storm that's coming tomorrow. I thought I need eggs. I love breakfast so I don't like to be without eggs. I decided to go to Associated since I don't patronize the other grocery store due to the fact they don't honor their price tags. Y'all I've seen it happen before but my goodness the price differential between this grocery store and the three stores I normally go to (Pathmark,Trader Joe's and Fairway--step below Whole Check) was insane! Yes a few things were cheaper but on average the prices were ridiculous! I love the Simply Limeade or Simply Raspberry Lemonade. At Pathmark it's usually like $3.29 but at Fairway it's always $2.79. Do you guys know at Associated the shyt was $4.89!!! A whole TWO dollars more! GTFOH!! Yeah, I could have bought it but on GP's sake I just couldn't do it. So, I walked out of there with some eggs, organic spring mix(which was cheap) and some cut up chicken for Curry(cheap...lots of west indians around). Also for a carton of medium eggs they were $2.29. I'm used to buying them at Trader Joe's for $1.79 but at Pathmark they're around the same price as the the rip off neighborhood grocery store!

I know I am blessed that I don't HAVE to shop at these stores. I have transportation to get to the other grocery stores and even if I didn't have my car. I still have enough money to take the train to the store and take a taxi home. It pisses me off that these stores charge this exuberant amount of money for their goods. Let me add that I was super surprised that their produce was very economical and it looked fairly fresh. I wish the neighborhood would take charge and demand change. This shyt is unacceptable,sad and downright pisses me off!


The F$%K it List said...

GIRL PLEASE! When I lived in Queens I saw the same thing. It makes no sense that they treat lemonade like a freaking luxury item. I would often walk a few more blocks just to get the REAL price on the goods I needed. Its insane I tell you!

Smarty P. Jones said...

This pretty much guarantees that I don't think I could ever live in NYC, WTF?! No wonder mofos is hungry!

12kyle said...

Neva been to Brooklyn. Gotta get there soon

Tyrone said...

Prices stay high in the hood and where there is little opportunity to go elsewhere.