Thursday, June 5, 2008

Proud Moments

What up blog family. I've been slacking this week it was a hectic first half of the week! But I'm chillin in Dallas now for my nephew's graduation from high school!

I remember when he was first born, December 2, 1989. I didn't get a chance to physically see him until April because he was in Houston and I was in high school and had basketball and then track. When I finally saw him he was a cute baby but I wasn't that thrilled. I still don't like infants(what the hell am I going to do when I have one?). For some odd reason he took to me. Fast forward 3 years from that moment he became my buddy. He is the most mild mannered child to be 18 absolutely nothing phases him! I'm so blessed that I had an opportunity when I lived in Houston in 2005 to spend a lot of time with him to see him grow into the young man he has turned out to be. He has a brother who is five years younger than him and the example he sets for him everyday makes me so proud. My sister says he has some of my tendencies, crazy ass looks, silly, and extremely spoiled! He can't help it he's the first born grandchild and first nephew! In 18 years he hasn't been in any real trouble...a couple of years ago him and some of his little buddies called 900 numbers and blew the phone bill up!LMAO! Other than that he has been a model child! He exceled at sports and can play the hell out of drums. His junior year his marching band played the song he composed for the halftime show. He's such a talented young man. I just pray he uses all his talents wisely.

On Saturday, June 7 my nephew will graduate with high honors and a member of the National Honor Society! He will be attending The University of Texas and majoring in Bio Physics(who does that) In a few years he will be following his passion and entering medical school and going on to become a Neurosurgeon! I know I'm bragging a bit but I am soooo proud of him! Even if he doesn't choose to go to medical school I know that whatever he chooses in life he will excel at. He represents the next generation of young black men and I know that he will do great things!!

Myron your Auntie Shelly is so proud of you and all of your achievements!


Oh. I guess I have to give my sister and husband some credit for raising such an impressive young man!


12kyle said...

You're 'sposed to brag! Sounds like he's on the right path for success. I like hearing stories like that!

Enjoy ya self in Big D

The F$%K it List said...

AWESOME! Enjoy the proud auntie status. Its a good feeling to see your blood doing good.

And what will you do when you have an infant... Not sleep and love him/her.

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, ain't nothing wrong with bragging and being proud of any young black man that achieves...believe me, it is something worth celebrating and acknowledging!

The F$%K it List said...

and wben you get back on the scene you have been tagged

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