Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Tribute

Ok. I'm back. I needed all week to get myself together from the family trip(more on that later). I love my siblings I just can't stand my brother in law and neither can my brothers!

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there! I want to wish my dad a special day!
My dad doesn't say many words. People always ask how my mom and him have been together all these years...shit I sometime ask myself the same question! LOL! I am a daddy's girl. My dad never spanked me. He left that to my mom and boy did she tear my azz up on the regular! LOL! When I did get my azz waxed I would scream to my dad "help me,she's trying to kill me!" "please daddy, don't let her kill me" He would have the saddest look in his eyes and sometimes he would tear up and walk out of the room. After my mom was finished wearin my little azz out. I would run to my daddy and he would pick me up and wipe my tears away and I would say to him"why did u let her do that to me" He would just look at me and give me a big hug! Meanwhile my mom would yell "don't worry that won't be your last azz whoopin" LOL! And it wasn't! My daddy taught me how to ride a bike, play catch,shoot a basketball,love politics, love sports and to value a dollar. He always said if you can't buy it with cash or check you shouldn't have it! My love for sports comes from my daddy too. I love college basketball with everything I have(GO TARHEELS) , NFL and track and field. My dad and I would sit for hours and watch sports on tv. Shit my dad even watches Any boyfriend or male friend I would bring home I would always tell them to talk sports and he would be! I spoke to my dad today and the first thing we spoke about was the Celtics/Lakers game and of course Tiger kicking azz on the back 9 yesterday! Then we spoke about Tim Russert passing away. My parents and I were big fans of Meet the Press plus I'm from Buffalo and so was Tim. In all my years of playing sports I think my dad only missed 5 events. I played soccer, basketball and track and I also ran summer track and went to countless camps! He was my biggest champion and biggest critic(in a good way). He would say"Shell you stood straight up out of the blocks, you didn't use your legs when you were at the line." He never sat with my mom cause he said she was just being a mom and cheering and not looking at! My dad also taught me to be blessed by all the material things I had growing up. I was so spoiled and that drove him! He would always tell stories about how he grew up poor in rural Alabama and once he graduated he went into the Air Force to send money home! After the Air Force he ended up in Minnesota and worked two jobs to put himself through college. I never had to work in high school or college and came out debt free thanks to my parents hard work! I know as I have grown older me and my dad don't always see eye to eye especially about my job(s) he is from the school you have a good job stay at the company for 35 years. I' m not about that. If I feel like I can't grow where I'm at then it's time to seek new employment. I'm in investment banking and there are different divisions I would like to get into. I was at one major bank and hit a wall and went to another hit a wall there(plus everyone was getting canned so I had enough sense to get the hell out before it happened to me) and now I'm at my present employer. I'm staying put for now because the credit crunch has everyone but a lot of IB's have a hiring freeze. Do trust when the market gets better the kid will be looking! I believe I hit a block in my present position. Although my dad doesn't agree with my moves he always has my back. When I moved to NYC I didn't even have a job. I just had to trust in God and know that my skills would get me employment and they did! I doubt I'd do that now but I needed to get the hell out of Houston!(That's another story). Through all my crazy moves, ideas and thoughts my daddy still loves his Shellybelly unconditionally and I love him!
So thanks daddy for always loving me and my craziness!
I love you forever!

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12kyle said...

Great post!!!

Awwww man...I love hearing stories like that. Sounds like he's not only dad but your best friend. Gotta love it!