Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend wrap up

I have a lot of shyt to say but not much in the mood to write. So here's some random shyt!

OMG I forgot to tell y'all I ran into "The Hammer" on Friday. I went to a spot called Fashion 40 and he was in there. I saw him and just rolled my eyes. This dude decides it was a smart idea to try and get close to me. So, he starts talking to a girl that was standing close to me and my crew then he moves to the bar where I'm standing so his back is up against my back. This mfer had the nerve and audacity to try and move back...Y'all I killed his kidney! Then he thinks it's smart to turn around and try and squeeze in between me and my homegirl(he's not a small dude like 6'4" and 230) she was like dude this is not a good look and he's all smug and still tries to talk to me. I said I have NOTHING to say to you and you need to get to stepping, he's still trying to talk to me and laugh and reach out. Needless to say I went CLEAN THE F$CK OFF!! And mushed him in his face.The mush was called for because he started to invade my personal space. He went and told security on me then I told security the inappropriate comments he had said to me and they told him to stay away from me. My homeboy and his boys came in there and I told them so they went over very professionally and told him to NEVER approach me again. He left 10 minutes later! We left after that then went to a spot called Santos Party room. I recommend this place. Q-Tip and Rich Medina dj'd all night and they played nothing but old school that place was FIYAH!! It was only $10! I danced until 4:30.

Saturday I had to get up and attempt to get a hood hook up on my inspection because I knew that she was going to fail. My boy gave me a hook up. I had to go to a house that looked like it should have been condenmed and pick up a note that said "Take care of my peoples" LMBAO!! Then had to go to the garage and ask for Ahmed. He told me I needed front brakes and gave me a deal. I got brakes,pads and labor for $75. It was worth all the shady! Then I went home and saw a friend of mine and he took me to a little ass restaurant that had room for 6 people with a lady name Jean cooking her ass off. My goodness I got Curry Goat, rice and beans,potatoe salad and a salad for $6. It was soooo much food and soo fricken good! Lawd that's why I love living in Brooklyn!!

Sunday went to church then to brunch and ate by myself because my friends are retarded. I told my homegirl that we were going to brunch at 1:30 and the place was on Union between 6th and 7th. I text her and tell her I'm there she text back and said why. I said to eat brunch she said oh I thought you meant between 6 and 7. *crickets* Who the f&ck eats brunch between 6 and 7. My other girl is the one who text me at 9am for brunch and she doesn't show up until Needless to say I had alreday had three mimosas and my eggs benedict. Ugghghgh! After we went to Habana Outpost and chilled out for awhile. While at Habana I had a chance to finally meet The F$%k It List and her cute son, CJ, her sister and niece!She couldn't stay long but I will see her again on Saturday for the bloggers brunch!
After that my homeboy showed up and wanted to go to Sugarcane and get Oxtails so we rolled out and went and had Oxtails, shrimp roti and jerk chicken. The oxtails were delicious. You can always tell the way Trinis make their oxtails and roti compared to Jamaicans. After we went back and met my homegirls at Brooklyn Moon to see what the next spot was. One of my girls decided that she wanted to ride on a bike with one of the million bikers that was out. She called us and told us she was at a bbq we got sidetracked for awhile and met her three bbq's later. There were so many people and a ton of streets were blocked off due to the West Indian day parad today and it was Juve last night. We had to park the car and my girl had to send three bikers to come and get me and my girls since it was easier for bikers to wean through traffic. Man, we got to this party and there had to be at least 1000 people. Soca music blastin, jerk burnin in the yard and people just dancing! I got home this morning at 6:52! My people decided that they wanted to go to the parade and to come by my house since I live the closet to the parade. It was sooo damn hot on the Pkwy and had too many people. I haven't been to the west indian parade in years and even though I live around the corner I had no desire to go! I had to park my car in a whole nother section of BK because of all the parking restrictions. But I succombed to peer pressure and went for an hour. Then took my people back to the small ass restaurant. They all had jerk chicken, mac and cheese, rice and peas and oxtails and were sucking the bones so I take it the food was good!

So, that's my weekend and I'm absolutely EXHAUSTED!!!

Oh yeah. What do you y'all think about Sarah Paulin's 17 year old daughter being preggo? I find it to be quite interesting!


12kyle said...

i think somebody is gonna have to kick the hammer's ass. that dude has a lotta nerve! glad to hear that you had a good weekend, tho.

i find it interesting that mcshame would drop this news while hurricane gustav dominates the headlines. i'm not surprised, tho

The F$%K it List said...

It was great finally meeting you. CJ and I were so exhausted that once we got home I feel asleep at exactly 8:30, which made the Mr. pissed but whatever.

I came out to that damn parade for 20minutes. I came up from Franklin with CJ (on my way to my friends house) and fought with the people to get right back on the train. I haven't had any desire to go either it just too hot and too many folks acting the damn fool.

And what's the name of that place with all that food for $6 I need to get there pronto. haha.

The F$%K it List said...

oh and Paulin's daughter being preggo hmmm.... I can't see how the Christian conservatives can support their candidacy with a straight honest face now. The more that comes out about her the more fool I think McCain is.

ShellyShell said...

Hammer is a straight jackass! uhhh! I'm really surprised that McSham would even pick her as a running mate she had to divulge that her daughter was pregnant. I just don't understand how he thinks this is going to resonate with women.

@F$%K it list
I wish I went to bed at 8:30. I barely got any sleep and it's already 11! I live by Franklin and it was a mess over here and still is. I just came in the house and there are sooo many people out!
The spot is on Union and Franklin and I think it called "A Taste of Down Home"

Eb the Celeb said...

hammer sounds like a lame catch... physique wise a good catch... but all the games... c'mon now... why are NYC men so lame

I love fashion 40... the environment is always on point its just so freakin small in there...

I stopped going a couple months ago on friday when the perpetrators starting coming out. Like the ones who didnt really have a job but would put on a suit and come out and act like they just got off work. yeah... their afterwork on friday turned into perpetrator

Dione said...

Eww wee! I am so mad at partying until 4am and all for only $10!! That's what's up!
Amen for getting your boys to PROFESSIONALLY tell "Hammer" to step off. I heart my professional cousins :-)
McLame had truly given us a gift when he selected Palin... 17 year old unmarried pregger daughter, husband who was part of a federation whose sole purpose was to SEPARATE Alaska from the rest of the United States of America... LESS experience than Obama but had the nerve to be throwing some stones. Just Tacky!!
P.S. I'm adding you to my blog roll!

ShellyShell said...

@ eb
That was my first time in Fashion 40 in a minute. I stopped going because of the same reason but seems like they cleaned it up a bit!

Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blogroll! McSham is a mess. I wanted to jump thru the ev last night and choke the shyt out of him. Paulin and her redneck husband. Ugggggg!

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, all i got to say is that it sounds like my kind of weekend...i can't wait to hang out with y'all!