Monday, December 22, 2008

The Balls of my feet

Geesh Louise! The damn balls of my feet still hurt. I guess that's what happens when you decide you want to look cute rockin 3.75 inches fiyah boots on Friday and Saturday.

Friday was my homegirls Christmas party at her bosses apartment. This apt was LAID. I was told it was worth about 2.5mil! The food and wine flowed until midnight. Then we went to some spot with some dude who was treated like a superstar. Superfast escort to the VIP section and 2 bottles of Goose immeadiately appeared. From there wen ventured to the meatpacking district to a place called 49 Groove. It was heavily populated with the others but the music was good! I walked out and jumped in a cab and brought my ass back to Brooklyn. It was also 4:15am.

I got up at 10 and made it to bootcamp and went and got a fresh doobie for my fabulous night out with Eb,Jaded, F&%K it, Dollface, Andrea and Charreah(did I spell her name right Eb?) LOL! I would import pics but I have NO idea how to do it with this Mac! Since you can't right click and Save As with this bitch! Ugggg! Our night started at the $5 spot(topshelf) from 3-9 EVERYDAY! We get it in on! Well I showed up 52 min late and Eb was already 2-3 drinks in! After a few drinks and shots we head to dinner and meet up with Jaded and Charreah and her friend! Dinner was interesting we were told to be quiet by the owner and Eb was talking to these lighter persuasion chicks and telling them to reject their pussies! LMBAO the shyt was HILARIOUS!!!!! We left there and went to the Vault where we drank and danced more! Eb tapped out, F$%K it went home to her hubby(she was NOT rejecting her pussy) and Jaded and I stayed then went to another spot where Lani was working. That will be another post cause it was PURE Hilarity! All in all it was a GREAT night and I look forward to doing it again ladies!!!


Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... why the hell did I forget about how I was telling them to reject their pussies...lmao... it all came back as I was reading... and for the record I dont think that sloppy looking chick was the owner... we gotta do some research on that one when we go back tonight...

and I think you spelled her name right... either way her blog name is Queen To Be so you can used that if you want.

and girl push control and the left click at the same time and the window will pop up to save... you are crazy

The Jaded NYer said...

Oh that's right... we did get shushed by the "owner"

But quietly- why is that the SECOND time we got shushed, EB? Didn't we also get told at brunch this summer? smh...LMAO!!!!!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

I'm mad that no one remembers that the "owner" Ssh ya'll. I will not be banned at Boca Chica, absolutely not.

I had a ball before I went home to my hubby! I will see you all in January for the bday party. Sorry Eb its going to be in BK and you better be there, There will be a lot of single guys :)