Thursday, May 28, 2009

So the others are still doing this ish

As soon as I saw this story on the Today Show yesterday I knew it was BULLSH!T! But yet it makes national news because a white lady and her daughter were supposedly abducted from the suburbs by guess who.... TWO BLACK MEN! GTFOH!

According to police reports she called 911 and said these two men rear ended her truck and snatched her and her daughter and threw them in the trunk! Word lady? I would think that they would just throw your ass out of the truck and steal the damn thing!Why the eff would they want you and your kid and NOT take the mothereffin truck? Why did the police locate the cell signal 25 miles away from where she said the accident was. Later on they found her truck with NO DAMAGE! Upon further investigation they found this beyatch at Disneyworld!

I'm glad the prosecutor of Bucks County Pa is going to prosecute this beyatch to the fullest extent of the law! Thank goodness that the police did not pull over and question any black men driving Cadillacs because Lord knows they'd still be questioning them now! But shit irks the hell out of me to the point I can barely put it into words! This supposedly helpless white lady is abducted by the bigh black men this isn't the first time this shit has happended and unfortunately it won't be the last!


chele said...

This is the worst kind of bulls@it.

Aretha said...

I rolled my eyes at that foolishness too. It just doesn't make any sense.

I think she's all around crazy...who makes up a story like that in the first place??

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Been a long time since I stepped through...

What's good!

Now, onto the story. Chick was dumb from the get up. How the heck does getting abducted help her out of her troubles?

I hate that they always bag brothers on these deals, but white folks know the game and they know what will legitimize it.

I know...that still don't make it right.

The F$%K it List said...

I'm just to threw with this country and its backwards ass. First off what brother is going to be jacking in a caddy? And what the hell they gonna do with you and your child stupid white B!

If you want to go to Disney carry your ass and leave others out of it.

Its unfortunate but in this country the Black man will ALWAYS be a predator, Obama can't even change that shit!

Mizrepresent said...

U know from the moment she uttered "two black men" i thought bullshit...really. THen i went on to read, (like i always do) the bs from the resident racists on Yahoo, who condemn every black man, woman or child, just bc of what the media says but never retract or apologize for their blatant judgements even when they learn the TRUTH! THis once again is BS...always, man i am so sick of this tired...but i keep my head up...and won't let their sickness be my undoing.

12kyle said...

maybe she missed the memo but OBAMA is in office now. we have no time for this kinda bullshit. not only should she serve time but she should be made to do maaaaad hours of community service in the hood!