Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NYPD Got Me!

So, the wonderful people who sport blue got me yesterday! They said I was parked in a school zone. Well, I've been living here for almost 2 years and park there ALL the damn time. But don't worry blog fam...I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK! I was parked behind the sign that said NO PARKING FROM 7-4 ON SCHOOL DAYS! I took pictures...booyah! But I still had to pay the $185 to get my shyt out of the pound!

Let's talk about how the wonderful city employees work(sorry if anyone works for the city but this is what I observed). Last night at 7:30 I came to the sad realization that my baby was towed. I came in my house and hopped on the MAC and went straight to NYC.gov put in my license plate number and just as I had suspected...Totti was in custody. So, I called the number that was for Brooklyn tows and guess what NO ONE answers. I called Manhattan and of course they said the place should be open till 8:30. So, she tried to call and she gave me three other numbers to call and guess what...yep you guessed No ONE answered the mothereffin phone! So, Totti had to stay in an unfamiliar place last night. Something told me to get my azz up early and head to the Navy Yard(that's where they hold the cars). I took the train to the closest station. *sigh* Why was it a 18min brisk walk in the effin rain! By the time I got there my legs were wet and I was in no mood. The first thing I asked the lady was what time they close during the week she told me 9:00pm. Y'all I wanted to bust through the glass and choke the shyt out of the beyatch. I said really because I started calling at 7:30 and NO ONE answered. She said I don't know. Yeah beyatch you don't know because you lazy mothereffers didn't want to do shyt! Needless to say I didn't act an effin fool but I damn sure wanted to but figured I'd have to pay bail on top of towing fees! LOL!

As I was driving off the lot my favorite teacher called me to make sure he didn't have to come and get me...lol! After I got off the phone with him I tried to text and guess what...I couldn't! Arrrr! The damn phone has a malfunction so I can't text or call out. Thank goodness I have voice dial! My last 24 hrs have been pretty shytty! Nothing a few Margaritas can't cure! I'm on my way to meet Eb the Celeb, Jaded Nyer and F_Uitlist for a few cocktails for Cinco de Mayo!

Another shytty thing happended yesterday too. I will blog about that Thursday. This beyatch tried to come out her face at work and she quickly learned who she was dealing with! Ha!
Oh yeah.....that's not my Honda minivan being towed!


Keith said...

Some days you feel like you should have never gotten out of bed..I see this was one of those kind of days for you. We all have them..Have a Margarita for me and relax..Tommorow is another day..I hope it's a better day for you.

If you have On Demand on your cable, catch the A&E show "Parking Wars" It's shot here in Philly...You'll see that you are not alone in dealing with cars and the parking authority of a big city.

The F$%K it List said...

The NYPD is on a mission lately. I got slapped with a ticket this evening for an expired inspection sticker... uhm yeah my inspection sticker expires NEXT WEEK!.

Drinks make everything better. We'll do it bigger next week.

chele said...

That sucks. Hope those drinks helped.

The Jaded NYer said...

Girl... I love me some cops but sometimes they try your patience!!

And be happy it was only $185... you already know when my ex didn't pay his tickets how much it cost ME to get the car out of the lot... GRRRR!

Smarty Jones said...

Glad you got your whip back ain't nothing like having to hoof it in the rain!

12kyle said...

Normally...I'd be laughin my ass off by now. But I've seen my car on that tow rack before. And that aint cool!