Monday, June 23, 2008

Keep your family and business completely seperated.

What up blog people or shall I say blog peep! I should be posting daily since I am new to blog world. I've been so busy lately that I can't find the time to blog! But I promise I'm going to do better! I'm going to do a post everyday this week! Saturday is my birthday(yeah) so I will blog until then. I think I will post a picture of myself all day Saturday! I don't know why I feel so uneasy about that but I think its because I know a lot of people who blog and don't want them all in my! Oh well!

Anyway, I'm having a birthday party on Saturday for those of you in NYC please come by! It's a good ol' fashion house party with food, liquor and dj! Feel free to come through and celebrate with me! I threw one last year and it far exceeded my expectations! I invited like 60 people and my girl invited like 60 at least 200 showed up. It was bananas! The dj played his last song at 6:53am. I would like to shut it down this year around 4 but if it's rollin I'm going to keep rollin! So during this party planning process I was hunting down the dj we used last year to see if he would be interested in doing the party again. So, I found him and he was trying to act all brand new and shyt. Trying to charge a $100 more than he did last year. I was like are you serious? Mind y'all this is after my cousin had to go and pick him and his equipment up and help him unload it. It was so damn hot my cousin had to go home and take another shower. I asked him if he was going to need assistance this year and he said yeah. WTF? How the hell you going up on the price and you don't even have your own transportation? GTFOH with that bullshyt! So I was like never mind. So we find two more people who can possibly do their one two on the wheels of steel! Can anyone tell me why they both had all the equipment but no speakers!! *crickets* How the f*ck are you semi dj and not have any speakers. People just don't loan out speakers! Grrrr! So yesterday we had to get on our grind and find a dj. Thank goodness we found one that's not trying to rape us and is pretty good....he plays lots of old school! The dj can make or break the party! So now that the dj is secured, it leaves who is going to be on the grill. The guy we used last year is not reliable. I'm like you don't have a damn job it's either yes or no! WTF! Well his ass is short. My girl's cousin volunteered to marinate all the meat on Thursday and to man the grills! So two of the most important things are taken care and music!

My cousin told me to call my other cousin G to tell him about the party. I don't mess too much with my father's side of the family because I think they are NUTS! I have a rack of first cousins that live in NYC and I talk to one but the reason I talk to him is because he was raised upstate with me and we are 18 mos apart. Our fathers are brothers and their five sisters all lived in NYC when we were growing up. They all left Alabama and came to the Big Apple. Anyway my cousins were raised in Brooklyn me my siblings, my counsin and his sister were raised upstate. So these NYC cousins are always scheming and trying to come up and that shyt gets on my nerves! So, I just don't bother to much with them. When I moved here my mom said don't tell them people where you live...lmbao! Anyway I ran into my cousin G and he gave me the bs about us being cousins and how we live in the same borough...blah blah blah! So yesterday I called G and invited him to my party.
Me: Hey G it's Shelly
G: Yo, what's good fam?
Me: I'm having a party on Saturday for my birthday so come by. Bring a bottle of your choice and I got everything else. Food, dj, wine and beer will be provided.
G: So, what are you bringing(sounding like damn I'm bringing a bottle what the hell u providing)
Me: *crickets*
G:Aiiight then I'll come by at 9.
Me: *sigh* the party starts at 9 G.
G:Ohhhh word, well you know how I do. I gotta make my entrance, so I'll be there at 11:00.
Me: Bye

This is why I don't deal with these people. Lawd please let me keep my cool! This fool hangs up with me and calls my other cousin and says "man Shelly is always hanging up the phone on me." Beyatch you should be happy your dumb ass only gets the dial tone.


Mizrepresent said...

Dang gurl, now see if i lived in the Big Apple, i would be there with bells on and my own bottle. I hope you have a happy birthday lady and when i come to NYC i will most def look you up!

ShellyShell said...

Thanks for the bday wishes. I appreciate it. Definitely look me up whenever you come to the Big Apple!

12kyle said...

yeah! post a pic

happy bday! pop bottles. wish i was in nyc. you know i'd come through with the finest bottle of Ripple

gotta be careful with family. they can really get on that last nerve

ShellyShell said...

@12 Kyle
Family can be the worst. I really hope I don't have to go off on this boy!!! Thanks for the bday wishes!! I'll probably post the pic Saturday morning!!

The F$%K it List said...

@12kyle Uhm Ripple keep that mess down in the ATL.

Now I'm in the NY and its my mommy free weekend, so I'm there! email me the info and the BYOB lists Happy Birthday.

And if you are not too busy in the day Crooklyn Dodgers and Special ED at Prospect Park FREE!

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
Don't front on Ripple! It was the beverage of choice for one Mr. Fred G Sandford! LOL

The F$%K it List said...

Hmmmm... I will leave it at that!

Rich said...

Sounds like the place to be. Wish St. Louis was closer. Happy Birthday.