Monday, July 7, 2008

Follow Thru

I didn't do too much this weekend. I went to a bbq Saturday and Sunday. I spent the majority of the weekend thinking if I truly want to be with "The Teacher" He is the one person besides my mom that can set me the f*ck off! As I've stated in a previous post. He is the most caring,considerate, loving dude,however; he is the ABSOLUTE worst on follow thru.
I'm at happy hour on Thursday(if anyone every wants to go to HH in NYC Mon-Thurs go to the Fat Black Pussy Cat...topshelf $4 from 3-8)He text me and ask me what am I doing.I tell him where I'm at etc. I tell him to come down he says he probably will but he's still in class plus he was sore. He has a degenerative hip disorder which will require surgery. His doctor according to him "stretched him like a $5 whore" I said cool just let me know. He gets out of class at 9:30 so around 11ish I said where is teacher. I text him and this dude has the nerve and audacity to say I'm at Kevin's chillin drinking a Corona. *crickets* Y'all I saw stars if I was close to him I seriously would have popped the piss out of his ass! I didn't care that he didn't come and meet me. What I cared about is that he didn't have enough common courtesy to tell me. I was sooo pissed that I couldn't even talk to him until the next day. He knew I was hot too. The next day when I finally felt that I could speak to him without going the hell off. Although I immediately went off. He said he was sorry and that he understands why I was mad. I was like do you or are you just saying that to shut me up! Then the argument just escalated from there. It was kind of an one sided argument. He doesn't! I must have really pissed him off. Because he told me that if I ever talked out of my face like that too him again. He was going to let me have it! Now for the past year this dude has never raised his voice,talked out of turn or swore at me. So I know I REALLY pissed him off. Then he said damn Shell you are so combative if I was a different type of man I could pop you in your mouth! I felt bad that I got him that worked up, but dammit I just wanted him to get that he didn't have to come but inform me of the change in plan. He has a bad habit of doing that. I know I shouldn't take it personally because he does it to everyone in his family etc. But damn the only thing you got is your word if you don't follow thru on that then you don't have shit!

Everyone tells me that I shouldn't complain if that's the only thing he does wrong. Geesh he doesn't do it maliciously but it sure pisses me off! LOL! He did tell me yesterday that he really is going to work on doing better with the follow thru since he knows it bothers me. I guess that's all I can ask!


12kyle said...

i dunno about this one. if this is the only thing that he does wrong...then that's good. then again, that's very irresponsible, too. it's almost like having ADD. how do you forget something like that?

you were dead azz wrong for gettin' in his face! lol. sounds like he's a good dude, tho. you need to hang onto him and WORK WITH HIM

thangs will get better.

ShellyShell said...

Man you have NO idea how much this shit pisses me off!! I told him I sound like a record on repeat and I'm done singing the song. I told him I was tired of talking to a 30year old man. He's a good dude but my goodness is drives me crazy! I would normally drop a dude so fast but there's something about the teacher I can't! I'm going to take your word and keep working with him!!!!

12kyle said...

keep workin with that brutha. but he also has to understand that he needs to act like a grown man. not a forgetful teen

The F$%K it List said...

Ok that in my book is a get up and exit left! My hubby did that to me once when we were dating and I wouldn't speak to him a months. He would call,beep me and I would not bother. When he finally caught me on the street he was like OK I GET IT!

Oh yes I'm back! I was in Rehab,hehe

ShellyShell said...

@the f$%k it list
this dude makes me soo damn mad. When I try the NCNA(no call no answer) he blows the hell out of my cell and house phone. We went out to dinner last night and I really explained to him why I felt like that and he was like I promise Shell I'm going to do better....we'll see cause my patientience is running thin!

The F$%K it List said...

Thats good news. As long as he truly tries its all good. OOHHH I Hate the NCNA blow up, my hubby and I had an argument about that today. I told him I call once, maybe I page you (hate you sprint) but thats it.... Him on the other hand will call everyone that knows me until I call back.

True story he called my mom once...uhm yeah we were already living together and I was right in the house sleeping. UGH