Monday, September 22, 2008


This is some random ish that either happened to me or I have observed or thougght over the last week.

I'm on the train and there's white lady about 45-50. She was crackish looking. She had on blue scrubs with paint splashes a tee shirt that says "Hot Girls Vote" and a zip up hoodie that says "Soulja Boy Tellum". Words cannot explain how hard I was laughing at this ish!

Dude with a big azz neck brace on kept giving me the "come get em eyes" For real so I can drop kick you in your neck and have you in straight traction!

Dude says to me "I think I know you" I said no you don't. I have seen him around the neighborhood before. The bullshyt started. "Man, I like the fire in your eyes ma, that says to me independent" Oh word cause they're about to shoot fire in about 30 seconds! This fool says I like independent women cause I'm independent...WTF? Then he says you look like you work out. We can go to the park and run together. At this point I say my bf wouldn't like that. He says oh I just want to be friends. Then proceeds to tell me about how some chick told him that she just wanted to be friends and next thing he knows they're effin. *crickets* I just walked away. He yells I guess we can't be friends! I guess not!

Why the F%&k did I have to be at work this morning at 7:30! I usually don't get here until 9:30-10:00. I get out of the shower at 8:45! Not happy!

I hate dudes that have beards that look like little "Nigga Naps" that real coarse curly tight hair. YUCK! When I see a dude that has that shyt on his face the only thing that I can think about is that they have dirty nuts! Example of dirty nut or stank nut dudes...Shawn Kemp...blahhh his nuts just look stank and hot! Charles Oakley..stink nuts! Definition of stink or dirty nuts is even if you take a shower there is no cleaning up the nut area! Just STANK!

To me Keisha Cole looks like she has stank coochie! She just looks dirty to me! I know I'm a weirdo but oh well!

I still haven't spoke to "The Teacher" it's kind of upsetting to me! I thought we were better than this! He does text me periodically. When we had our beef a few weeks back he did tell me that he was bringing over my stuff immeadiately. I have yet to see it!

I think I have a ghost in my house. My toothbrush was moved and then put back in the same place. I walked around yesterday with a butcher knife! LMAO like I was going to stab the ghost! bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha!

Why the eff did my sister, her stupid azz husband and my 13year old nephew just show up at my older nephew's dorm room yesterday morning? I called my nephew just to say hey and he said "my mom's here" I said, "oh she came to visit" He said "yep, and I wasn't expecting them" I could here in his voice that he was tight! I said,"oh she called you from outside" He was like "nah, I woke up to a knock on the door" I said "WTF?" I told my sister I hope the next time you do that he has a chick laid up in the bed. Anytime my sister tells me she is going to visit him I'm telling him. He's such a good kid and who the hell wants your fam just doing random pop ups. They had to drive over 2 hours to get there too! The sad thing is dumb and dumber felt like that was ok!

Why the hell did someone just send an email stating that they need some data by the end of business today. I politely said it wouldn't happen. I know the routine they didn't just find out they needed that data today at 10:30. I'm sure they knew last week and chose not to say shyt. Well, they won't get shyt from me today!

That "So Fly" song by Slim and Young Joc is FIYAH!


Eb the Celeb said...

whew chile you are too funny...

1st - you should have taken a pic of ol' girl on the train

2nd - i hate taco meat of all kinds... on the face, on the chest... ugh

3rd - lmao @ keyshia cole

4th - why when you blatantly show your disgust and the fact that your uninterested do nigz still feel the need to continue a conversation, and why did he think that him telling you about his friend turning into a F*&k buddy was going to make you more interested

5th - yeah ya sis is dead wrong for poppin up at the nephews dorm... dead wrong

6th - I hate when people at work think your suppose to jump because they said so... they procastinate and then expect you to catch them back up... sorry boo... wrong!

Have a good week missy!

kayellejaye said...

LMAO! Nice blog.

Your sis needs to stop playing. Having a dude's mom walk in when you're laid up with him is NOT the business. I should know.

Granted, I was in HER house, but that's another story for another day.


The F$%K it List said...

Ok your sister is DEAD WRONG! Your nephew is good because they would not have made it up in my room. Poor thang!

LMAO at dude screaming I guess we can't be friends.

Yeah I'm gonna need you to start carrying a camera for the tomfoolery that is the MTA

Mizrepresent said...

lol, but i feel you on Keisha Cole.

Don't you just love train rides...they are hilarious at most, and sometimes scary!

ShellyShell said...

I was pissed that I didn't have my camera cause that shyt was FUNNY!

Taco Meat is so gross! Blah

My sister and her husband are just retarded!

Thanks for stoppin by and checkin me out! I swear the next time she attempts that bs I'm telling him so he can be laid the hell up with a chick! LMAO at you getting busted by someone's momma!

@F$%K it
Just thinking about my sister doing that dumb shyt irks the hell out of me! I can't believe her husband went along with the bs! Dumb asses...if it was me their feeelings would have been HURT!

Dudes are too stupid.

Lawd she looks like her shyt smells like the worst fish in the world! LOL! Just dirty. My boy calls her "hood dirty" LOL

lanibear said...

Girl, I have chased a ghost or two with some holy water, bible, knife, flashlight...then just hid in the closet with my cell phone and called any dude I know would come over and get me!!

12kyle said...

u know i love the randomness

i hope things work out with you and the teacher. i'm pullin for ya

have you seen the hammer lately?

lmao @ stank coochie!!