Friday, April 9, 2010


My hair looks better but I still hate the length. It's right above my shoulders! I had a few tracks added so I wouldn't have to rock bangs. This stupid azz trick is going to end up costing me $950 because she doesn't know how to do hair. I wonder if I can turn her azz into the state or something! Must look into!

Hmmmm Tiki Barber so you think it's cool to leave your wife who is pregnant with twins for your blond intern who apparently babysat your other kids! NOT COOL! I don't think a judge will think it is either! Get ready to pay beyatch!

I ain't mad at you Oprah. Ms.Winfrey is leaving daytime talk next year to TAKEOVER the late night game on her own network. O is about to lock late night up. Bye bye Jay, Dave, Chelsea and whoever else is on at night! There's a new sheriff in town and her name is OPRAH! I love it!

Shout out to Tyki Nelworth. This young man overcame having his father die when he was 12. Being homeless and having his mom locked up the last two years. He's going to to West Point on a full ride! He said he couldn't let his circumstances hold him back and use that as an excuse not do to well! I think we can all learn from this young man.

Justice John Paul Stevens announced his retirement today. He said he wanted to do it during the Obama administration. Plus he'll be 90 in a few days. So we score another one on the Court! Thank goodness!

So Gov. McDonnell of Virgina is the first Gov in 8yrs to issue a proclamation declaring April as Confederate History Month. Something is VERY wrong with that! In his speech he mentioned NOTHING about slavery! How the eff can you talk about the Confederacy and not mention slavery? The President along with many Black elected officials in Va chastised him! Now he released a statement saying it was a HUGE error to not speak about slavery and he's sorry! Man forget that ish! You ain't sorry! You're a republican Governor in Virgina! GTFOH with that bs!

Just read that Garcelle Beuvais(Fancy from the Jamie Foxx show)put her husband on BLAST! She sent all his coworkers an email and in the subject line she wrote: Jesse James,Tiger Woods and Blank Nilon(can't remember his 1st name). She wrote how she just found out that her husband has been having an affair for the past 5 years with some skank from Chicago! WOW Garcelle! What's really hood? Keep that ish to yourself and just walk away and get the fat divorce settlement! Because God knows you ain't making any money! LOL!

I had a GREAT last weekend! Another dude keeps calling and asking me on a date but the date is always at a weird hour! I told him until he can make a date between the hours of 6-9 it ain't going to happen! Who the hell wants to meet at a coffee shop at 10:30pm! Yeah I get your all artsy fartsy and shyt but nah son!

Big up to Diggy Simmons(Rev Run's son) his song Made You Look is HOT! Too bad his older brother doesn't have the skills he has! He dropped some jewels!

My highschool reunion is this year. I'm going but I'm not that excited about seeing sooo many of "The Others!" Oh well! It's only for a weekend in June and I get to see my parents! I think I might have to give a speech. They don't want to hear what I have to!

I have NO plans this weekend but to sit in the house and watch Precious and This is It and drink a few glasses of wine! It's only going to be 60 here so that's good! I know when it's 78 in Brooklyn every weekend I will be ghost! Too many fine men to look at! LOL! Have a good weekend people!

Don't forget to watch Treme on HBO Sunday night at 10! It's getting rave reviews! It's set in New Orleans three months after Hurricane Katrina. It follows a wide array of characters struggling to rebuild their lives after "The Storm." It's from the producer of The Wire and The Corner! I'm going to give it some love!

What's random with y'all?


Keith said...

Great Post Shell...I'm chillin the same way you are this weekend..With some sweet wine and a good movie.

me said...

So much to address in this post. The Virginia Gov has annoyed me just like the rest of these idiots who like to celebrate the was downright treasonous, not patriotic...and it shouldn't be recognized in isolation....either recognize the entire war )both sides, or none at all dang it.

About Hurt feelings will make you step outside of yourself...sad, but true. Hopefully she doesn't do anything more crazy than that.

10:30pm for the start of the date..hmmm. That's not my thing either, but I guess someone must say ok, since he's asking.


E.M.H. said...

I haven't seen Treme but I wanna catch an episode or 2. I've heard good things as well and they just got picked up for a second season if I heard correctly.

As for Garcelle, I understand her being upset and unhappy but the media needs less info about personal relationships not more. No need to air dirty laundry!!!! "They" are only going to want to know more and more and more.

Maybe you'll have more fun at your reunion than you think :-). My ten year is next year, YIKES LOL. Ten years went by quickly. I think I'll definitely go to the first one :-)

12kyle said...

Love the randomness!

What's the point in Garcelle putting her husband on blast? She's gonna take him back! LMAO!!! You know I'm right

Tiki fell victim to the new P. Da P is like the 72 Dolphins...UNDEFEATED! LMAO!!!

Mizrepresent said...

What's up Shelly Shell. Looks like Wifeys 0 /Jumpoffs 6.

Hey, hair will grow back, but have you ever tried those extension pieces?

Chris said...

I love your style of writing, very fresh.