Monday, July 13, 2009

Mid Year Review on Goals

Below are the goals I posted back in January for myself! Guess what. I haven't completed NOT ONE OF THESE GOALS! It's a damn shame! I'm so disappointed in myself!
1.I mean damn I couldn't even keep my word to God! It's never too late so I will read the Bible(I'm just six months late in starting) But dammit I will read it! I can't let God down!

2. I did one volunteer program! I really suck! I'm doing some things at work and helping people who've been out of the job market for awhile. I will be reviewing their resumes and conducting mock interviews! Most of the people are former welfare recipients.

3.Hmm well can't lose weight Shell when you're too busy partying! Needless to say I haven't lost any weight but not gained either.

4.Tithe more. Can't tithe if you don't take your ass to church! I didn't go to church the entire month of June! I SUCK! But I did do bedside baptist and tithed one time! I went to church this past Sunday and tithed! I must go the remainder of July!

5.Toastmasters---yeah right! Only thing I've been toasting is my damn Vodka!

6.Decide if I'm going to business school! Yep, I want to go but am doing nothing to make it happen! I need to take Calculus since I haven't taken it in 5 years! You think I signed up for a summer class. Hell no, I'm too busy partying! I'm the worst! I WILL BE IN SCHOOL IN THE FALL TAKING ALL MY PRE-REQ'S!

7.Never bought my flat screen! That's out of pure laziness! And me saying I don't watch as much tv in the summer! I will buy one by the time College Basketball starts! Go Heels!

8.I haven't ran a single 5k! I still have time!

9.Blog three times a week! I have failed miserably at this!

This weekend was my last weekend going out they way I have! I have been completely out of control In the last 6 weeks I think I've spent $2500 on going out and eating out! That is damn ridiculous! I'm not wanting for money but that loot could be in my ING account or spending money for Barcelona! I'm very disappointed in my behavior thus far for the year! Out of 9 goals I've completed 1! Fricken ONE! I WILL DO BETTER!

1.Read the Bible- I found a chart that shows you how to read the Good Book in a year! I've already slipped up but I had to play catch up. I can't play around with the man upstairs!

2.Volunteer- When I lived in DC I always tutored kids in reading and math. I coached track and field Special Olympics! Since moving to NYC I haven't participated in any of this..*sigh* I have my interview next week for BigBro BigSis, I also want to find a program where I check on elderly people once a week!

3.Lose 10 lbs- this isn't really necessary but I just feel like I need to drop these 10. I've put on 10 in the last year. Most of it is muscle but I feel like it's a little too heavy for me! All my weight goes to my booty. My stomach is flat as hell! LOL! I guess I shouldn't complain. Some chicks would die for ass!

4.Tithe more- I do tithe but it's not as much as I should be giving.

5.Take a career development class. I am terrified to speak in front of people! I need!

6.Decide if I'm going to apply to Business School. Lawd this is HUGE! If I do this I'm going to the full time program and will quit my job! In my head I know I can do this. I have no bills but basics. Gas, electric, phone. But I will have to dip into my savings and I don't want to!

7.Buy a flat screen- LOL! I know this shouldn't be a goal but I hate spending money on electronics! I'm buying one next week!

8.Run at least 3 5K's. Possibly one 10k.

9. Blog at a minimum of three times a week!


chele said...

First of all, STOP saying how badly you suck! LOL. You don't! We all slip sometimes. The good part is that you recognize where you need to improve. Just put that into action and you'll be fine.

Russell Earl Kelly said...

Read Numbers 18. If your preacher lives on the tithe (1) he should be a Levite and do the non-preacher duties,(2) forfeit property ownership, (3)live on one per cent like the priests did, (4) kill anybody who dares to worship God directly and (5) define tithes as only food from inside Israel.

12kyle said...

at my church, they'll gladly take your tithe whether you show up or not. lol

don't get down on yourself. this is a good post and at least you have addressed some issues from within. and that's a good thing.

Aretha said...

You don't suck, but you have much to do in 6 months...all f it is doable!! the best part is that you are still keeping track and haven't abandned your goals altogether. We should organize a blgger 5k or 10k next year!

good luck chick!

The F$%K it List said...

You Suck but not because you didn't achieve your goals hahaha. I kid I kid!

Girl you have time to do Everything on this list and more. Just stay focused and make it happen. Now that $2500 on food and drinks is Horrible! RECESSION HEIFER! Now cut it out.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

At least you still have it all on your mind.

Arnetta Green said...

Wow, this is me in a nutshell right about now. But the glass is half full and you have half a year left. YOU CAN DO IT!!!