Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok. I did not have the time yesterday to blog. So, I missed one day!! Anyway today I'm going to talk about some random shyt!

  • Why do dudes think it's ok to drive up on a woman and try to holla! "Yo ma, can I talk to you, come to the car." GTFOH! Any dude that says "Yo ma" gets NO ATTENTION!
  • Why was I coming out of the subway and dude says "damn ma you work out? Can you work me out" Ill N*gga. NO I can't! As if!
  • Why was I in the kitchen at work at one of the haters I work with kept side eyeing me. Finally she looks at my wrist and says "Oh did you get that on Canal St." I looked her dead in her face and said, "No, I save that bootleg shyt for you." In case you want to go get yourself one, it's located on 5th Ave. and it's spelled GUCCI. I swear I can't stand these petty azz women here. I mean straight haters they NEVER have anything nice to say.
  • Why did I see this lady bust her azz and I laughed.
  • I'm so embarrassed that I like that Lil Wayne song "A Milli" The beat is fiyah!
  • I know I'm late but why does Michelle Obama have to clean up her image and not be seen as the "Angry Black Woman" That shyt irks the hell out of me!
  • Why did I go out to eat for lunch today and leave my umbrella at the restaurant. I noticed it 5 minutes after I left and called them of course they told me that there was no umbrella!I guess the umbrella snatcher just snatched my shyt right? Damn I'm pissed!
  • Why is it going to be 90 degrees in NYC tomorrow and Saturday and be humid as hell. I hate NYC when it's hot like that!
  • I can't wait till Saturday when this whole party planning is OVER!


12kyle said...

You should've hit that dude with those 2 famous words...
kick rocks
beat it
get lost
scram, clown
catch fiyah
kill yo self...well...that's 3 but u get my point. LOL

I don't think Michelle Obama needs to do a damn thing but be who she is. We're so used to the first lady being spineless and quiet. Well...that's not her. I think white folk are looking for any way to get at Barack. They know if they can't get him, then they can get those close to him. Like his wife.

party like its no tomorrow

ShellyShell said...

I read on CNN that she has an advisor to help her on the campaign trail. I'm like help her for what. Because she has a mind and speaks it. This chick is on leave from a high paying job and your(media)is saying she has to soften up. GTFOH! They wouldn't want to see!

I'm so going to party like a Rock Star. I'm posting a pic of me on Saturday...all day. Then I'm posting party pics of me on Sunday! I'm rockin fake eyelashes...etc!

12kyle said...

That's crazy to me. Let her be who she is. Nobody coached that wrinkled, prune faced first lady that we have now. So, leave Michelle Obama alone.

Fake eyelashes. LOL!!!

I just finished my post. You'll like this one.

The F$%K it List said...

I don't know what the fascination with softening her up is? I just read the US weekly article about why Obama Loves her,UGH! Made me sick!

YO Ma fake lashes! WORD! LOL