Friday, March 19, 2010

Hair Repair

Insert major sad face here! Last Friday I went to get my hair highlighted and OMG it didn't go well. After 6hr 23min my hair was BLOND!! Umm didn't I only want highlights? It looked so horrible y'all that I just laughed and said I hate it to keep from crying. So, she had me come back the next day to tone it down. Before I went to the salon my homeboy came over and said what the eff happened to your hair? You look like Mufassa from the Lion King! He was like your hair color was nice before. He proceeded to tell me my hair looked ghetto as hell!

So, I go back to the salon and bring pictures and explain yet again what I want my hair to look like etc. Then I was just like make it all one color. I have no idea what the hell type of color she used but it was BURNING my damn scalp like a relaxer! At this point my hair looks a mess! So, she proceeds to tell me that she's used to working at an urban salon and most black women don't get their hair colored. WTF type of comment is that? WTF are you talking about? So, my mom, sister and MANY of my homegirls aren't black? No, chick you just don't know how to color hair. If you would have said that coloring is not my forte but I can cut and style. I would have said cool. Hell, I used to have a hairdresser in DC who couldn't style your hair worth a damn but was a color specialist. He knew his limitations! She knew she effed up because she said I'm not going to charge you. Yeah after you effed up my healthy ass hair!

At any rate. My hair is so damaged that it makes me sick to my stomach to look at it. My hair was healthy and shoulder length. I now have more than three inches of damage. The top of my hair is falling out, the hairline is dried out beyond belief. I have been deep conditioning and moisturizing like crazy but this damage is irreparable! She put bleach in my hair! So just last week at this time my hair was the length I wanted and healthy. Today at 3. I have to shell out beaucoup dollars to go to some expensive ass hair guru. I also have to get my hair cut probably into a chin length bob. I hate my hair short because I think it's too much maintenance. I like to go to the gym and throw my hair in a ponytail. My hair is so brittle I can't even have it weaved up!

I would post pictures but I'm just to disgusted right now.


chele said...

I am so sorry. Most black women don't get their hair colored??? What an idiot.

me said...

I'm so sorry...if anyone should know, a stylist should know how important hair is to women...I can't believe she didn't just tell you her limitations.

It may take a while, but you'll get your hair back to healthy!


E.M.H. said...

:-/ I'm so sorry. She knew she didn't know how to color and she should have told you before experimenting on your hair!!!! :-/ I'm not sure what color it is now, but would a cellophane help? I heard that its a good way to conditioner your hair. Maybe ask another stylist that's good with color and conditioning about it :-/ At the end of the day try not to stress too much :-/ It will grow back :-)

The F$%K it List said...

Lord you didn't tell me she said most Black women don't get their hair colored. I do believe I am black *checks arm color* and she's done my color more than once.

iCan't with this right now.

Smarty P. Jones said...

OK, this may not be a good time to say this, but maybe you should let your tresses rest from the chemicals for a spell. Get a really cute wig and let it grow out.
I'm so sorry, girl. If you see her in the streets, she need her ass beat, for real.

ShellyShell said...

I went last week and got major inches cut off. I now have bangs.....I HATE them but he had to do what he had to do to salvage my hair. It now looks healthy like it did before but it's short as hell! I hate my hair short. I'm getting a piece put in so it's all one length and no bangs.

@F$%k it
Yeah she told me that dumb shit! I thought I was going to slap the shit out her when she said "I work in an urban salon and most black women don't get their hair cut." Bitch what?

Wigs are too damn hot. I'd be walking around with the shit sideways! It's just funny to me that all my years I had a relaxer in my hair and got my hair colored that I NEVER had breakage! I'm going to weave it up in May and let it rest for the summer and early fall! I just wasn't looking forward to spending $600 on that shyt!

Mizrepresent said...

I'm so sorry gurl, but i couldn't help but left at "Mufassa". This happened to me before. I wanted highlights as well and i ended up a blond. I went to work everybody was looking at me strange, so much so, i wanted to hide. I went back, and yet still it wasn't dark enough, so i bought me so brown dye and did it myself. Just like you, my hair came out. It is a troubling experience, so much so, that i don't ever think i will get highlights again. Feel better lady!

Arnetta Green said...

Noooo!!! That is horrible! The only thing that makes somebody's mistake even worse is when they give a sorry explanation for it. And not to bring race into it, but she couldn't of had been a Black person...was she? Most of the black folk I know get their hair highlighted. I've never heard anything like that before. Either way, protective styling should get your hair back into shape.

ShellyShell said...

HELL YEAH SHE WAS BLACK! Obviously she went to a bootleg cosmetology school. She was good at styling but obviously nothing else!