Friday, March 12, 2010


I got so much shyt going on in this dome that I don't even know where to begin. A lot of personal shyt and random thoughts! Since it's going to be raining like shyt this weekend. I'll be in the crib thinking about life and cleaning my dirty azz room!

Tuesday night I'm walking down 42nd street after having drinks with friends and some random guy pops me in my arm. At first I was shocked and then I was like "yo, did you just pop me in the arm?" Y'all I don't know what took over me but I ran towards him and kicked him in the leg and then dropped kicked the cart he was pulling behind him. Then I ran back down the street saw to cops and told them what happened. They were like "do you want to press charges?" I said "Nah, I handled it!" Bwahahhaa! That's nuts but on a serious tip. Dude was crazy and could have possibly had a weapon. I could have been sliced instead of punched!
I'm so glad my homeboys weren't there because we would've tore up 42nd street!

I'm going to spend beau coup dollars to have my hair highlighted tonite! I don't care about the loot. I don't do it often! I still haven't made a final decision on going back to the creamy crack.

My mom still hasn't recovered fully from her knee replacement surgery in August. It saddens me to see she doesn't have that pep in her step she always had! I think she's sad to!

I'm on Operation Sexy and I've been seeing results. I always work out but now I'm being diligent on my caloric intake and I only go to one happy hour a week!(That's big)!

I need changes in my career and I MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I've been slacking on my church going and Bible study! I HAVE to do better! There's no excuse.

At midnight I made a Vegetable Quiche, Banana Bread and Apple Pie. It was my first time making quiche and the bread and it came out quite tasty! Why do I cook at midnight? I'm nuts! LOL! I honestly don't know why. I think it's therapeutic!

This chick has on leggings and heels today. The leggings end about 6 inches above her ankles and in the back have gold zippers! Oh word? That's NOT ok! We work in an investment bank on Wall St. That's not ok! I've heard so many people comment about the pants! All I can do is shake my head!

I've been working here for three years and for the same amount of years this lady has been on Weight Watchers with NO results! I wonder what the heck she's eating at home! Three years??

I love March Madness but I have no favorite team to route for this years since my Tarheels suck hot monkey nuts this year! Uhhh!

I found this restaurant in the city called Mara's! OMG! It's the BIZNESS! It specializes in creole cooking. I'm a little hesitant to believe folks who say creole restaurants are good. Why? Because my mom is from Lousiana, I lived in Houston and most of my friends are from New Orleans! But I will say this place is pretty damn good! I had NINE lbs. of crawfish! Lawd y'all they were so dayum good! The Boudain,Alligator bites,crab,shrimp,bananas foster and even the dayum Hurricanes! Dammit I want to drop kick someone! YUM!

I have a confession to make! I LOVE that Luda song "My chick Bad" I only like the version with Diamond,Trina and Eve! Eve goes so hard on it! Trina's part is nasty but I likey! LMAO!

What's poppin random with you guys?


Arnetta Green said...

And I thought I was random! LOL

Okay, that first story was hilarious...and a little disturbing. Second, my mom had knee replacement too and it took her a while, but she's got that extra pep in her step even moreso than it's def worth the wait. Third, I'm putting Mara's on my "restaurants to hit up before I go to Japan" list. And last, but not least...I LOVE Trina's flow in that song.

12kyle said...

I told you a lonnng time a thug! Lol! Please don't ever do that again. He could've been strapped and shot you right there on the street! You are crazy! LoL

Cooking at midnight is strange. Just make sho that you aint eating at midnight

me said...

You are gangsta, LOLOLOL....note to self, don't mess with shelly shell, haha.

I heard that song for the first time over the weekend...I'm not feeling it so much...maybe if I hear it again.

Random with me: Just got back from Florida...I decided to come into the office for the last part of the day, but instead of working I'm checking blogs. My office smells like someone has died and is rotting because I left a bag of lunch in here...not good.