Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm a little late...

I've been busy all day so I haven't had time to read any blogs or write this one. I called in sick today!!! Shyt I had to get some stuff done for this party. I had to go get an AC and head to Party City. Can anyone tell me why there was a line 10 deep at Party City this morning at 10:30..WTF. People were sooo pissed off! My new couch was delivered today but I almost didn't get it. They got the one section in but couldn't get the other one in. I was like awww lawd please let the couch get in here. I have my people coming from DC and no damn couch. I told the dudes do what you need to do to get that couch in here!!! Well, after an hour of them sweatin their azzes off they finally got it in! I would take a picture if I hadn't dropped my camera and broke the beyatch at the Jay-Z concert!! Hopefully someone gets me my new digital camera for my birthday!!

I'm off to make me some dinner...I know it's 10:21pm and I still haven't ate dinner! But I got my workout in! I'm going to look fierce on Saturday....lol!


The F$%K it List said...

Yeah I'm first!

Ok I hate Party City, they always have one cashier and a line the length of the store,HATE IT! I'm all about the online party suppliers

I forgot to send list my email DUH!

12kyle said...

ahhhhh the pre-party stress! LOL

hang in there