Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Wrap around

This is 2009 right? Like Spike Lee said just because our President is black doesn't mean that the racial profiling and racism will automatically disappear. Shyt is alive and well out here. Try living in upstate NY like I did. The "others" will let you know!

One of my white friends from back home commented that most of my friends now are black. I point blank told her I have enough white friends from always being the ONLY black girl growing up! At this stage in my life I need some chocolate! Dayum!

Say what you want about Tyler Perry but he did a great deed in sending those kids from Philly to Disney next week. "I want them to know that for every act of evil that a few people will throw at you, there are millions more who will do something kind for them."

C'mon Black and Hispanics we have to do better! Our obesity rate is skyrocketing! For black it's 23-45.1(depending on state)and Hispanics it's 21-36.7%. I like cheeseburgers and fries sometimes too but I also like the gym! If you can't afford the gym.....walk OUTSIDE IT'S FREE!

I ABSOLUTELY love Miles Davis! Looking back I'm grateful that my parents took me to see him when I was 8 years old! My mommy is the reason I love jazz and blues so much! Most folks don't know that about me! Ha!

I have an extensive Barbie Doll collection that's worth over 15K. I don't have a single one with me! They're all in storage at my parent's! I've been out of the house for a loooooong time too!

President Obama went to chuuuuurch at the NAACP convention last week. I really liked his speech!

Black in America is on tonite. I will watch since I watched last year. I really hope Soledad discusses middle class black americans who went to college and are doing it for themselves. I felt like last year it was so concentrated on being black and poor. White people see that side of blacks too often! I hope she does better. I will discuss in depth when on Friday.

Steve McNair DID NOT HAVE A WILL!! C'mon black people get your affairs in order. I don't care how old you are or young you thing you are. We are NOT INVINCIBLE! Hell Michael Jackson's wasn't even updated. His is from 2002!

Benjamin Bernake..chairman of the Federal Reserve said yesterday that while the economy is picking up the unemployment rate will remain high until 2011! That's not looking good for Barack!

Crocs is about to file for bankruptcy! While I hate to see more people lose jobs. I hate those dayum shoes!

I witnessed some very immature shyt from folks this weekend. I'm just sitting shaking my vodka sayin "what's really goin on?"


Rich Fitzgerald said...

I was impressed by Tyler's move. Good looking out on his part.

We can all afford to walk a little.

Miles Davis is the man. Why else would I have him high posted on my blog.

My 20 year old has all the Princess Black Barbies. Those things are still in boxes. I think we stopped bying them in 2000. She has at least 7 of them.

Thanks for reminding me, I need to watch Black in America, I meant to set it to record on the DVR.

Steve's story is still spiraling down.

I hate crocs too, they are ugly as heck.

The Jaded NYer said...

yes yes yes... TP did a good thing. Will that make me forget that he brought Madea into the world? Hardly. But yes, he did a good thing.

I think those obesity stats are from my family alone! let me stop... no, but really... my peeps are BIG...

Hmmm... maybe I should get a will, too, huh? OK, OK, don't yell at me

I witnessed some crazy sh*t this weekend as well... and lets not even get into the "fashions" displayed at the BBQ. Did you SEE old boy with the goatee and the freshly pressed hair and I THINK make-up? You couldn't tell him he didn't look luxurious...

Smarty Jones said...

First off, @The Jaded Nyer I don't even wanna read no -ish about BBQ fashion if there aren't any photos!
Second, TP did an awesome thing that just adds to his already long list of philanthropic efforts.
Miles Davis is the man! Getting into a lot of his music along with John Coletrane and Sonny Rollins with the help of a new friend. Hehehe.
Obesity rates, I'M WORKING ON IT DAMMIT! I can't undo 10 years and damn near 100 pounds over night. I did put a dent in that bitch though. Down 20+. Damn break-up set me back (or up) a few. I'm back on the wagon though.
As for your vanilla friend's observation about your black friends, tell her to go sky diving without a damn parachute. Who pays attention to that shit?! You hang out with who you like.

Aretha said...

I love jazz too, but haven't given it much attention in a couple years. I'm trying to do my part on the obesity front, lol.

black in america2 was good imo. I liked the focus on the future.

chele said...

LOL @ shaking my vodka

Video Vix[o]n said...

-yeah, Spike's on point... i've been saying that for a while, but then i come off as a hater, go figure...

-I have my ups and downs about Perry, but that was cool...

-obesity is a problem, for real... i'm trying to walk more, but then again, i'm not obese, so...

-i'm saying, if money gets tight, barbie money don't sound like a bad idea, lol.

-people were saying Obama went too hard with that speech, aka he was absolutely right...

-I want to catch BIA as well... ill wait for your review as well...

-umemployment till 2011? well world suppose to end in 2012, so its not far off, smh...

-keep shakin the vodka lady... i hope it goes down smooth, lol.