Friday, July 18, 2008

Random thoughts

This week has been hectic to say the least. I hate you SEC....rule changes have made this place chaotic! I'm so happy it's Friday! I'm not even going out tonite(SHOCKER)but I'm going to handle that tomorrow!!! I have 3 rooftop parties to attend so I have to get my rest! I don't feel like thinking about anything so I'm just going to post randsome ish!

I'm walking to the train the other day and this dumb ass hanging in front of the bodega says hello. I say hello back but he didn't hear me so he proceeds to yell "so you can't say hello why cause I don't have on a suit and shyt?" Now normally I would just be like whateva hoodrat but I turned around and went clean the f*ck off! Beyatch stop hanging out in front of the bodega at 9am and maybe a respectable woman will give you the time of day. GTFOH with your bullshyt! Don't let the fly clothes fool you I WILL go the f*ck off!

Why the chick I sit next to me say "Shell what did you order from Sephora?" "Shampoo and conditioner" "What kind?" I tell her. Five minutes later this broad says "You must be rich" I was like "WTF are you talking about?" She had the nerve and audacity to tell me she looked up the shampoo and conditioner and it's expensive. I looked at her and said I like what I like. WTF did she feel like that was appropriate to check to see how much I spend on my shyt! She's lucky she didn't get cussed out! She might want to try it since her hair stays looking a hot ass mess! Plus we work in corporate America at a major investment bank does she think it's appropriate to rock "wife beaters" no jacket, sweater nothing but the beater! *crickets*

Since I'm talking about work people. I heard this other chick on the phone this morning talking to her brother I later found out. All I heard was "Are you sad, well you sound sad" "you sure you're not sad, well I know you got kicked out of the bedroom" Y'all I was at my desk rollin. At the time I had no idea who she was talking to but she must have asked dude if he was sad 10 times. So, me being my nosy self I asked a chick that sits next to her if she heard that exchange she said no but she knew exactly what I was talking about. I have no idea why I though that shyt was funny but I did...LMBAO!!

My homegirl just text me and said don't forget about brunch on Sunday and let's shoot to meet at 3:00. Whoa wait a minute 3 is she for real? That's damn near dinner time. I text back and said can we shoot for 2(which is still late since I get out of church at 11:45)but if everyone else agrees on 3 they can go ahead without me and I would get up with them next week. Shyt I can go home and make me some bacon, eggs and grits and be happy! This chick had the nerve to text me back and say why what are you doing after 3 why can't you do it etc. Beyatch it doesn't matter what the f*ck I'm doing. Try I'm going the F*ck home and chillin and I don't want to eat motherf*ckin brunch at 3 or later. Needless to say I didn't and I won't answer that text because she will NOT like my response. Last time I checked I was grown don't be questioning me!

There's a chick that hangs out with us sometime because she knows my homegirl. She's a little younger than us(26) but we try and include her in somethings. Y'all at first I liked her but she gets on my DAMN nerves...ughghghgh! She is soo damn stoopit. I try and chalk it up to her being 26 but I don't think that's it! I was not this dumb at 26. Back in April we were at the NFL draft party she was prancing around like a straight video ho! So, I'm standing there and some player comes up to me and was talking. Why is she standing behind dude mouthing Michelle why are you talking to him etc. After our conversation was over I was like wtf is wrong with you. She was like he's too short for you. (I'm 5'8" and I always wear at 3.5in heels)I was like he was just talking. If you're polite to me I won't act an ass to you...for what? Then she proceeds to talk to this dude that was so damn arogant why you ask....cause he had a nice watch on. Are you effin serious? I had to break it down to her I have dated 6 and 7 figure dudes. Just because you have serious loot does not equate to me being happy! She is a Ceritifed JACKASS! I haven't been out with her since. But the worst thing is she is going on vacation with me and my crew in August....I hope I don't end up in jail for popin the piss out of her little ass! I find out last night that this chick has been calling in to work sick so she can go to casting calls to be in rap videos? Are you serious? You want to be a video ho? That shyt is ok(I guess) at 21 but not at 26. Plus she is a banker at a major investment bank. I saw her Sunday afternoon at our hang out spot in BK and this chick looked like a street walker. A dude off the street gave her $20 and said please take a cab ma, I would hate to see you get on the train like that. The cab driver asked her if he could park his car and come up....yup nuff said!! This chick found nothing wrong with this! I'm done she is officially a bird!

I hope y'all enjoy your weekend. I'm going to try but it's going to be hot ass hell in NYC! I hate heat like that!

UPDATE--- I am going out!The foolishness that occured while typing this has pushed me over the edge!!


Rich said...

I see that if nothing else, you get shyt off your back with this blog. That was a funny read. Have a great weekend.

The F$%K it List said...

Ok now we work in the same field and it anyone that works for me EVER came in with a wife beater on it be on and popping. And we are corporate casual and its still a no-no.

And old girl who looked up the shampoo would have gotten it. That's so rude.

ShellyShell said...

Yeah after I got the text from ole girl that shyt just set me off for the remainder of the! I'm not usually this pissed off!

@f$%k itlist
I have no idea why this chick feels like it's ok to rock wife beaters. She normally wears a beater and a skirt. I always look at her sideways like WTF are you doing? She told me she ran to Old Navy to buy a new white beater. *sigh* Eventually I'm going to have to say something It's the same chick who wears wife beaters and looks up my shampoo. She's a straight mess!

Mizrepresent said...

Hey girl, well i do like how you get shyt off your chest, major funny, and telling off that dude, see that would have been so like me...i normally ignore fools like that too, but on some days you just have to show them that "side"...i love it when their jaw drops too!

Now as for 26...smh...she'll learn, unfortunately the hard way!

12kyle said...

@ ShellyShell
3 rooftop parties??? I hear you, Puffy! Lmao

Lmao @ u going off on that dude

I'm tryna picture a chick rockin a wife beater on Wall Street. Not a good look.

As for the 26 year old...leave her alone. Let her be an idiot on her own time